I feel completely ridiculous writing this because I have a hard time thinking of myself as an expert on anything, except maybe self-deprecation, and to be honest I’m not even very good at that.

But I do think I’m pretty good at the whole Facebook Page thing. Given Facebook’s well-known page-killing algorithms and all the noise Facebook Page admins are making regarding their lowly 10% reach, I feel like since my reach is typically 40% to 100%, I must be doing something right. So here I am, posing as an expert at being a Facebook admin.

So this post is mainly for bloggers who use Facebook Pages as a way to drive traffic to their blogs or for people who have a Facebook page and are trying to extend their reach. Of course my followers will be reading this too (hi guys!!!) which makes me feel totally weird that I’m about to out myself to them about all the thought and effort I put into attracting them and keeping them hanging around. I feel a little bit like the witch in Hansel and Gretel. (Don’t worry though; I’m totally not planning on eating you guys. Well, unless we’re all somehow involved in a plane-crash on a frozen tundra. Then no one can really predict what will happen).

Anyway, if you’re a regular follower of Abandoning Pretense, this will either a) be boring as shit, b) be super-interesting and make you like me and appreciate me more than ever because oh my golly look how hard Kristen works for me even though she doesn’t get paid jack squat, or c) make you feel like you just had dirty hooker sex. Sorry if it turns out to be the last one (unless you like that sort of thing, then you’re welcome).

Facebook algorithm
OMG, Kristen, I had no idea!

Okay, here it is. How to be a kick-ass Facebook Page admin:

1) Understand the algorithm. First let me say I tried to research this so I could provide citation links, but most of the stuff I found was either outdated or absolute gibberish shit. So here’s what I know to be true, though I’m sorry I can’t provide citations because quite honestly this is info I’ve picked up behind the scenes from other Facebook page owners and bloggers:

When you post, Facebook sends a sample blast to a very small percentage of your followers. (I don’t think anyone knows what the percentage is; it is secret info, and appears to be ever-changing.) Based on the reaction from that initial blast, the algorithm determines whether or not your post is worthy of being included in other of your followers’ newsfeeds. If, based on the reaction of that initial sampling, your post is deemed worthy, it will send another blast to a few more followers. As long as people keep interacting with each subsequent blast, the algorithm will continue to keep pushing the post out. If people do not interact with your post, the algorithm will determine that your post is unworthy of people’s newsfeeds. Worse? If you consistently put up posts that do not invite interaction, the algorithm will determine that your page, as in, the whole kit and caboodle, is unworthy. (See video below for more detail on how the algorithm works.) So…

2) DON’T POST CRAP. As a blogger, if all you ever do is post blog links, you’re going to kill your Facebook reach, and eventually, your page. “But my blog isn’t crap; it’s awesome! You’re a bitch, Kristen!” No I am not, the algorithm is. The algorithm doesn’t understand that when people see your blog link and think “Dangit I really want to read that but I just don’t have time at the moment” and scroll past it, they really were interested in reading your blog post and really didn’t have the time to click on it at that particular moment. The algorithm only knows they didn’t interact. At all. There was nothing to “like” because they didn’t get to read anything yet that would enable them to form an opinion.

In the example below, which would ordinarily be a boring blog link, I offer leg-humps in exchange for shares. Whatever it takes, people. This post had 100% reach, with no promotion whatsoever:

facebook algorithm
100% reach, with a blog post. Had to be the leg-humps.


3) Every post must invite engagement. At the very least, you want to move people enough to “like” your post. Even better? Comments. Best? Shares. I slobber for shares. It means people who aren’t my followers are seeing my posts. Some of them might click through and decide to follow me.

*wipes drool*

So even if you’re posting a blog link that many of your followers won’t be able to click through to read at the moment because they got other shiz to do, at least make that post interesting enough to invite a “like.” Include a like-worthy quote from the piece, a funny picture, or a question that your followers could answer even without having to read the post itself. Anything to get that algorithm chugging along in your favor. That way, even if one follower doesn’t have time to actually click over and read the post, they’ll still be doing something to help that post show up in other people’s newsfeeds. Do NOT just throw up a lame, boring link!

