The Pawn


Some games can never be won…

My new neighbor warned me about you—she said you’re “weird.”  

And she’s right—there is something a little… off about you. You invite people over for a barbecue without bothering to clean. You wear T-shirts with divisive political statements on them, make jokes about genitals in mixed company, and don’t seem to care what people think of you.

Weird, indeed. Because I’ve spent my whole life proving myself to others, trying to fit in. Trying to live a better life than the little girl who was tortured at school, who had holes in her shoes, who cowered under the covers while her parents’ screams shook the walls. 

And I’ve finally done it. This quiet, upscale community, the stunning homes and well-coifed families who live in it—this is the perfect place for my family. The life I always dreamed of. 

But somehow, despite all my resolve to fit in here, I’ve ended up across the table from the “weird” girl. Your kitchen table is smeared with paint, and the tea you’ve served me tastes suspiciously like dirt. 

Between us sits a gleaming chessboard. 

And you are about to introduce me to a game I can never win.

Angsty, discomfiting, and low-key erotic, “The Pawn” explores the razor thin line that separates jealousy from desire.


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