“Pregnancy is a gift from heaven.”

“I just love the feeling of knowing a tiny human is doing laps in my uterus!”

“I ran a half marathon when I was 11 months pregnant. It was transcendent!”

“I was hornier than a two-headed Triceratops the entire time I was pregnant. My husband hardly knew what to do with me!”

Okay, I may be paraphrasing a little, but you get the point. There are women who are so dang jubilant to be pregnant they practically have a nine-month orgasm.

It’s not that I’m resentful or anything. I might have been nauseated from the instant the second line appeared on the pee-stick, an ailment only partially remedied by the ritual consumption of four Panera bagels in one sitting. I didn’t mind at all that I suddenly hated yogurt—previously one of my favorite foods—with the burning passion of a thousand suns, or that I had an inexplicable urge to squirt an entire bottle of relish into my mouth. I accepted the reality that the only way I could maintain a non-pukey state was to eat constantly, and that I would gain 15 pounds the first trimester alone in spite of my earnest ambition to be a hot pregnant woman.

But pregnancy is a gift! So far be it from me to complain about my inability to walk more than 10 feet without my thigh bones flying out of my hip sockets. I made peace with my pregnant walking gait, which, no matter what type of surface I was walking on, made me look like I was trying not to fall off a balance beam. I convinced myself I was happy to surrender my aspirations of being a pregnancy yogi like Madonna in The Next Best Thing.

Yep, happy as a clam.

Pregnant woman doing yoga exercise
If I had tried this during pregnancy, it would have literally killed me.

Umm, speaking of clams, for those women who non-sarcastically enjoy pregnancy so enthusiastically, can we discuss the smells? Why does no one discuss the smells? I am not talking about food smells being extra potent when you’re pregnant. Everybody already knows about that. I’m talking about the other smells. I know there’s some sort of shift that happens to make our body chemicals go all haywire during pregnancy, and I just want to say for the record that I sincerely did not enjoy the unusual odors emanating from my person. There was no time during my pregnancy when I could not smell myself. I became paranoid that I dragged with me a thick cloud of pregnancy vapor, like Linus from Peanuts, except I smelled like I was hiding cupcakes in my vagina.

And what’s all this noise about “glowing”? Who are these people who “glow”? I sure as hell did not glow. Until the very last few weeks, my pale, pasty skin brazenly showcased a veritable roadmap of throbbing blue veins. I developed weird pigment discolorations on my face—which still have not completely faded—and that big-ass line down my stomach, which took a blobby, ring-like detour around my ginormous inside-out belly button. I had sausage ankles, fat fingers, a giant nose and hair that suddenly grew over my forehead and down into my eyebrows—like a Sasquatch. I don’t understand how any of this equates to glowing.

Further, would someone please tell me: Where is this elusive unicorn who enjoys pregnant sex? The first trimester I was nauseated, the second trimester I felt fat-but-not-quite-pregnant, aka super unattractive, and the last trimester, well, the logistics of the operation were just incredibly complicated. Good thing my husband is an engineer. I mean, there were positions in which sex was possible, but not, you know, fulfilling. I mean, OK, maybe if I tried hard enough, but for God’s sake, who wants to work that hard when you’re nine months pregnant?

Peeing—the constant peeing would have been enough on its own to make me dislike pregnancy. Do the pregnancy-lovers not have this problem? Or do they just not mind waddling to the bathroom every five minutes? Never mind, don’t tell me. Optimism makes me angry.

Yeah, so in case you haven’t already inferred from my cryptic, thinly veiled sarcasm, I was not so much a fan of pregnancy. It’s been a while, and I had almost forgotten how awful it was. But a friend recently messaged me: “Why do I feel like I’m doing something wrong? It seems like everyone loves being pregnant, and I’m the only one who hates it!”

So this is for her:

Dear friend,

You are not alone. Lots of us hate pregnancy. It’ll be tough—it’ll downright suck at times—but you’ll get through it. Then you’ll finally be able to hold that precious little screaming bundle of joy in your arms, and you will make it your life’s mission not to screw her up too terribly.

And we’ll bitch about that instead.

*Disclaimer: I do realize pregnancy is a gift not to be taken lightly. But I am taking it lightly, at least for today, because there are parts of pregnancy (lots of parts) that really, truthfully suck. And it’s OK to admit that and not feel guilty for having not-so-positive feelings about pregnancy.

**I forgot to mention that my second baby also kicked the inside of my vagina until I cried; my feet grew a whole size and never shrunk back to normal; and my nipples are now the size of small plates. So just add that to the pile.

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  1. I hated being pregnant. Both times. More so the second. I HATED it.

    I hated constantly feeling nauseous, apart from about 10 days in my second trimester.

    I hated being SO DAMN TIRED all the time.

    I hated that I never got a bump – I just kind of blobbed everywhere.

    I hated the heartburn and indigestion.

    The rest of it I have blocked from my brain.

    So I’m with your friend. Pregnancy SUCKS!

    • The second time was a little easier for me because I was in a job where I could sit most of the day. With the first, I was on my feet all day. IT SUCKED. Fortunately for me, I never had heartburn. But I think I had my fair share of bullshit with the other stuff. 😉

    • AshleyAlexis

      Im currently in my 5th month of my first (unplanned) pregnancy. Ive wanted a baby for quite some time now, but didn’t feel ready in my life yet to have a child just yet.

      For me the hardest part of pregnancy has been dealing with unplanned compromises and how strongly my hormones have been enhancing my fear of sacrifice and change. Hormones are a b***h! lol Months were spent being terrified, while I morned the loss of my previous lifestyle, meanwhile, feeling guilty for being sad about my pregnancy. I thought I was abnormal for feeling this way, but it is normal and okay and I know I will be so happy when I meet my baby girl.

      I was also very sick the first few months, and found it difficult to breath at night-stuffy nose, always. In my 2nd trimester, I haven’t been fond of sex, in fact I don’t want it at all and don’t even want to be touched.

      With all of that being said, Ive been feeling her kicks getting stronger and stronger and ive been getting moreand more excited to meet her. The worst of my hormones, the sickness and all of my poor pregnancy experiences are slowly beginning to fade away now, as I become closer to her date of arrival. 🙂

      So its not all good ladies, but in the end its not all bad either .

      Wish me luck with the remainder of my pregnancy.

      • Ahh! I am RIGHT there with you! I’m 31 weeks and feel so guilty that I hate being pregnant! I am so very thankful for our baby girl, but it was WAY sooner than I thought it was going to happen and the stress of preparing for her arrival has included moving in with in the in-laws, a 75 mile on way commute to work (which just ended due to drs notice), and severe severe anxiety and never ending morning sickness………oh and I’m right there with anyone that mentioned the crazy hip pain and now I’m dealing with some pretty intense restless leg syndrome and insomnia. So glad I found this page and that I’m not totally weird for hating that I no longer have control of my body! Only a 63 more days!!

    • I feel guilty whenever I complain and people like to remind me that other people my age are doing IVF and I shouldn’t be complaining. UM…. I bled and puked and spent the first trimester in the Er and when that was done, my body started to stretch sideways. My ligaments hurt like a bitch and I’ve gained 24 lbs by week 20. I have struggled with a lifetime of an eating disorder and body image issues and everyone who knows me thinks I should just be thrilled and grateful and accept my body changing. I don’t even look like me anymore. My thighs are huge and I look like my belly is deformed. It’s not perfectly round like a supermodel. I look hideous. But everyone insists I’m glowing. And i can’t complain around my bf because he keeps telling me that this is going to be my only pregnancy. I want one more kid, I just don’t want to look like a beached whale who pees on herself whenever she sneezes and whose thighs can read thunder and lightning. Is that too much to ask???

      • No, its not. You are entitied to complain when suffering like you are. People must be more sensitive. Could you imagine an amputee telling someone with a broken leg to not say how much it hurts etc, or otherwise complain?!! The worst pain people dont own pain. Everyones allowed to vent and complain, have a cry, etc.
        And IVF? I have a cousin who that wasnt even enough for. She went on to adopt. She suffered quite badly apparently. Just hearing that I had had a daughter had her in tears. But that doesnt mean I cant complain about how pregnancy sucks for me too! Morning sickness is hideous. It stuffs up everything. And unlike the amputee you cant even find solace in TV!
        I feel sorry for people who cant have kids – it must be awful – but if they expect me to not complain about the hard things of pregnancy and kids, I go right off them and take my sympathy too. Good luck! Get on to green smoothies and some light weight training (weights burn fat better than cardio) and shed that baby fat:)
        (I know its a year on now, but I wanted to answer anyway.)

    • The fucking smell that comes from your body and your breast that’s gets so big and nasty and feeling like a hit most of the time and u can’t walk and do what u want heartburn but most of the smell coming from my body makes me very angry

    • Hated being pregnant, I felt like an alien had taken over my body.

    • I hate being pregnant it’s overwhelming.gaining weight not being able to sleep .I can’t stand looking at my body how it looks and the pain after pregnancy it’s just not my thing .People touching your stomach it’s anoying.nothing fits all you wana do is cry cause no one understands you like seriously …

  2. Great post! I think we sometimes cast this golden glow around pregnancy because it’s not quite as grey as those newborn days. I love my child but constantly having to tend to or cart around another person makes me feel like a cripple sometimes. In comparison, pregnancy was a cakewalk (literally as well as metaphorically)

    • I think I felt better once I had the baby. At least then I had something adorable to look at. 😉 <3

  3. Oh my god, this is great. For me, it was the heartburn. I ate tums like they were a vital food group. I had to sleep sitting up the minute I hit the third trimester, which means I didn’t sleep much for weeks. I would cry from the pain and exhaustion. Before I knew I was pregnant my hip joints hurt so bad when I was trying to sleep it felt like someone was driving swords into my bones. There were good days, but holy crap pregnancy can be tortuous.

    • The hips!!! No one told me about the hips! Why does no one talk about the hip pain? Is that “round ligament” pain? I never understood that…

      • I only know this because I had both hip pain and round ligament pain–they are different. The round ligament pain is usually brief, like a quick stab. If I coughed, I was in jeopardy of both peeing my pants and doubling over in pain. But the hip pain! Seriously, why doesn’t anyone talk about it? I know there are a ton of pregnancy pillows to keep you comfortable when trying to sleep, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it mentioned that you’ll need one or you’ll feel like your legs will fall off!