Here’s another example of a blog link I posted for something I wrote for BLUNTmoms.com. (You need to follow us if you don’t already.) I got almost 200% reach on this one, partly because of the post itself, but also because I asked a question that people felt compelled to answer, and offered hugs and leg-humps in exchange for interaction. Ain’t no shame in my game:

facebook algorithm


A few words of caution, though, on asking outright for likes and shares: don’t do it too often, because you might eventually annoy your followers. Save it for the stuff that would not otherwise naturally invite interaction. And when you do it, be sure to be creative and entertaining. [UPDATE 2016: DO NOT ASK FOR LIKES/SHARES/COMMENTS]

Below is an example of a post that did not ask for interaction but still got awesome reach. It’s a typical Abandoning Pretense post with my ever-present “no bull-shit” theme. I felt (for once) like I was being an awesome mom, so I wanted to share that “for once I feel like an awesome mom” feeling with my followers. The post got 75% engagement. Seriously. A f*cking picture of raw meat got 75% engagement:

facebook algorithm

4) Post sharable content. (Shareable? I have no idea. YES IT IS A WORD, wiggly red line!) Either create memes yourself or find funny memes online to post on your page. Don’t just post any ol’ slop because someone told you you’re supposed to post frequently. Your posts need to invite interaction, and remember: the most desired interaction is a share. Post stuff that is awesome enough to share, whether it’s funny, inspiring, fascinating, heart-warming, or the elusive gold-standard for sharing: It makes people say, “HOLY CRAP ME TOO!”

A quick note though: Give credit when you share someone else’s stuff. Many times this isn’t possible because there are literally billions of memes floating out in the ether and no one knows who the hell created them, but if you share a meme and you know who made it, you need to give that person credit. (And let them know you shared their meme and gave them credit – they might return the favor!) If you create a meme yourself, make sure you stamp your page’s info on it. That way when other people rip it off (and they will), it still has your page’s info on it so people who see that meme can come back and like your page.

I made the meme below, and though this is the second time I’ve posted it (I posted it when Frozen first came out), it was still shared 71 times. To be honest I don’t understand how it only reached 5166 people with that many shares, but whatever. Yay shares. And by the way, you don’t have to get this detailed. I think the reason people liked this meme is that it had that “HOLY CRAP ME TOO” factor:

facebook algorithm

5) Interact with your followers. It always gives me the warm fuzzies when a page I follow “likes” or responds to my comment, and I figure I’m not the only person who feels this way. Plus, don’t you think that if you make real (not bull-shit) connections with your followers, they’re more likely to stick around and keep interacting with you (a.k.a. extending your reach)? After a while you’ll start to feel like you “know” some of your loyal followers who consistently “like,” comment and share your stuff. (Hi Patricia, Sarah, Devon, Melissa, Beth, Jessica, JaTeeva, Adele, Mandy, Mary, Dana, Heather, Katie and Beatrice! – sorry for those of you I missed. Please don’t leave me.)

6) DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVERRRRRRRRRR PAY TO PROMOTE YOUR POSTS! This video explains way better than I could why paying to promote will only end up killing your reach:

Okay and I can’t not embed another awesome link by the same guy (he totally “gets it”):


[UPDATE 2016: Need Facebook Coaching? I’m a pro now, and I can help you grow your page. Find out more HERE.]


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  1. Thank you so much for this! Great info in helping others trying to figure out the Facebook beast.

    • Sooo glad I could help! I’ve been looking for a post like this for about a year now… figured I’d just go ahead and write my own. 😉

  2. You are hilarious! I love your writing style (i.e. wipes drool) — and these are great tips that I will try! Thank you for sharing!

  3. You are my hero for writing this post! I’ve been so frustrated with my Facebook reach lately and I never thought about being more up front about asking for likes and shares.

    You also do a great job of engaging your readers without being all “Tell me your favorite Christmas gift.” I hate that stuff, but yours is more subtle.

    Thank you for this. Now, if you could also do a post about how to go viral, get a million readers and get a smoking book deal, that would also be great.

    • Oh you are hilarious! As soon as all that stuff happens to me I will definitely write a post on how to make it happen, I can promise you that!

