I don’t know her name, but that’s okay, I don’t really want to know it. I don’t have any right to know it. I want to protect her privacy, as she has already been through quite enough.

But I know YOUR name. Your name is Brock Allen Turner.


Brock Allen Turner.

Oh, and LOOK! Here’s a picture of you:

Brock Allen Turner

There you are, Brock Allen Turner.

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Yes, I know your name, and I know what you did to her. I know that you were convicted unanimously by a jury of your peers. I know that I don’t give one single flying fuck about all that your oh-so-bright future was supposed to hold. I know that you damaged somebody else’s future, took a little piece of her away, a piece of her that you can never give back and she can never replace. It will always be permanently gone.

I know that the judge sentenced you to six months in jail. I know that this joke of a sentence is yet another in a long line  of obscene and infuriating re-victimizations of this brave young woman. I know–we all know–that justice has not been done here.

But I am going to do something to you that might be worse than jail, Brock Allen Turner. Actually, we all are. All of us who are enraged at what you did, at the fact that to this day you continue to deny wrongdoing aside from getting too drunk, that you continue to feign ignorance as to the egregiousness of your actions. All of us who are enraged by the fact that the not-very-honorable Judge Aaron Persky was so clearly more concerned with your life than with your victim’s, together, we are going to put you in a new kind of jail.

We are going to splatter your name and face across social media so that everyone knows who you are and what you look like. So that everyone knows what you’ve done. So that women know that they’d better not get drunk in your presence…or even…be in your presence at all.

Stay away from Brock, ladies. He’ll violate you in your sleep. He’s not a good guy, this one.

Let us gather, as a community, on behalf of this woman for whom justice was not served, with our torches and pitchforks, ready to put Brock in his place. Because the justice system failed not only her, but all of us. And goddammit, if the justice system is not going to protect us, I guess we are just going to have to fucking protect ourselves.

Notoriety. That’s your jail, Brock.

Everyone reading this? Share it. Share it for the picture and the name.

Let this be a lesson, an example to those who would dare touch another without clear consent. To those who would dare drag someone’s limp body behind a dumpster to strip it, sully it, abuse it, invade it. And then fucking deny the whole thing.

We’ve got our torches and pitchforks ready. We know who you are. And we are watching you. Remembering your face. Remembering your name. Putting up invisible walls around you, boxing you in, shutting you out. Shunning you.

So, Brock, how does it feel to be violated? You were sort of unawares while I did it to you…almost like being passed out drunk, in a way.

That makes it okay, right?


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  1. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for standing tall for all of us women that have been violated by someone. Thank you for being brave enough to withstand any criticism this could bring towards you. Just … Thank you, Kristen. Thank you so very much. <3

      • This is a note to the “Judge”…Judge Aaron Persky, you should be thrown off the bench and disbarred. You are pandering to a spoiled rich kid and his (ridiculous) father. This rapist should have someone else sentence him since you have no clue what that young woman has to deal with the rest of her life. In my opinion, you are disgusting!

        I agree with all the comments below….and I am extremely glad this publication has put his picture and the comments that went with it. Thank You.

      • As a child victim of 10 years of abuse = 0 time served. Thank you women.
        Damn you said it sister!! My sentiments exactly! He’ll want to be behind the safety of bars where he’s at least in the same company of other sexual predators! Thanks to social media his crime won’t be swept under a dumpster where these type of criminals try to keep their filthy dirty laundry. His “upstanding” fathers next move will likely be pulling the “rights of sexual predators card” by stating that we the non-offenders may not use the public information of registered offenders as a means to “violate” them as they have violated their victims. May this douchebags “20 minutes of action” be his last 20 minutes EVER and his momentary lack of judgement due to “alcohol induced promiscuity” invade his mind, libido, and spirit for life the way that he invaded and trespassed against HER. #socialjusticeforbrock

    • You are a brave young woman with pride. NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY! As a mother of 3 daughters, I can only imagine what you have endured. Many of us support you and respect you.

      As for the “pretty little man” who robbed you of what should have been special, he will be taken care of in prison, even if it is 6 months ( which is ludicrous in my opinion.) He will also face our maker. If I were his parent, no way would I support him and his crime. His father is just as guilty for raising an inconderate excuse for a man.

      March on, young lady, with your head held high. I am standing right next to you♡

      • Rape isn’t acceptable even when it happens in prison.

      • She never said anything about him being raped in prison. She said he would be taken care of. That can also mean one hell of an ass whipping. He deserves anything that happens to him at this point. Sometimes and eye for an eye is justified Arienna.

      • “He will also face our maker” : a pretty sentiment, and nothing more.

      • Oh, look! Another acolyte of the Religion of Anti-theism shoehorning his beliefs into an unrelated conversation like a vegan at a bus stop….

      • It’s not prison he’s going to. It county jail! The judge felt that prison would be too harsh for the bastard!!!

