I was just in the process of starting a brilliant and insightful post on the merits of limiting ourselves to only two children per couple, when my Dora-watching two-year-old turns to me and says:

“I just ate a boogie.”


“Please don’t eat your boogies. Put them in a tissue and throw them in the trash or the toilet.”

“I ate my boogie.”

“Yes, I know, but next time please don’t do that. Boogies are yucky.”

“Boogies are yummy.”

“Please don’t eat your boogies. Please get a tissue and put them in the trash.”

“Boogies are yummy.” *Thoughtful pause* “Heyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You SAID you would get me some PWETZELS!!!!”

“I did say that, didn’t I?” *Meaningful glare* “No more eating your boogies.”

I used to dream of playing in the New York Phil.


  1. Well, maybe to her boogers ARE yummy! lol Oh the joys of parenthood. I would love to hear your thoughts on the two kids per family though. I have an opinion on the merits of that as well. I’m sure that since we share a brain it will be along the same lines. LOL

    • Oh it’s already in progress. Trying to get it done today in time for the blog-hop tomorrow. I always post so late that no one reads mine. lol