  4. I agree with all this, but I also think it’s kind of annoying to always ask for “likes” and “shares.” I do once in awhile, but I also know that it gets old to people because everyone is doing it and if they actually like stuff, they’ll share it.

    Facebook is so damn frustrating though! I’ve had more success as of late, but nothing in comparison to the “big” bloggers in any way. However, I love the interaction so I keep plugging along! 🙂

    • You’re 100% right. I should have clarified; I do not ask for likes or shares every time. I only ask for shares on blog posts (because they don’t invite interaction the way other posts do, like a crazy meme, for example) and I only do that maybe half the time. Thanks for pointing that out – I’ll add that into the post.

    • No biggie! I still feel weird doing it on blog posts because I’m basically insecure and feel like saying “LIKE MY WRITING!” and then seeing nothing means the world hates me, which may or may not be true. Let me go check my “likes…”

  5. You. Are. Brilliant. Not just for figuring this all out but for sharing it with the rest of us hacks who are bumping into walls with our Facebook blindfolds on. Thank you. XO

  6. Facebook is such an asshole. It makes me mad that I “like” something (like AP’s FB page) and then it decides that, huh, you like that, but you know, we’re not going to show you EVERYTHING that person posts…just the stuff that we deem worthy. Screw you, FB, your definition of worthy and mine aren’t the same. I like/friend something/someone because I CARE ABOUT IT AND WANT TO SEE WHAT’S GOING ON WITH IT/THEM. If they start treating FB like Twitter, yes, they will become annoying and I will hide them. But I’m a big girl; I can manage my likes and friends without help.

    Ugh, sorry. I’m done now. Thank you for explaining this. It makes it clearer, although no less annoying (but that’s certainly not your fault!).

  7. You’re so damn smart! I’m so glad we love each other – I wouldn’t have seen this otherwise!

  8. I love this post more than I love chocolate. I have no clue what I’m doing with my facebook page and I am struggling with reaching people beyond a handful of followers. So, thank you, heart you, mean it.

    • You’re so very welcome! I know we care about how many followers we have, but just as important (maybe MORE important) is making sure we reach the ones we do have, even if there are only a few!

  9. I love how you made this interesting AND funny, and THAT is why people love your posts. That and the dirty hooker sex. Can’t get enough.
    Totes sharing, pinning, tweeting and Google+’ing this beyotch.

  10. My reach is abysmal, and it sucks because most of my nonblogger friends only find out about my posts via Facebook (even though I’ve told them to subscribe). I will definitely try your tips and see if it helps before I resort to leg-humps 🙂

  11. Great stuff! Hilarious presentation! Thanks so much. Am totally ripping off (er, using with thanks!) for our Science of Parenthood page. — Norine (Jess found this and shared with me, so credit where credit’s due.

  12. Awesome tips, wrapped in a very entertaining read – yay! Of course awesomeness wrapped in entertainment is pretty much tip #2, right?

  13. Damn. I needed this. I kinda suck as a page admin (though I’m trying to get better) so this is an awesome resource. Even better, I love that this is real and not that boring crap you read on other blogging resources (so not naming names). Winning! (Yea, I went there)

  14. Ooooh, this is good. I guess the good news is I’ve got decent reach and I do most of the things you suggested. The bad news, I don’t know how to get to 500,000 followers either! 😉

  15. Great Info.
    I just put up my page about 3 months ago and thought I’d have THOUSANDS of followers because I assumed I was AWESOME & posted interesting shit. After reading this, it seems like I’m doing many of the things already. NOT SURE. I must not be. What the Hell.
    Anyhow, My page mostly deals w/ domestic violence, women’s empowerment. Perhaps, I’m not promoting myself enough.
    Thanks !!

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    • Were you wondering why there were THOUSANDS of referrals coming from this ‘Abandoning Pretense’ website? 😉

    • WAIT WAIT WAIT. Aussa Lorens as in hooker/ninja/spy? Is that you? Will you please sign my baby with this permanent marker?

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  18. absolutely GREAT advice.
    great tips, great writing and OMG the videos!
    thank you for your generosity
    good karma on you!
    [ps. will share!]