      • Yeah, I thought they were different too. I did have some stabbing pain also, but my doc didn’t really seem to know wtf I was talking about with regards to the hip. I found it very annoying. Actually I found *everything* annoying when I was preggers. haha

      • It could be pelvic separation. That’s what I had. I could not walk much at all, and was in constant pain. Yay pregnancy.

      • Jessica V

        I second that.. no one tells u about the hips. And when I told my doc he basically just told me to suck it up.. go figure.

        Or how fun it is to be the bitchy one at every party or event (at least the ones u can’t avoid) and leaving as early as humanly possible. Oh I tell you I was the life of every party alright.

        The worst part tho… (aside from feeling like I was being kicked in the vag all day) was watching HIM sleep. Every night. All thru my pregnancies.
        Ok maybe thats an overstatement but it felt like he was stealing all my sleep and i contiually had to keep myself from punching him.

        Oh and I could get heartburn from drinking a glass of water. No joke.

        Im just now entering the second trimester of whats gonna be my last pregnancy and I can feel my joints loosening already. Wish me luck.

      • I had to get crutches in the last trimester! (2nd baby) I have a total hip replacement on the left leg but the right hip was the one that was giving the pain from memory. Yes, there is little feeling in the left due to the severed ligamanets, nerves when I had the operation (this actually helped!) but the leg is weaker and not calpable of taking most of my 82kg body weight! (Im 5’10), and the right was so sore and collapsing and unreliable that I went and hired crutches for the 3rd trimester. Now this time round (currently 7 weeks) Im already getting twinges!! Ill get the crutches early so Im prepared for when the John Wayne Shooting pains start!!!

  4. Preach on, sister. I loathed pregnancy.
    — My oldest would smack her head against her side of my cervix starting around 7mo and I would nearly drop to my already unstable knees.
    — My youngest used to hook his foot under my ribs and then straighten his legs.
    — I had sudden, gushing nosebleeds with my youngest as well. No warning, nothing. Just *poof* blood streaming down my face.
    –Pre-term labor.
    –Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
    –Acne – who the hell invented this “glow” crap? The only “glow” I had was the oil slick down my T-zone.

    So, so very glad I will never do that again. Labor and delivery? Eh. Not fun, but doable. Pregnancy? Oh HELL no.

  5. I.was.f-ing.miserable. My children were like aliens inside of me. I had undiagnosed connective tissue disease; they were ripping tendons and ligaments, and pushing ribs apart. And all the while, I was a Full time Nurse! My son was over 9 lbs. So, if you thought that being pregnant was like being filled with fairy dust, I am so happy for you. Don’t ever tell me that’s the way I should have felt. Thank you for making it OK to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah I kinda felt like I was being melodramatic, too. I didn’t feel like it was okay to admit how miserable I was. WE’RE BLOWING THE LID OFF THIS BITCH.

    • Jessica V

      Amen sister.. f-ing miserable is the perfect way to describe it and I am not gonna feel guilty for saying it.

      Someone on here mentioned pelvic separation.. yeah thats an apt description. It felt like my pelvis was trying to reside on opposite sides of the room.

      And why does my nose have to get wider? Just why?

      And im claustrophobic so the shortness of breath and crowding in my ribcage was enough to induce panic attacks at night.

      On the bright side.. I actually look forward to the pain of engorgement after the baby comes.. I kno its crazy but thats the only time my boobs stand up without a bra anymore. Im not gonna lie, that makes me happy.

  6. Hated it.
    – I had seizures with the first and second pregnancies. So that right there made me not such a fan.
    – My second pregnancy was twins, so toward the end I was actually visible from space (although on the plus side, it was almost all baby–one was 6lbs 13 oz, one was 7lbs 15oz).
    – With #1 I had stretch marks that itched so badly that I actually made myself bleed scratching them, and they ultimately made me cry.
    – I spent nine months freaking out about bed rest with #2.
    – All three times I was pregnant, I kept waiting for that “second trimester” bullshit everyone prattled on about, where I would suddenly be blessed with boundless energy and xray vision or whatever, and it never happened.

    Being pregnant sucked and I have one friend who always tells me how much she LOVED being pregnant. I tell her to f off every time.

    • That’s the worst. You tell someone you have a seizure and they’re all, “OMG I LOVED BEING PREGNANT!!!” Really? WHERE IS THE HUMANITY?!?!

  7. YUP. Both of my pregnancies have been so, so very wanted — but that doesn’t make them easy. Pregnancy-induced gallbladder inflammation (aka, low-fat, high-protein, high-fiber diet)? Check. Swollen elephant ankles and restless leg syndrome requiring compression stockings in the middle of the summer? Check. Shooting round ligament pain? Check. I remember the first day my legs weren’t swollen after my son’s birth, and I practically did a dance. I was exhausted and probably covered in baby pee and spit up and it didn’t matter. No more cankles!

    • Yup. Totally wanted both of them. Love them more than life, yada yada. Doesn’t erase the fact that it sucked. 😛

  8. I hated it soooo much. I puked every 15 minutes for 4 months straight with both pregnancies. It’s a good thing that I was already overweight or I might have actually starved to death. My already big feet grew a size and a half. And both of my girls would kick my bladder so hard that I would pee my pants with out any warning.

  9. Um, I hate my life right now. I’m only 6.5 months, too. TWO AND A HALF MORE MONTHS OF THIS. Except unlike in my last 2 pregnancy, this time I’m a raging horn dog, which you’d think would be a good thing but is really like being a 13 year old boy who can’t stand up in class for fear his boner will poke somebody’s eye out.It’s getting to the point where if I could cut this baby out myself, I might actually do it.

      • I understand the horny actually. 2nd pregnancy somewhere after week 30, husband was on the menu! He started sneaking to bed after the 3rd night in a row. At least there was humor in it! He was just too tired. And my energy was crazy high. That only lasted about 3 weeks, and then I was back to: Dont want to know. Sex? what? You know Im PREGNANT. 😛

  10. Mom of SEVEN POUND twins here! Pregnancy sucks TWO donkey dicks, or was it balls? Whatever, my pregnancy/mom brain has taken your actual terminology away from me but donkey genitalia resonated and that’s all that matters. Loved this! Thanks for being honest.

    • Oddly enough, I prayed for twins with both pregnancies. Evidently the universe knows how much I can handle. 😉

  11. Ok. Don’t hit me, but I did enjoy being pregnant. I wasn’t EXPECTING it with ANY of them (yea, yea….I have since figured out how babies are made…) and I did NOT enjoy the morning sickness (OBVIOUSLY), but my second trimester was pretty great. My hair/skin/nails were awesome and I liked to feel the baby moving around in there and know that “I made that!” But by the end…I was uncomfortable and ready to get. it. out! And labor sucked, even though I really had it pretty easy there too (my longest- Brennan that little snot- was 12 hours, and the other 3 were less than 5) But in my defense, I did them totally drug free. So they really were wretched!

  12. I was horribly sick for a lot of my pregnancy and gained and lost weight several times so by the time I was done I was only up 5 pounds (which your doctor will actually yell at you for). But I did get the horny. Pregnant sex was amazing. Sorry. Some good, some bad.

  13. The worst parts for me were the constant peeing (it made me miserable, and I planned outings around restroom locations), the hip pain, and my sons feet in my ribs (he kicked me so hard I cried more than once). I’d do it all over again because I love my son, but I hated being pregnant with a passion.

    • You too with the hips! Why does no one talk about that? It wasn’t in any of the 83 books I read…

    • Look, I gotta say it. When the peeing gets that bad, just use a potty! I DO NOT run to the bathroom in the middle of the night every 5 minutes! When it gets to that I swallow my pride and use a chamber pot! Its so much easier. No anxiety! (like, am I going to need to pee, can I fall asleep first? Ok just one more pee, oh, what happens if I need more than one? ) it all stops with a pot. Who cares? Better sleep, less or no anxiety. Done. 🙂

  14. I hated pregnancy. Not able to pin point ONE thing.

    the nausea, vomiting to the point I tore my throat open and puked blood. Losing over 30# from week 8-13 with my second. The fainting. Being kicked to death from the inside. The irritable uterus. Preterm/prodromal labor. Walking around dilated 6cm for nearly a month, water bulging. Low thyroid. Hip dislocating. Unable to sleep in bed because my body would relax so much my spine would twist out of place and I could not move. SPD so bad I would lose feeling in my leg(right one). Feet swelling so bad I had to buy shoes 4 sizes too big and still end up not fitting them. Legs and feet so full of fluid I could feel it sloshing around, it would cause loss of blood flow to my toes, making them purple, my legs would in dent for 30+ minutes if touched for only a few second(I had LOW blood pressure).

    I am pregnant with my fifth baby now. I HATE pregnancy. I love the babies.

    • Ahhh…. the babies. Those damn adorable babies. We just can’t help ourselves. (And BTW you had it like a billion times worse than I did. HOLY CRAP!)

  15. Where to begin…
    -lightning crotch. Mother effin lightning crotch. If you don’t know use google.
    -heart burn.
    -gestational diabetes. Apparently they thought I had this. Four pokes a day to prove my blood sugars were good.
    -I gained only 8 pounds. That’s right 8 not 80. Just because I’m plus sized doesn’t mean you need to say….oh 80. No you dumb dumb. 8.
    -kick counts. Enough to give anyone anxiety. Apparently I had a lazy baby.
    -I was uncomfortable to the point my baby took the cue and sent me into pre-eclampsia with an emergency c-section.

  16. Or that if you’ve had an appendectomy being pregnant will sometimes stretch the scar out. It doesn’t just stretch, hurt, and be content to stay stretched out, or do its business and stop hurting once you’ve reached critical mass. No, it’s a process for every pregnancy after the surgery, almost during the entire pregnancy once you start to show. -_- At least it has been for me both times I’ve been pregnant since having it removed.