      • Sorry, but in this case, rape is acceptable in prison. Maybe then this arrogant, entitled little asshole will know what it feels like to be violated. If the justice system can’t dish out proper punishment, then maybe other inmates will, or someone on the street will. He deserves ZERO sympathy.

    • Thank you from my daughter, my family and myself. This story hit close to home, and infuriated us. Our prayers to this young woman who was assaulted…We pray she won’t let this define her and she will find hope and guidance to get through this.

      • He’s not going to prison he’s going to county lock up.

      • You , my dear, are an idiot , top notch drunk ass idiot, and when you wake up all blurry eyed , foul-breathed and pounding headache go to the closest bathroom look yourself in the mirror and slap some sense into that pointy dumbass head of yours.

    • Agreed wholeheartedly. Thank you, Kristen for saying what so, so many of us feel. Shame of this young “man” and his father that minimizes the damage his son did, the ignorant judge that let him off and a society that allows this to happen. I have shared this and signed the petition to not re-elect this stupid judge.

      • I agree the judge should not be re-elected. Unfortunately, he is running unopposed, so most likely will be back on the bench. I wonder if his opinion would be different if the victim was a daughter or close family member. Just seems that when it hits close to home, it some how matters more . Hmmmm….

      • Wish that we Canadians could sign this petition.

    • When it comes to voting for a judge, half of them are women & nearly half of the men will be fathers with at least one daughter! Not good news for that pesty judge!

      When it comes to voting, half the voters will be Women & half of the
      Men will have at least one Daughter! Not good news for that peski judge!

    • Who are you to judge whst he may or may nit of done u hsvs suvh a evkl hesrt cause god wouldny do this to another and if she was smsrt she would of been wiyh friend and two two people dunk dont make good chioces so stop urslandering u are not god only he can judge and hey she was undr age of drinking law if she would of been ar her home as a girl her age woukd be at that time of night this wouldbt of happened im not saying it makes what she says soposivly happened is ok is not but i can see a young teen scsaed to tell her parentds she had sex or embaressed thst she was drunk so chose to lie

      • LizzyLoo

        She was 23 at the time this happened to her – a working, of-age young woman who decided to go out and let her hair down a bit – have you never done the same? She shouldn’t have needed to surround herself with friends for protection, HE SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE WHAT HE DID. Which he DID do – he was found guilty on THREE counts, that despicable fool. Instead of defending a monster like that, I reckon you should go off and work on your English.

      • I sincerely hope English is not your first language, if it is your either drunk or autistic. That said why don’t you hold him to the same ridiculous rules? If he had been with friends he would of had witnesses, instead of he said she said,, you say she was drinking underage, so was he, lastly if he was home as a good boy should be it would’ve never happened and he would still have a future besides being an unskilled laborer if anyone will have him, Who are you to judge whst (sic) she may or may nit (sic) of done?

      • There a number of good dictionaries available, as well as some typing courses. Failing that, there should be an auto correct or dictionary function in your smart phone if you are using one.

        There is no ‘may or may not have done’ or ‘supposedly happened’ – he has been convicted in court of the crime, it happened, he did it. The outrage is over the shortness of his sentence and the sickening statement by this father.

      • While you may think you have some sort of valid point, your errors take away any strength from your post—Just a heads up—He is guilty–he was found guilty by a judge and jury–so no one is judging him–the fact that he is a piece of crap rapist has already been determined. The sentencing is what is in question—Please pay attention before you attack others for their feelings.

      • He was caught in the act. This isn’t a “he said, she said” situation. Two honorable young men just happened to come by while Brock Allen Turner was raping this unconscious woman. These young men did the right thing, unlike Brock Allen Turner. But hey, go ahead and blame the victim.

      • Debrs, you are stupid beyond reasonable doubt. Do you even know anything about this case? The woman raped was 22 yr old who went to a party with her sister. And even if she was under age, drinking, partying and doing all the irresponsible things she’s “not supposed to do”, it is not an invitation for a stranger (or anyone) to violate her in this setting or in any other. Stop blaming the victim.

      • Patricia

        He was caught red handed so she didn’t have to tell “lies”. And NOTHING gives a person the right to rape another human being. She could have been piss -eyed drunk and walking around naked and it still does not give him the right to do what he did. This was HIS fault…100%. It’s attitudes like yours that allow these “men” to get away with sexual crimes and place blame and shame on the victims.

      • Debrs – your comment is blaming the victim of rape for an act perpetrated against her while she was unconscious. She did not choose to lie to her parents to cover up that she got drunk because she was scared or embarrassed. The rapist was pulled off her unconscious body and held for police – they (the police) told her what had happened when she regained consciousness in the hospital. Drinking, where she was, what clothes she was wearing, what time of day it was or any other behavior on her part are not valid reasons to shift the blame for rape. Rape is the responsibility of only the rapist.