  17. Oh. My. God. I’m not alone. I agree with everything you’ve said! I just had my first baby 2 weeks ago, and it felt as though she was destroying my pelvis! The pain kept me from doing anything but sit on the couch. And then in the last few weeks the sciatic pain started, and hasn’t gone away after birth. In fact, it’s gotten worse after birth to the point that I sometime have the inability to put weight on my leg, and now I have to go for physiotherapy to fix all that the baby destroyed in my hip. Thanks child, it’s a good thing mothers have that whole unconditional love thing working for them!

    • Exactly. There is a reason pregnant women tend to be sedentary. When I was pregnant, though, I had friends who were seriously running marathons. They made me feel like such a loser! lol

      • Update: I’ve now been admitted to the hospital on bed rest for the last 3 days (with at least 2 more planned ahead of me) because my sciatic pain is OUT OF CONTROL! And there’s nothing but constant (unnecessary) guilt about not being able to care for my 3 week old properly, my inability to pump efficiently (1oz in 1hr), and then having to send my baby home with my husband alone at night to care for her by himself. I know he can handle it and is doing a great job, but you know… Mom guilt. Oh yeah, and the constant worry about taking any meds, taking too much pain meds, and still breastfeeding. Yeah. Fuck pregnancy. You. Suck. Balls.

  18. Well I had the 4-6 bagel a day thing too. It was really honestly the only way to not puke, I had to eat constantly. I am so glad I’m not the only preggo carbaholic. And I was super horny with my boy pregnancies, this girl has been the biggest turn off EVER. I’m actually inspired to write a pregnant sex blog post now.

    • Carboholic too. In fact I gained 60 lbs which is equal to 180 lbs stress on knees which have out by the end. I just don’t know where to start with what I hated about pregnancy. Hip pain excruciating. I couldn’t wait for baby to come out. 5 mns of sleep in between baby cries beat zero minutes of sleep a beached whale in excruciating pain.

  19. I couldn’t eat warm food the entire pregnancy (both times) because it made me gag. Lived for 18 months in total on pasta salad, salad, yoghurt, crackers (bread also made me nauseous).

    Pelvic pain due to pelvic separation lasted 3 years after the birth of my first son; 1 year after the birth of my second.

    Heartburn so bad I could barely eat. I gained very little weight during the second pregnancy. So little I had to go on serious medication so I could eat enough to sustain myself.

    One 10 lb, 7 oz baby for each pregancy. The first got stuck in the birth canal (took about 3 hours of pushing and a suction cup.)

    But the worst of it was: pre-partum depression. I felt absolutely HORRIBLE the whole time I was pregnant. I KNEW I was happy we were having a baby, but I didn’t FEEL it. At all. Luckily, no post-partum depression: as soon as the afterbirth was out, I felt great. Well, except for the constant, debilitating pelvic pain, of course.

    I have two kids and I’m SO GRATEFUL I never have to do that again. I am done. Hooray!

  20. I just had #4, 5 weeks ago. She was my 2nd July baby, why Ohh why did I have to be big in the middle of another hot Oklahoma summer?

    I had horrible rls with my last 3 pregnancies. I would go days without sleeping because of my Damn legs, then I might sleep a few hours and go days again.Sciatic nerve pain, hip pain, hips dislocating, severe leg cramps at the most inconvenient time, like when I was actually getting sleep. I itched severely, head to toe, for 2 months before realizing I had a rare pregnancy condition, ICP. It was miserable! That kept me up as well, made me horribly sick for days before delivering at 36 weeks. Going to the bathroom every 2 minutes sucked, my baby moved so much, it felt like she was scraping bone fragments off of my hips. The Braxton hicks for months and the countless trips to the hospital to stop labor. The pure exhaustion was awful. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. But, for fucksake, when you’re in the moment, sometimes you just want to rip the little boogers out yourself to end all the misery!

  21. Oh boy oh boy, where do I start…?
    FIRST pregnancy:
    I lost 75 pounds in the first 13 weeks. Mt doctor threatened me with extended hospital bed rest if I didn’t eat. I ate 6 meals a day and puked 18 times a day.
    I had seizures and fainted after each blood draw.
    I was not allowed to drive. Luckily the husband worked weekends only, so he could take me everywhere.
    My kid was due in October, so my biggest months were spent in the pool because we live in East Texas and it’s hot as balls.
    Finally gained weight (10 pounds… but still down 65) because I went on a avocado, donut and pizza diet.
    Puked up my prenatals every.single.day.
    41 weeks of pregnancy…in Texas.

    Found out at 5 months pregnant that I was pregnant. (Original blood test said 5 weeks)
    Because I had so much trouble first pregnancy, I still had ALL previous exemptions. Not allowed to do a damn thing.
    Got stomach flu and dehydration… they hooked me up to an iv for 6 hours. (Best 6 hours of my life)
    Ultrasounds EVERY week because they thought his head wasn’t growing. My mom had to drive me since I wasnt allowed to drive.
    Born Early at 37 weeka with the largest head I’ve ever seen on a 7 pound baby.
    He aspirated and got himself a 12 day NICU stay. (Ps my pro breastfeeding hospital made me pump even after he learned to latch)
    I just…I don’t want to be pregnant ever again. 2 is enough. Love my babies, but geez they could at least be nice to me out of the belly since they were so mean IN the belly.

  22. Just read your article, and can so relate! The hip pain, the heartburn, the pelvic pain when he “dropped” 4 weeks before birth. The shortness of breath, AND THE CONSTANT ITCH ON MY BELLY!!! Took me weeks to find something that stopped the itch(and several ruined sheets from the olive oil and also the vitamin e that was tried and failed). Then, after 9 months and 50 pounds (I was hungry all.the.time.), I can’t even groan about stretch marks ’cause I didn’t get them. Who the f!@k doesn’t get stretch marks??? I got stretch marks on my butt and boobs at 16y old cause I grew so fast, but not for being pregnant? I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain, but it would have been nice to have a right to complain lol.

  23. Mandi LeHerissier

    9 months of throwing up daily; heartburn that probably burned holes in my esophagus: my glow was sweat from being so freaking hot all the time; gestational diabetes which stopped me from eating most crave-_worthy food: food aversions; sleep was impossible (I sleep better and more with an infant than I did while pregnant); basically not feeling like myself for 9 months….LOVE my baby, HATED my pregnancy!

  24. I had a fairly easy pregnancy but still HATED it anyway. I hated not being able to take the good cold medicine when I had the sniffles for most of the first trimester. I hated the 6pm mandatory bedtime that the second trimester imposed on me. I hated that I needed help to put on my own damned shoes. I hated that the last 4 months involved sitting/standing/driving/sleeping in bizarre positions because the little fetal brat thought that shoving his skull against my pelvic bones and spine was a dandy idea.

  25. I hated all of the pregnancy discomforts. I never got very large, because I have a long torso, but man those little marshmallows made me miserable. Thankfully I was not usually nauseated. I LOVED, LOVED the delivery. If only we could skip the ordeal and just deliver that sweet little baby.

  26. I’m 37 weeks today. As I lay here awake at 6am, after being up every 2 hours (or less) to pee, turn myself because I’m uncomfortable, or just to burp up yesterday’s food, I can honestly say that I do not enjoy pregnancy. At all. I’m glad I’m not the only one with the hip pain issue. It kills. I found out I was pregnant on New Year’s Day because at a measly 4 weeks pregnant I was already nauseous. I took Meds around the clock so I could keep food down and even then still lost weight. I still haven’t started to glow. I am so swollen and purple from my knees down I don’t even recognize myself! My lady parts are swollen and uncomfortable to sit on, and they sweat so much I have to re-apply baby powder to keep things somewhat respectable. 😐 My hair isn’t thicker, it’s just sprouting up in places it shouldn’t. And my stretch marks are massive, itchy, and about 6-8 inches long on each side of my belly. EFF THIS. I’m ready to hold my snuggly, crying, pooping, hungry newborn now!!

  27. After crappy infertility treatments, I had an awful pregnancy. I first threw up thirteen days after my trigger shots–before I could even take a pregnancy test. I puked so hard I peed my pants. I puked in my sleep. (There’s nothing like the panic of waking up with a mouthful of vomit. )I got cankles at month 5 and by the end, the only shoes I could cram my feet into were Crocs a full size bigger than normal. (Even flip flops could not accommodate them!) I have a really short torso, and could feel her kick my ribs then headbutt my cervix as she stretched out. Constipation that nothing could even make a dent in. It was 40 weeks of awful. People say “Oh, you forget how bad it was.” No. It was worth it, but I won’t forget.

    • Hahah, ‘I puked so hard I peed my pants’. I thought I had it rough. I constantly threw up with my first, but I never peed my pants. I tip my hat to you.

    • Amen sister! Laughed so hard at reading your post. Your suffering makes mine seem pale in comparison. So glad I found this!

  28. Just want to say that I didn’t have any major issues while I was pregnant, but I still didn’t enjoy it like I thought I should have. I was so happy to have my daughter out of me! So, it’s possible to not like it even if the baby isn’t causing you pain etc.

  29. You all make me feel so much better. I felt all guilty because I know about 5 other women right now who are pregnant and they’re all glowy and pleased as punch.
    While I’m sitting here, working on month 4 with my 2nd thinking ‘I voluntarily did this to myself?! Again?! WTF was I thinking?!’
    I just keep trying to think about baby cheeks and coos and cute little sleepy faces.

  30. I’m pregnant with baby boy #2 & and I hate it!! Hormones have me feeling border line crazy! I’m an emotional wreck/roller coaster! Pre-pregnancy blues are crap! My curly,voluminous hair is no longer curly or voluminous but flat, dry, greasy, stringy, won’t-do-anything hair. I have THE worst back acne of my life. My stomach could eat itself every 2hrs but I’ve already gained enough weight I despise having to eat all the time. My public bone feels like it’s going to tear apart, at any moment, every time I walk. Sex is .. Well .. I feel like a beached whale that can’t orgasm. ‘Unattractive’ doesn’t even come close to how I’m feeling. I can’t wait for baby to be here ! So I can hold & love our precious bundle but I want to feel like me again & have my body back!

    • I feel your pain. I don’t even have anything comforting to tell you other than that I GET IT. And: You can do it, woman. We’re all in this shiz together.

  31. 1.) The fact that my uterus felt like it was going to fall out of me at any given time for the last 3 months.
    2.) The horrid deep ache in my hips that had me up crying at night.
    3.) The lack of safe drugs to take to counteract #2.
    4.) Nausea
    5.) Decreased lung capacity
    6.) My water wings….I mean ankles. Seriously, I peed off about 10 lbs of fluid in a 24 hr period a few days after giving birth.

  32. I am sooooooooo glad to be reading this!!!! I am so sick of people saying oh you’ll love being pregnant it’s such a joy!!! Well it wasn’t for me. I am so glad my pregnancy is almost over. I am so sick of being mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. I am tired of getting asked how I feel because I can’t answer honestly because it’s so taboo to say you hated being pregnant. Well I have hated hated hated it!!!!! It has really been one of the loneliest and saddest times in my life, I got fired from a job, my parents didn’t speak to me for a while and we had no emotional support from anyone other than a few close friends. I thought pregnancy was always suppose to be a time of joy and happiness now in the last few months people finally came around but it took a while, I am angry, bitter and cry at the drop of a hat anymore and I NEVER use to cry. My in laws are also some of the most selfish people I have ever met and get so upset when my fiancé puts me and the baby above them, last time I checked we are suppose to be his #1 priority!!!!

  33. I’m glad I found this too. Im currently in month 5, on my freaking honeymoon(super fun to be knocked up and not able to do shit because of my extra passenger) and I feel like a failure, like the most negative person in the world, like I don’t deserve this amazing little miracle that flutters around in my belly. I love her so much, and my husband too, but besides all of the shorty physical changes, the mental ones are the hardest for me. I feel so alone, and even though my husband has been amazingly supportive for the most part, sometimes I can’t take even the smallest amount of criticism. And it hurts. It especially hurts when every woman I talk to is so damn positive and tell me that is all positive mental attitude, and then on top of that my husband says I am choosing to be miserable and negative. Are you kidding?! Who would EVER want to feel like this?! Who would ever want to be miserable on their honeymoon? I feel like the damn zoloft cloud follows me around no matter how happy I want to be sometimes. I can sit there and talk to myself for hours and try to not feel hurt or sad or angry or reaentful, but I can’t help it! What the hell is going on with my hormones?! Why do I feel so alone?! Honestly, as much as sometimes the jabbing and moving around from the baby feels uncomfortable, at least I know she’s theres, and she makes me feel less alone now, but it kills me that in my husbands eyes I am negative and weak, and that I am “choosing” to be this way. It kills me that all of the ladies I’ve talked to, including r my mother and mother in law, havent gone through anything like this, and that they say it’s “all in your head”. I am trying, damnit! I am trying to think positively and not feel like my young life is over, I am trying to think that life with baby isn’t going to be me alone raising her, I am trying to believe that I will be able to have a normal life even though I can afford a 24/7 nanny, and that we are living in a 1 bedroom apt. But it’s a little overwhelming too. And it’s freaking hard. And the closer it gets and the bigger she gets the more nervous I am, regardless of how level heres I was when we started trying for baby. So thank you for this, tonight I really needed it.

  34. Coleen.S

    I’m right there with hating being pregnant, I feel blessed and extremely lucky to have been able to have the opportunity to carry this baby girl after a few miscarriages, I have a 10 year old daughter from a previous marriage, so its been awhile for me. I can’t remember ever feeling this crappy. I have not been able to take my medicines for my panic disorder or my PTSD, that just makes the emotional part twice as hard. I’ve been in preterm labor since 27 weeks, in and out of the hospital to try to stop the labor. Ha ha, let’s talk about the magnesium sulfate they give you for 48 hours…….. Felt like death. Was temporarily blind for those 48 hours. Now the heartburn, the big hemorrhoid I’ve had since month 5, yeah that’s a joy. My back has been broken out since the 1st month, nothing has helped with that. Constipation, making me feel way more bloated than I already do. Feeling hungry but not being able to eat because there’s no way I can hold anything down because I have no room to put the damn food, not with the backup from being constipated. Can’t hold a conversation for over 5 minutes without loosing my breath. Neck pain, back pain, leg cramps, then the chest pain, doctor said I have costochondritis and can’t start treatment until after the baby is born. No sleep, as I can’t find any position to where I can breath properly. Never again will I do this. I wish all you ladies the best of luck and will have every pregnant female in my prayers from now on. This requires the help of a higher power!!!!! Good luck and wishing you all a safe and healthy labor and baby.

  35. I hate being pregnant. I hated it since I found out. I was nauseous during the first and my boss decided my frequent doctor’s appointments made my health too bad to work, what? And now in almost the third, I’m huge and my legs are numb. I’m an emotional wreck going from livid to bawling in 2.2 seconds. My husband is the most common victim and honestly, I think he deserves it. The ladies at the store that want to poke and prod me and make comments can go get hit by a truck and really I want to lay in bed and ignore the world while also receiving the world’s best room service. My little boy in there has about three months to go and then he better get the hell out.

  36. Danielle

    I am currently 5 months pregnant with my second & hating it all. I have been sick most of the first tri, sore most of the second so far & I also have a crazy 21 month old son running around (oh, we also moved countries from the UK to Australia when I was 9 weeks pregnant & sick, that was no walk in the park either). My first pregnancy was a breeze, no sickness, not much discomfort other than in the final weeks. This one is horrid. We have also just finished unpacking all our belongings that finally arrived from the UK this week, so now I am extra sore & tired & my pelvic bone feels like it is about ready to crack in two. The joys.

    I am also one that does not enjoy or want sex while pregnant, poor hubby!

  37. I thought I was done having kids, and I was so completely ok with that. Our children are 16 and 11. We were looking forward to our independence. Then, I got pregnant, despite being told that it wasn’t possible because of my health conditions and the fact that I’m over 40.

    If I hated being pregnant when I was in my 20’s, it was nothing compared to how much I hate it now that I’m older. The fatigue, the vomiting so hard I wet myself (yeah I did that too) the nevrr ending scarefest of genetic testing, all of it. I feel like crap all the time. I’m off work for being high risk. I’m just done. I told my husband that although I wish no harm to this baby, I really find myself fantasizing about an early delivery, because the idea that I have 10-12 WEEKS of this bs ahead of me is almost more than I can bear.

  38. JessRose93

    I’m only 10 weeks along and I’m already begging my husband to put me out of my misery so I don’t throw up again, and, I swear to God, I’ll cut the next person who tells me their horrible, gory, excruciating labor and delivery experience. Thanks, as if I’m not scared enough, and by the way, I don’t give a damn about you’re “be grateful because my pregnancy was worse than yours” bullshit. Everyone’s pregnancy is different and everyone has different things they can tolerate. Puking, for me, isn’t one.

  39. Sheesh, where to start?

    Oh, right, the nose bleeds. It’s like my face decided to make up the iron imbalance after I stopped getting my period, so that’s swell.

    My first trimester was basically a 3-month bout of the flu. I’m about a week into my second, and hello sciatic pain! Glad you could join the party. Oh, and fun fact: even if your scoliosis is so laughably negligible that it bothers you never, once that bump shows up the glory days are gone. Constant Charley horse.

    I’m used to being pretty graceful, but now I move like a landed walrus. No, really;I shoulder-check almost every doorway. Being short, I’m accustomed to being able to climb on stuff to get what I need from the cabinets. Now I pretty much just stare at the things on the top shelf and hope for a sudden burst of telekenesis.

    And then the perennial favorite, the migraines. And what can we take for them? Tylenol. How cute.

    I’m looking forward to my little rug monster’s arrival, but holy crap pregancy sucks so hard. Hating the process is just made worse by other women acting like it’s synonymous with hating my baby. Between how outright insulting that is and the hormonal Hulk rage, maybe the back pain is a blessing in disguise; all my iron skillets are too heavy to swing.

  40. I always used to think that being pregnant must be similar to feeling extremely full all the time ( like eating 3 full course meals in one sitting), and to some extent I was right. But I didn’t know about the other added bonuses: huge, almost triangular shaped nipples, weight gain around the hips and of course the stomach ( for someone who’s never been overweight this is terrifying), the constant fatigue, naseau, extreme irritability, inability to do many previously favoured activities, decreased sex drive and dry skin/hair. Though quite honestly the worst of it for me is that I live in a city where it’s freezing cold 6-7 months out of the year, and summers are very short and enourmesly treasured. Unfortunately this year, I won’t be wearing cute little outfits and enjoying drinks on patios with good friends. Instead, I’ll be wearing huge t-shirts and more than likely avoiding the heat as much as possible. I know there are women out there who enjoy pregnancy, and I don’t quite think they’re human.

  41. I hate being pregnant so much that I needed to Google “hate being pregnant” to find people who understand! First time around was not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but the sciatica and its accompanying shooting pains made me feel like I was being put through some sort of medieval torture device. Then when the third trimester came, it was super magical to feel like my baby was slowly destroying my pelvic bone every second of the day such that absolutely no position was mildly comfortable, standing, sitting, or laying down. I had a super fast labor and delivery and am very thankful for that.

    Now here we are, pregnant with #2…and #3. What the hell kind of sick joke is this? Now I have to carry two babies for 9 months? Of all the people in the world to be blessed with twins, it ends up being the chick who literally wants to be put into a coma for 9 months and wake up with a baby in her arms? The nausea this time is unyielding. I eat more than an adult elephant’s daily allotment of calories and still haven’t gained any weight. And OMG the constipation. I love how everyone’s solution to this is more fiber and more water. Pretty sure that drinking a gallon of water a day and doing everything short of snorting a container of benefiber should qualify as enough fiber and water, but here we are…4 days and no movement in sight. Extra super fun considering how much food I’ve consumed in those 4 days. F my life…and the women who love pregnancy. 7…more…months…

  42. I had to laugh because I ALSO googled “hate being pregnant” to find some support! I have several friends who also struggled but it’s hard to talk with some of them because all they say is “it’s soooo worth it”…okay, I get that, but in this moment I am completely regretting initiating sex that night I was “maybe” ovulating…yep, after over 15 years of irregular periods, birth control and a script for Clomid and provera in my medicine cabinet all ready to go, I got pregnant on the first shot (literally). I am also among the lucky ones who were sick and had heartburn before the test was even dry…constant, gnawing hunger that has me running for snacks to prevent dry heaves/puking, waking up throughout the night with nausea, heartburn, exhaustion; it’s awful. I’m a firm believer that the first trimester could be utilized as a successful torture technique; I can only imagine what the next two have in store! Pair this all with my overall ambivalence towards parenthood and a possible case of antenatal depression and I’m just over it. I’m already mourning my childfree life as I’m bed bound most weekends anyway- not like I’m able to do much right now. I am fully aware that I have it far easier than a lot of women but I still hate it…and this will be my one and only time. People say I will reconsider (and I know my husband hopes I do) but I’ve truly never been so unhappy in my life…I can’t imagine ever doing this again!

  43. I’m late to this party, but I’ll still throw in my 2 cents. 31 weeks, and I’m begging for it to be over. Nobody’s mentioned the Charlie horses. I can’t be the only one getting them. As I lay here in bed, propped up by four pillows, breathe right strip on my nose, fan pointing directly at my face, with awful heartburn and throbbing hips, (almost) all I can think of is the Charlie horse that’s inevitably going to wake me up sometime in the next three hours.

    Also, I’m wearing the least bump-revealing clothes possible, because I’m pretty sure I’ll take a swing at any stranger who tries to touch me.

  44. Thank you for making me not feel bad for hating pregnancy. First off your body is taken over I fell like Im being held prisoner. Couldn’t celebrate major holidays including my 30th b-day. Dam timing I’m getting my tubes killed after this. I’m tired all the dam time no matter what I do! I have a very active baby yea yea I know that’s great but it feels awkward when trying to be intimate with my partner. Emotions are crazy I wanna cry most of the time because I can’t work like I want too! Aww my hips hurt, hernia, and I feel like an unattractive whale. 3 more months sigh

  45. Ugh. I loooooooathe pregnancy. It took 7 years to convince myself to baby again, and now that I’m knocked up with #2, I realize just how much misery I had forgotten. I am drowning in my own drools saliva, and I throw up so much that I gauge what I eat based on how it will taste in regurg format. Sometime I crave something with the burning passion of a thousand fiery Suns – only to be gut clenchingly opposed to the smell of it within 20 yards of me. Between the sore body, heartburn, hemmeroids, constant hunger/vomiting, loose joints, hyper tension, gestational bloody diabetes, bloating, lack of energy, insomnia and psychotic mood swings, I am OVER IT! And there is no magical 2nd trimester, I swear it’s a conspiracy. Ugh!
    The glow is barely suppressed rage.
    Pregnancy can eat a bag of dicks, and I’m not even halfway done.

    • I am 10 weeks and got to this site by googling “I hate being pregnant.” I have enjoyed reading the article and the comments, but yours just made me laugh out loud so hard that I’m crying now (for the first time in 10 weeks I’m crying in a good way.) This effing sucks so hard, but for some reason, knowing I’m not alone or a future shit mom for feeling this way makes me feel so much better. I cannot fathom the comments from ladies on here who hate being pregnant and are on baby #5, because right now my motto is “one and done.” I bow to all of you in admiration.

  46. Oh where do I begin. Stupefying fatigue since day 1 – it doesn’t get any better as weeks go by. Breasts became ginormous, heavy, and unwieldy; constantly wearing a sports bra now, even when I sleep. Legs turned into sausages. That big belly weighing on me all the freaking time. Second funny smells emanating from each orifice of your body. Heartburn!

    But the icing on the cake I saved for last – it’s called URINARY TRACT INFECTION and it is the biggest nightmare that pregnancy had in store for me by far. Excruciating pain, and the worst thing is that it won’t go away, even after rounds and rounds of antibiotics. Halp!

  47. I’m so glad to have found this. I also web searched I hate being pregnant. I’m only 8 weeks, but pretty miserable. The worst part for me is the bloating and uncontrollable putrid smelling gas. I have to take the bus to and from work and just try to squeeze it in as long as possible. I have to eat so i don’t puke, but then i feel disgusting from eating. The bloating. Ive never felt anything like it. I feel like if my stomach swells anymore i might literally explode.The heartburn also sucks along with the crazy crying spells when im convinced this kid hates me already. I thought my kid wouldn’t start hating me til it was at least in middle school. I already told hubby that this is it. I will never forget, I will never do this again. Maybe its my advanced maternal age and the doc telling me how old and fat I already am. Im 38. Too old to do it again. I wanted to be pregnant all my life. I wanted to experience the joy of carrying human life and glow but if residual puke left on my face counts as glowing, well then I am!

    • Ugh. That sucks. Yeah I’m glad more and more people are admitting how much pregnancy sucks. Personally, I was shocked by the suckiness. haha

      Wishing you the best for the rest of your pregnancy!

  48. I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant and I hate it. I hate everything about it and think women who rave about “loving pregnancy blah blah blah” are lying.
    – I hate having a stuffy nose 24×7
    – I hate my sensitive to the shower water, knockers
    – I hate my uncontrollable urges to eat… anything really I’m not picky these days
    – I hate the new size of my ass
    – I hate the brown line growing up my stomach. I sure hope that goes away or some kind of belly bleaching exists
    – I hate not being about to go tanning or get my gel manicures. Yup I’m that girl.
    – I hate watching other people drink and invite me to events that revolve around drinking. I mean really why torture me.
    – I hate that my partner irritates the hell out of me. Which I know is my hormones b/c I actually like him.
    – I hate maternity clothes… all of them
    – I hate maternity underwear. I’m a sexy underwear kinda girl and I can’t imagine wearing anything but granny panties right now.
    – I hate that I’ve had the most painful yeast infections due to hormonal changes. Really? Anything you want to throw at me god?
    – I hate Giselle Bundchen

    It all sucks and I just want my little man to arrive so I’ll can finally see it was all worth it.

  49. Pregnancy has been the cruelest joke. Hormones + body image never worked out okay… Much like you said, first trimester was nausea (and crippling headaches for me), second trimester brought the grossest fat-but-not-very-pregnant feels along with a great 3 month long sinus infection that refused to quit, third trimester I felt the most attractive and had come to terms with the headaches and heartburn but couldn’t nail down a position comfortable enough to attempt anything without turning into a blubbering mess immediately after the failed sex.

    This whole time pretty much my poor husband has been driving me up the wall. He tries sometimes more than others to tiptoe around angry preggo and be extra sweet, but it’s times like watching him drink 12 beers on the weekend that I hate him..we made a sober agreement once before the baby, now he gets his free pass apparently and I’ve been craving a beer for months. Or playing video games and stroking his beard for AN HOUR STRAIGHT- dude, it’s still there in the exact same shape but if you don’t stop, I WILL rip it off. Oh, you’ve inhaled your entire plate of food before I’ve finished my palm-sized portion of dinner (because yes I’m always starving but each time I eat five bites I’m so full I want to kill myself)… great, thanks honey. He refuses to get a bigger bed for us and blames it being uncomfortable right now on my belly……which has nothing to do with him sleeping sideways and having the most obnoxious RLS I’ve ever seen. Murder.

    I hate the stares from strangers. I’m far beyond the “is she fat or pregnant?” stage because this baby is a giant at 35w but people slay me. I still have eyes, you know, and I can tel that you’re only staring at my belly while I’m trying to muster ALL my strength to be polite to you since I’m at work and nice is a requirement. Yes, I’m covered in tattoos and have piercings and someone DID want to procreate with me – very observant, tattooed metalheads have babies too. Cooler babies than your screaming little hellions, go tend to those bastards instead of making those stupid faces of judging assessment.

    I’ve hated the head bonking my cervix constantly.

    I’ve hated that I feel like I have to perform gymnastics to wipe myself after I pee and that it happens 50 times a day because I’m ALWAYS peeing. Not to mention trying to shave my vagina by memory, oofta.

    I’ve hated unsolicited advice from the delusional preggos. Yeah, it’s crazy awesome when I think about how I’ve grown this HUMAN BEING from cells of nothing but pregnancy has just been weird, in general. Gross, surprising, weird, an emotional hell of a roller coaster and while things HAVE been mostly ideal for me..my symptoms have been severe enough for it to all suck. All of it. Next time you have a headache for nearly a year straight, I’ll be right over to tell you how beautiful and wonderous it is and all the other BS you “should be” trying that won’t do crap.

    Thank you for this post!!!!

  50. I hate every second of being pregnant. Sorry not sorry.

  51. .I am 12 week s pregnant with first baby and believe u me I hate it to bits.
    I pee more than usual my lower abdomen hurts I don’t even wanna b touched there, I hate sex and it’s sad how hubby misses it so bad.

    hev lost about 7 kgs can’t eat only thing that goes down is porridge and lemon, anything else smells and Makes me puke I can’t eat anything sweet so it has to b sour or nothing and I hev no craving at all,

    I hev dizziness 24/7 hev been in bed 2 months now can’t walk can’t work with constant palpitations, and not forgetting the horrible metallic taste in my mouth and constant spitting, I hev horrible acne on my chest tho a part of me is relieved it’s not on my face…I am so tired yet I still hev a long way to go.

    glad I found this forum coz I used to feel guilty for hating all of this instead of being super excited, it took me more than 5 yrs to get pregnant and had lost hope but damn little did I know it would feel this way….

    and u know Wats worse wen the ppl surrounding you don’t understand yo pain coz they had awesome pregnancies.

  52. I’m so glad I found this post. I’m only 3.5 months and I’m over it. I’ve been wistfully waiting next to the toilet for the “2nd trimester heaven” to no avail and if another person says something like “yup, sure can’t hide that you’re pregnant now with that bump, you’re gonna be huge” I will rage over them with a fury that their ancestors will feel.

    Just physically not being able to do the things I normally could do, like ya know, take a flight of stairs without being winded, is bad enough, but the fatigue! Holy Mary Mother is the fatigue brutal. I can’t put real words together and I hope for the best when I make sentences. I cried the other day while telling my husband that ” I was jealous of him because he doesn’t have to carry it, and how come we couldn’t take turns!?”

    I sometimes imagine that my pregnancy is preparing me for some Satan spawn that will spend the rest if it’s life slowing sucking my soul from my body, but then I remember that I’m not insane and I dumped that boyfriend a long time ago.

    I do have hope that once I find out the sex and feel the kicking inside of me it will get better, and I just pray it won’t creep me the hell out that there is a parasitic alien sucking it’s cute little thumb inside of me. Plus, these porn star boobs aren’t really that bad…besides the constant aching and getting in the way…

  53. Gabriela

    Thank you for sharing the feeling. I’m at 21 weeks, and while I love the fact that I’ve started to feel my baby, and love the fact that I’m having a baby, the constant abdominal bloating, leg swelling (at times painful), back pain and exhaustion are getting the best of me. And let’s not forget that I’m still experiencing occasional nausea and vomiting (thankfully not as bad as the 1st trimester, but I still had to buy pants on the way to work a few days ago because I missed the plastic bag I used and vomited in my car/pants while in the freeway and was hence 1 hour late for a meeting… One of the most embarrassing days in my adult life). And I’ve had leakage (especially when I vomit or sneeze). I was once a relatively level headed person but now I’ve lost control of my emotions, crying at nothing at times. I cried so much during an argument once that I vomited (yay again!!). Plus my body is unrecognizable: I look wider everywhere, my feet are bursting out of a new pair of extra wide and a size larger shoes (even with compression stockings), my hands are developing the wonderful tingling of carpal tunnel, and my boobs are always itchy no matter how much I moisturize. And they say this is the best trimester!!! I just want my baby girl in my arms and have this all behind me. I don’t know any pregnant women, so none of my friends relate. And the women I know that have children always talk so warmly about their pregnancies that it makes me want to cry or punch them, especially when they share things like “I never had nausea when I was pregnant” Ugh!!!!

  54. Haha love this. Can’t wait to read all the comments and share my own pregnancy woes.

  55. Shanessa

    Reading these comments were the greatest thing ever. I think I’m suffering from prenatal depression. This actually put a smile on my face for the first time in weeks. I’m 21w6d and I literally find myself googlin “when is the earliestt you can give birth safely without ythe baby developing a tissues. I literally count down to my delivery. No don’t even count to 40 weeks I count to thirty six so 14 weeks left guys as!!!! I hate it. I’m little for 5 months so it just looks like I’m just fat. Which really f**king sucks. Like my boobs were already 36D now I’m struggling in a 38DDD! I lost my nipple piercing because of pregnancy. I loved that baby. I miss sex. So much. I had sex once since finding out I was pregnant and I think it’s cause my part e r is no longer attracted to me :(. Our situation is a little difficult. Right now we’re not on speaking terms but we’ll see how long this goes. I miss food. Like I’m hungry all the time but once I start, I can only handle 4 bites. I hate feeling my daughter move inside me. Like I’m glad she’s moving and she’s alive and well but I hate it. Feels like an alien has take. Over my body. I feel so unattractive. I wish I could sleep thenext couple weeks away until it’s time to deliver … I actually anticipate delivery. I love my daughter more than anything in this world already. But this pregnancy bit has to go. I can’t sleep. I’m constantly stuffed up. All I did was sleep in the first trimester. I found out I was pregnant at 10w2d idk how the crap those girls do it when they find out they’re pregnant at 4weeks. No no couldn’t take an extra 6 weeks knowing this stuff. My back pain is unbearable. I’m a stomach sleeper so imagine how troubling it is to not be able to do such. I’m dying for a night of fun. I’m dying for people to treat me normal again not the fake, care for you garbage just because I’m pregnant. Stop touching my belly and stop asking me to lift my shirt up in the middle of the damn mall or work.. RAIN (my princess’s name) JUST HURRY UP AND GET THE CRAP OUT BEFORE I DRAG YOU OUT MY DAMN SELF

  56. I am 39w4d in my second (and last) freaking pregnancy. Yeah, being 9 months pregnant in August, not the best planning on my part. I am so water-logged that I feel every part of my body jiggle when I walk. Shins? Yes, shins. Who knew shins could apparently jiggle.
    I currently wake up to a barrage of text messages and emails, “Well????” “Is she here?” “Any updates?” OMG PEOPLE! I understand you are my friends and family and are just showing interest and concern, BUT PLEASE LAY OFF! I will be sure to let you know when something has changed! In the meantime, I’m in a constant state of pressure, and bloating, and pain that remind me that this kid does not want to evacuate my uterus anytime soon. The LAST thing I need is for my phone and computer to remind me of that fact too.

    Oh, and the rest of pregnancy sucks as well. I’m just currently dwelling on the present suckiness of the hell/limbo that we’re cast into during the last month of pregnancy.

    Sometimes I think about the fact that EVERY human being that has ever walked or will walk on this planet was brought into the world by some woman having to endure this. Mind. Blown.

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  58. Jennifer

    Yes! All of this. My mother has always talked about how much she loved being pregnant so naturally, I thought I would love it, too. Wrong! I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m 10 yrs older than my mother was when she had me. I have not enjoyed any part of this pregnancy……to the point where I’m not even feeling too excited about having the little one. Talk about feeling guilty. All I’m excited about is finally being able to have some Kahlua in my coffee and to wear regular clothes again. But there’s always some asshat who has to remind me that ” if you breastfeed you still can’t have a drink” and “your regular clothes won’t fit for another whole year”. OK! OK! I get it….I’ve entered into the great abyss. Someone please reassure me (lie if you must) that after the baby comes, I won’t be completely destroyed with no life or hope left in me at all. I hate that I feel this way….I try to be positive but hormones always get the best of me. Oh, the guilt. 2 months left to go….please, merciful God in heaven let there be a happy ending to this physical and emotional nightmare!! Oh, and thanks for sharing and being honest about your experiences, ladies. Those of you who have gone on to have two, three, or more pregnancies are my heroes. One and done for this lady. Stay strong, mamas!

  59. I hate this. I’m currently 34 weeks and ready for this baby to evacuate the premises. I was super excited after having two ectopic pregnancies…then the nausea began. Vomiting long John silvers through your nose? Not fun. Having hubby call me Flo Jo from running to puke? Made me muderous. Broke out in hives randomly in first trimester as well. Continued to vomit through antinausea meds well through the second trimester. And brushing my teeth was like a game of chicken. Yes to acrobats to wipe or clean my lady parts, put lotion on my dry ass feet and legs, or put on panties or pants. It’s a workout. I’m exhausted 24/7 and my house is a pigsty as a result. I have to roll and grunt to get out of bed and the baby loves to sit right under my right ribcage. Heartburn can kick rocks…its constant at this point and my throat feels like it’s on fire. I don’t consider myself an emo but I’ve cried myself to sleep at this point on multiple occasions. For a fleeting moment my libido was up there but my hubby was afraid to touch me. The baby kicking creeps him out and he thinks when I rub my belly and she kicks that I’m bothering HER. Apparently the weight I’ve put on is causing him to snore….through walls. Great for insomnia. Its amazing he’s still alive. Why would anyone do this twice?

  60. I am only 11 weeks now, and Ibhave jad just about enough! I came across your site at 2 AM as I sat on the toilet, because I consyantly feel the need to pee, (no it’s not a UTI), and I was feeling miserable. I love my husband, but he zis so excited that I feel like he doesn’t realize how hard the naseau, urination, weight gain, breast pains, swelling, acne and overall yuckiness is!

    I can’t wait for our child to he brought in to the world, but man, I am NOT enjoying the wait :/.

  61. This. This has helped me so much! Literally the only part I am enjoying/have enjoyed is feeling him move. But even that gets super weird when he’s rolling and trying to bust out of my belly. All the other pregnancy symptoms? SUCK IT. I literally can’t imagine going through this again. I’ve always wanted a lot of kids but dang, nobody talked about all the bad stuff! Currently suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck that is highly debilitating. And sleep? What’s that!? In need of a rope and pulley system just to help turn over the 20x a night because of that wretched HIP PAIN. oh and just found out I’m borderline for GD so there’s that. I have never believed anyone when they say you will forget the pain of pregnancy. It may lessen, but there’s no way this can be forgotten…lol thank you for being real & true about pregnancy, cause only a few women(that must have been born of unicorns) really enjoy it! Thoroughly looking forward to Christmas eve (due date). Everyone else – stay strong!

  62. I’m so glad I found this post. I’m 4 months preggo (so I haven’t even gotten grossly huge yet) but I’m already HATING being pregnant. I did multiple harrowing fertility treatments to get pregnant and now that I’m lucky enough to be pregnant…the pregnancy feels like some sort of sick extension of the violation and intrusion of the fertility treatments. I hate how I look. I hate how I feel. I’m wickedly depressed, my boobs are huge and my nipples are so sensitive I can barely tolerate NOT wearing a bra. I had a panic attack shopping for maternity clothes because I’m so scared about what’s going to happen to my body. I’m hating being pregnant so so so much. I told my husband I’m going to make him wear a spanx bodysuit when shit gets really bad! I can’t stand that I’m the one who has to suffer through all this and he gets to walk around feeling normal.

  63. Jacqueline

    9.5 weeks and miserable. I suffer from depression but the moment I got pregnant, everything changed. I want to lie in bed 24hrs a day. I want the world to leave me alone. I don’t want to see my happy friends or other moms. I wish people would stop inviting me places so I don’t have to make up excuses and lies…I don’t want to do anything except not be pregnant. I am a fitness instructor/trainer and I am sick of feeling embarrassed by my body…people expect me to be perfect and fit…I am fit but I have gotten bigger..much bigger. Hops, butt, face,legs. I am sick of the looks..I can literally see it on people’s face as they think, “is she pregnant or has she just gained .” I don’t want to tell anyone because I don’t want people to annoy me more than they already are. Sleep is my only escape and I don’t know how I will get through another pregnancy as I still have a long way to go. I love my babies and I know I will be so happy to have another, I just don’t know how I am going to do this. I am already on anti depressants so if those don’t help, what does? I know that people will read this and think,”holy shit, this woman is messed.” They might be right..thanks for hearing me. Please don’t judge. I’m a good person and a great mother…depression is a hard battle and the pregnancy and loss of control over my body, is making me feel a million times worse. Prayers to anyone else who is suffering.

    • I hear what your saying. I too suffer from depression, PTSD and panic disorder. I have an 8th month old baby girl, and I was miserable the hole time. I have thyroid issues as well and I gained 75 pounds. I found this site and I was like, wow……. I’m not alone. I had to stop taking a lot of my depression meds while I was pregnant because I had some issues with preterm labor. I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but some day that feeling your feeling about being pregnant, it will go away, maybe not until after your done being pregnant, but it will get better. If staying home makes you feel better than do it, if not talking to anyone makes you less upset than fine. Right now just do what’s best for you and baby. I do hope this goes by quickly for you. Best of luck and hugs.

  64. I am right there with all of you. I DESPISE BEING PREGNANT! I can’t think of a more worse punishment in this world. To me being pregnant is like being in jail only I didn’t do anything wrong! I am thankful I made it through my first pregnancy and it’s done and over with and I have a wonderful beautiful 20 month old little girl. But I cursed her every second she was in me until the time she was in my arms in the hospital. The second she was out of me I started to immediately feel better physically. I didn’t even care that I was bleeding profusely from my Vagina and being stitched in public around 10 people I had never met. But I am now pregnant with my second. I am only about 7 weeks in. I told my husband I cannot do this again! But he keeps telling me look what we will have at the end of it though. Give me labor and delivery all day long over 10 months of horrid misery. I have been miserable from the second I found out at 4 weeks. Vomiting every morning, I constantly need to eat otherwise I feel like vomiting, I’ve already gained about 10 -15 lbs and i’m only 7 weeks pregnant. This happened with my first as well. Even though i’m choosing healthy foods this time around I can’t help gaining because i cant stop eating! It’s no wonder I lost 90lbs in 6 months after my daughter was born! I only gained 50 lbs with her but I lost 90 because food just repulsed me after she was born. With all the eating i was forced to do during pregnancy i had a complete food aversion afterwards which actually was horrible because my milk dried up in only 1.5 months because i never ate anything. It will happen again this time around pending that i make it the entire 9 months. I hate being pregnant so much that i am seriously thinking about aborting just so that i don’t have to go through this again. If i make it through this one, i think i will do whatever is necessary to make sure i never have to get pregnant again. I know this is an awful way of thinking considering there are so many out there that cannot have children. I love my daughter and if I make it through this I will love this little person the same. Children are amazing and a blessing but having to deal with this for so long feels like I’m in Hell. This is hell to me and i just want out of it. Sorry for venting!

  65. Omg! Finally someone I can relate to. I’m 32 weeks and I’m over it. I’m so sick of everyone I know having “perfect pregnancies” while mine has just sucked.
    From the morning sickness, then onto nipple vasospasms from around 12 weeks, gestational diabetes, carpel tunnel and now preeclampsia I’m so over it and just want it to end already.
    I complain to my husband who is great (but I think he’s secretly over it too) so I’m trying to be happy in my last few weeks however I’m just miserable. I feel like I’m going to be a bad mother because I’m starting to secretly wish we never got preganant. Fingers crossed things pick up soon, I mean how much worse can they get right? Ha! I remember how naive I was saying that 20 weeks ago!!!

  66. I hate being pregnant, this Will be the last and only Time!!
    Will do anything to make sure I dont ever get pregnant again!!
    It has been by far the most difficult thing I have ever gone through .I constantly feel sad and lonely
    It is like burying your own self and what you used to like want or enjoy at one time

    I hate my pregnant body and I feel disgusted by my huge dark nipples
    Hate having pleghm in the back of my throat all f…. !! Day long
    Hate my wobble and just my own face
    So annoyed with everyone and everything !
    My hubby wont have sex with me and I dont blame him!! I wouldnt have sex with me either if I where him
    Only five months in just today and still have 4 more to go on this misery
    F…k pregnancy!

  67. I just found your blog when I typed into google “I hate pregnancy.” I’m 7 weeks in and hate this. I hate the barfing. I hate the exhaustion. I hate the non-stop peeing that wakes me in the middle of the night to fuel the exhaustion. No one mentions diarrhea and extreme gas and bloating comes with the nausea too… I hate that I cry every day over every little thing and want to scream constantly at everyone “WAY THE HELL TOO MUCH COLOGNE BUDDY!” “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME WITH THAT TUNA?!” “WHY ISN’T THE WHOLE WORLD CUTTING ME MORE SLACK?!” I feel like I’ve had the flu for a month. I’ve literally had pneumonia as an adult and it was nicer than being pregnant. It got better after 2 weeks and no one expected me to get out of bed the whole time. My head hurts, everyone smells horrible, I only want to sleep and cry all day, my boobs are growing and not in a cute way but in a my tits have veins now and my nipples are expanding and growing hair now way. The pregnancy sex was extra intense and pretty hot the only day this week I slept 16 hours and had the energy for it, although my vagina felt swollen and leaky for 2 days following so not exactly magic. Please please let this get better in the second trimester!

  68. Currently pregnant with my 2nd and all those crappy symptoms with my 1st are back again. Isn’t each pregnancy supposed to be different.

    So what did I hate the most. For starters, I had morning, afternoon, and night sickness. And it was subtle. No I would projectile vomit with no warning… For the entire nine months. So bad I’d be stuck in traffic with no where to go and end up sticking my head in a bag while still maneuvering the steering wheel.

    Post pregnancy I stunk. Like garlic. I swear my armpits where little garlic fields. I showered multiple times a day, scrubbed my pits with baking soda, vinegar, toothpaste, you name it and nothing worked. Eventually the smell just disappeared over time thankfully, but for about three weeks I smelled like an Italian restaurant.

    Aaand, it’s all about to happen again ?

    • In response to this, I really want to post that picture of Katniss Everdeen raising her two fingers in a salute of solidarity. lol

  69. I am 36 years old with two boys (9 and 5) I found out this week that I’m (unexpectedly) pregs with #3. I literally laid in bed and cried for an entire 24 hours. I’m so freaking depressed. I know with 100% certainly that I’ll love my baby but I want to die at the thought of being pregnant. I’m still traumatized by my last two pregnancies!!!!!!! I hate every single second of being pregnant. I wish I could be put in a 9 month coma then wake up to my newborn. I don’t think there’s a woman alive who coy possibly hate being pregnant more.

  70. 27 weeks in and I’m completely effing miserable. It’s like the universe has played some sick joke on me- I’ve been awaiting the day I’d become a mom, but I had no idea it’d be this miserable! “Be careful what you wish for” is constantly replaying in my mind these days.

    Of course, the morning sickness was awful. Especially seeing as how you have it at any time during the day. Once that subsided, it was the constant headaches. No amount of Tylenol was strong enough for mine, though. These days, the headaches are gone, but now I’m dealing with the back pain, the hip aches, the acid reflux, and the precious abuse I receive from my active baby girl…..
    I thought it was cute when I first felt my baby moving. I’d record videos of her and smile, anticipating the next time I’d feel her again.
    But now.. Ughhhh! I don’t want her to move AT ALL! It’s sooo uncomfortable. She kicks and turns and pokes and punches from BEFORE I wake in the morning, to AFTER I fall asleep. I don’t effing understand why I have the most hyperactive baby in the world!

    March is my due date, and the count down until this little angel is out of my body seems extremely far away. I just want my body back. I don’t even care if I get my old body back, as long as I don’t have to house a damn jack rabbit anymore.
    My fiancé and I just had a serious talk.. Originally, we talked about having 4 or 5 kids. Now, I’ve already told him the next baby will either come from him or a surrogate.


  71. OMG reading this made me laugh so so muchh!! Im so glad im not alone also!! Im only 17 weeks and ive already had enough !
    Number 1, crying ALL the time i feel like a crazy physicopath!! Number 2 gaining weight and feeling like a whale! Number 3 none of my clothes fit and i cannot be spending money on fat people clothes!! Number 3 being tired and grumpy and snapping for no reason is driving me insane, i know im doing it vut i just cant stop!! And last but not least ive found since ive fallen pregnant im super clinngiy to my partner i dont want him to leave my side? Why , i dont know because he annoys the crap out if my raging hormones!! But i litterally fall apart if he goes out for a few drinks!! I dont know but none of this is fun!! Bar eating whatever i want, and my bosses having to take me shouting at them… That parts good!!! Anyone else simular with the clingy?

  72. It’s so comforting to know that other women hate being pregnant as much as I do. I’m at week 21 now and I cannot believe how much further I have to wait for this to be over!

    I spent my entire first trimester being nauseous. All. The. Time. Not in the morning, not just sometimes, ALL THE F’ing Time!! There were times when I would eat my lunch while staring at my ultrasound picture, reminding myself the baby needed nourishment while forcing food into my body. People kept saying that the sickness would go away in the second trimester. Thank God it did!!

    And I was tired. So damn tired in the first trimester.

    In the last few weeks my tummy has gotten enormous. And I’m only 21 weeks! I keep wondering how much bigger I am going to get. I keep waiting for the ultrasound tech to say “oh, no wonder you are so big, there are three babies in there” but no. Just the one! My husband is calling me a planetoid. He is not helpful. I could care less how I look, but I hate feeling like I’m carrying a bowling ball…and I’m only at 21 weeks 🙁
    I have had to buy new bras twice to accommodate the growing size. One day I actually went for an EKG because I was having chest pain. Turns out my bra was so constricting it was making me feel like I was having a heart attack. And no matter how many different sizes or shapes I buy, I cannot seem to find underwear that don’t hurt or irritate me in some way.

    Then at my most recent ultrasound, the tech tells me, oh-so-nonchalantly, that I have low lying placenta, and that I am not allowed to have sex for at least the next 4 weeks. Not that I really want to, but now my husband is even more grumpy about the whole pregnancy thing.

    Lastly, the sleeping. I am usually a back sleeper. Now I have to sleep on my left side. I hate hate hate it! I woke up last night with my arm so asleep that I had to have my husband help to massage the bloodflow back into it! When the baby comes I can finally go back to sleeping comfortably….except I won’t be getting any sleep.

    I’m sure I will love my child to bits, but someday, I’m sure I will be one of those mothers that goes around ranting to their kids “The things I had to go through to bring you into this world and this is how you treat me!”

  73. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and I absolutely loathe the experience. At 28 weeks I went into septic shock and almost died from having a nephrostomy tube inserted due to an obstruction in my kidney (which could be a stone OR the baby himself). Now I walk around with a fucking tube and pee bag! My clothes barely fit as it is and this tube makes getting dressed that more difficult. When I wear clothes over my tube, I bleed! Blood in my pee bag ladies and gentlemen, and it fucking hurts!!!
    I am absolutely drained from the pregnancy and the tube double teaming my poor body.
    I also now have stretch marks all over my precious stomach. I am mourning over the loss of my beautiful and youthful body and skin which I will never have again. I feel like an old troll and I’m only 24. I can’t wait until my son is OUT! I am so done and I hate the dumbass people who tell me to embrace or savor this time. There is nothing to fucking savor. I want to forget this entire experience. It has been nothing but shit!
    And rest assured I will NEVER subject myself to pregnancy ever again…

    • Oh my god what a horrible experience! May you have the easiest birth ever, because you deserve it!!

  74. I couldnt agree more!!! Im 15 wks today and wish it was 40 already. The only comfort Ive had is being able to tell my husband that this is our second and LAST baby. Any more and I will sign him up for vasectomy. Admittedly, this one has been slightly, repeat, slightly better than my first only because I did not have to stay in the hospital for 7 days with 24/7 IV drips, potassium bag, and oh, being injected with lipid (fat) because my first semester weight loss took me to under 100 pounds. I love my first to no end and Im sure I will love my second equally but given all that Ive gone through, I feel entitled to shout that I despise the entire 9 month process of bringing them into the world.

  75. I Googled, “I hate pregnancy”. Yes ladies I am hating my pregnancy. I’m only 9 weeks and it’s been horrific since the 6th week. Vomiting, nausea, exhaustion, weakness, head aches, body aches, intense hunger, frequent urination. I basically feel useless. I can’t work anymore which has screwed our finances. I think my husband is secretly tired of me being sick. It seems like no one else has had such a sucky pregnancy. And if my sister tells me one more joy of pregnancy bit I’ll scream. I’m 36 and this will be my 1st and last child. My husband is in denial but I am DONE! I though maybe it was because I was older that it’s been so hard. But from what reading some of you younger ladies are feeling it to. Also I’m tired of people making me feel guilty because I’m not friggen Mary Poppins happy. How can you be when your vomiting so hard it makes you pee. ……le sigh. …. I love the baby but I’m soon ready for this to be over.

    • Girl, my TOP HIT on this website is “I hate pregnancy.” You are FOR SURE NOT ALONE. 😉 Best wishes. xoxo

  76. I have pretty easy pregnancies, morning sickness the first trimester(but I never actually throw up), a little heart burn, some restless legs, but no pain. But I still absolutely hate it. I think the biggest thing is that my body isn’t mine. I can’t just bend down and pick something up, or wash dishes in the sink without my giant belly getting in the way. I can’t wear my clothes, I have to wear things that fit this huge belly. I get really hot really easily, my feet spread to the point where my favorite shoes are uncomfortable after a few hours. It’s all little stuff, but together, and relentlessly for nine months… I JUST WANT TO BE ME AGAIN! And I’m a very private person, so when everyone and their brother is commenting on my pregnancy or the baby or giving advice, I just want to press a button and become completely invisible. If I’m at a checkout at the store, talk to me about what I’m buying if you have to talk, but don’t ask me about my pregnancy, that’s a very private thing! And I’ve been disappointed with the gender of my current baby, don’t ask me that! And don’t comment that ‘wow, that’s a lot of boys!’…. I just want to hide in my house, with a maid and not come out until this baby is about three months old and on a predictable eating/sleeping/fussy schedule.
    I’m healthy, and physically things are well, but emotionally no. I’m 27 weeks and I want to wake up and have it be my due date already.

  77. Im another “I hate being pregnant” seeker of good company, checking in at 35 weeks and hating it! I really don’t have too much to complain about as far as nightmarish, life threatening scenarios but DAMN IT TO HELL I’m so fucking tired of being uncomfortable, all of the time. I can’t help but feel like a big, whining, complaining, wimpy, selfish, brat! After all this is a fairly common “condition” that countless women have been facing since the beginning of humankind. The most ludicrous part of this experience(#3) has to be my fear that I will forever look and feel like I do right now, a bloated, sloth paced, mammoth, with no energy, no fun, all around unpleasant to look at or be near…..I could go on and on but whats the point in beating the fat, dead horse anymore. And that is why “I don’t go around mirrors anymore, breaks me up to see a grown woman cry”

  78. Not too many talk about the hormones, I am a certifiable crazy person. I actually can’t even stand me. I am terrified I won’t have a husband after this is all over. I despise being pregnant. I’m sad, mad, excited, hungry, but not hungry for that, thirsty like I am walking around the Sahara, scared, lonely all at the same time.

    • YES. Awful. I threw a ladder across the room while pregnant with my first. Not my proudest moment. lol

    • I think pregnancy and the way some people dont understand how much suffering it can be, can make many people mad. My problem is going from feeling in my 30s to feeling in my 80s in just a few months. It is a major kick to the self esteem. It makes life so damned hard.

  79. 16 weeks along and I hate being pregnant also. I feel alone and always worried about everything! I’m starting to get it a little under control now as the stress was causing me panic attacks and shortness of breath, I had to realize I better find some stress management before I completely lose it. I never had morning sickness but spent my 1st trimester with bronchitis that sent me to the ER Smh. 2nd trimester is just back and chest pain that bugs me all day. Exercise helps a lil but by 5pm the pain and fatigue kicks back in. Its not so bad tho it a bareable as long as I keep my stress level down and try to just think about today. That works for me, don’t worry about tomorrow or months from now just live in the moment and do what u can. Get rest and quiet time and time will fly by before you know it. It had not been easy for me at all but I just keep telling myself this is only temporary. Best wishes to you mother’s.

  80. What you write is so true. I am 28 weeks along on the third pregnancy and Ive had enough! You are right about only thinking about today. In fact, that comment made me think of how most other people (Im talking about the elderly!) who feel like this get a few decades to get used to all these body pains and limitations GRADUALLY – whereas with me (and probably a lot of pregnant women) I feel like Ive aged 4 decades in 4 months to be honest!!! The tiredness sucks, yes, the breathlessness, but the swollen feet, and not being able to do stuff like mow the lawns or ride a bycycle or exercise or bend down, lift stuff, push stuff, stand up normally with out a rush to the head etc etc etc, is just such an emotional shock as well as a physical one. I feel like I imagine an 80 year old would feel! Wobbling around gingerly on swollen (not that swollen but heavy and awkward) feet and feeling like Ive done a marathon after just hunting for something in a low cupboard!
    I will mention that being pregnant with a 1 year old and a 5 year old is exhausting! Worse than the first two pregnancies (I swam 70 laps in the first pregnancy at 6 months and mowed the lawns in the 2nd until about 7 months!) because the 5yr old does not stop talking (there go the nice quiet waking brain sleeps) and the 1yr old (there goes the uninterrupted 8 hour sleeps!). So, yes, taking one day at a time is a great idea. It will be over in 3 more months! Then I can retire from baby making and get back to the gym and in maybe 2-3 years time the 8 hour sleeps will come back – hopefully;)

  81. And everyone forgets to mention that you can’t do anything fun (except eat)! No drinking. Limited coffee. No amusement park rides, proper massages, super tubes/water slides, horse riding, zip-lining etc. etc. You basically just have to sit around and maybe do yoga.

  82. I’m NEVER GETTING PREGNANT AGAIN. My stomach is as large as a tent and getting tight to the point of exploding.
    Pins and needles all over my face which can indicate something seriously wrong 🙁 this pregnancy is dangerous for me).
    Carpal tunnel that made me feel like I was using ten sausages to tie all the goody bags for my 5 year olds birthday party
    Rashes all over my Stomach and abdomen stretched so tight that it’s cracking all the way around to my lower back, cracks spreading like a fine oil painting hanging in a museum.
    Making the prediabetes worse (GD) and making me drink 2 liters of liquids every few nights. Bathroom breaks throughout the night. Cannot sleep through an entire night ever.
    Acid reflux that Tums doesn’t get rid of.
    Nausea so bad I can’t open my mouth to speak and have to shove small bits of dry cereal into my mouth.
    Stomach muscles being pulled. Pelvic floor being compromised and keen sensation of being split in two. Did I mention dark black and blue dry scars all around my neck like someone strangled me? Purple armpits, purple inner thighs, skin tags galore (even on my brown nipples that remind me of shriveled blackberries). Feet spread so wide it split a pair of my Shoes in two. First pregnancy where my 9 pound baby was so huge that my Stomach muscles never really
    Recovered and I still looked 5
    Months along literally 4 years after my cesarean. Cesarean scar hurting at the incision site and layers of muscle that was sliced open still sends small sharp shooting pain when I try to do sit ups 4 years later. Stuffy nose throughout second trimester of second pregnancy. Not being able to wipe myself after visiting the restroom because my arms aren’t long enough to reach around the behemoth of a body that I’ve acquired since getting pregnant with my Second. People ask me if I am Having twins when I am having a single baby. Some people ask with sadistic intentions to hurt me (why are people like this). Stench emanating from
    My person that isn’t completely
    Covered by baby powder doused between the legs before I get to take a shower at the end of the day. Each underwear doused with wet vaginal Guck towards the end of the day.

  83. I know this is an old post BUT thank you SO MUCH! I LOVE BEING A MOM. Long nights, early mornings, breastfeed.. I love it ALL. But MY GOD I HATE BEING PREGNANT!

    Nausea ALL DANG DAY

    I’m only two months a long with me second and I’m so over it. Thanks for not making me feel like a horrible person for not LOVING PREGNANCY!