      • Debrs how dare u blame a victim! And learn how to type

      • Are you a idiot or what? Rape is rape! You need to get off this site! And by the way learn to spell!

      • BlueRoses

        Are you drunk? Because it looks like you were drunk when writing this. So pretty much anything that happens to you is ok, right? Because you should have known better than to be drunk on the internet. Good girls would be sober and not on line at 1:23am when they should be asleep.

        And for the record, since you’re apparently too drunk to read, a jury of his peers UNANIMOUSLY found him guilty. There are witnesses. There’s no wondering. There’s no guessing he did it. He’s a rapist – FULL STOP. No question.

      • Noturmomma

        Are you insane? He raped her. Period. No excuses. Where are you from? Iran?

      • WHAT? Are you drunk or just stupid? The WOMAN was over the legal drinking age, she was not a girl. NOT that that matters. Stop victim blaming, IDIOT!

      • I’m sorry. I seem to have lost my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. Can you repeat this in English? Or a language that actually exists?

      • Seriously? This was in no way her fault and victim-blaming is wrong. It wasn’t just a drunk girl making bad decisions with a drunk guy, she was unconscious behind a dumpster and 2 men saved her. Maybe you should read the full story before defending a monster. Yes, when you sexually abuse someone that is unconscious then you are a monster. I am a girl and my whole life I have been told not to get too drunk, not to dress too sexy when I go out, and to always have a friend with me. How many boys have been taught that a drunk girl is not an easy target? That if a girl is drunk, leave her alone? We can’t start putting this on a girl who was attacked!! Not only God can judge. He was proven guilty by every juror.

      • Of course, blame the victim. Your comment was totally wrong and unnecessary.

      • redrabbit

        Are you for real? I didn’t think that this sort of ignorance showed it’s face in public these days.

      • What the fuck are you talking about? Respond in English please… Learn the language you stupid fuck before you post something. Ignoramous, trash!

      • Oh boy, where to begin? A sarcastic remark about how you should have had a friend there to spell check that horrendous display of the English language? Instead, I think I’ll get right to the point.

        You’re not 100% wrong. She probably shouldn’t have drank so much. It’s also a good practice for anyone to make sure they are with someone so they can watch each other’s backs. I don’t think anyone would really disagree.

        The issue, which perhaps was lost in translation, is that you are apparently assigning her the blame for what happened. If I had a penny for every time I drank too much, I could build a library in whatever town you come from so you could learn to type coherent sentences.

        THAT is why you are getting roasted by comments. It portrays the logic of a very stupid and/or demented individual.

        Where I agree with you is that no one on here is God, and thus, don’t have the right to perpetuate this kid’s defamation. The fact is, legal age of an adult or not, he is a 20 year old kid– which is a KID. I’m thankful that I am not judged today for the person I was when I was 20.

        I want it to be clear, I’m not defending his actions or the terms of his sentencing. I’m also 100% in favor of raising awareness to hopefully prevent this from happening again.

        I think too much of the focus is around Brock and his fortunately (for him) short sentence, and not enough on the bigger issue which is sexual assault of this kind altogether.

        I’m sure part of the hope here is that people will see the public derision he is receiving in hopes that it will prevent it from happening to others. I think (hope) the intentions are all positive.

        My point is this. We know what he did, we know rape of this kind is despicable, and many believe he got off way too easy. What we don’t know is, in the mind of this dumb, drunk, immature 20 year old kid, what exactly he was thinking that night.

        We don’t know that this was his plan from the beginning. It’s not like he drugged her to hasten her incoherence. If she was “flirting” with him, then maybe he knew it was wrong, but not THIS wrong. Basically, we can’t say for sure that he is evil minded. And if he is not, and really did make a mistake (albeit a HUGE mistake), then perpetuating that “evil” image is merely bullying and is wrong.

        Let me step back and say this. Obviously flirting, not flirting, drunken actions perceived as flirting– none of this make her responsible. And whether or not he knew how wrong his actions were, he should have. I feel for her and pray for her and anyone who’s had to go threw it (or knows someone close who did). It happened to someone very close to me, and I know the intentions of those who did it were evil. This person also didn’t have the fortune of having two Heros intervene.

        My point is, in the abscence of a truly evil mind, then his punishment is in the hands of the justice system and no one else’s. I just think that there are more worthy targets of this level of mob-like public derision and notoriety.

        I hope the story continues to be shared as a means of raising awareness and to offer whatever consolation or voice for those who need or benefit from it.

      • Wow, Debrs, what an articulate way of expressing your opinion so clearly and concisely. NOT.

      • First of all, learn how to spell. Second of all, looks like you’re drunk typing. Third, get over yourself. If you were smart, you would know it’s not her fault MORON. It’s people like you that make this world a bad place for the rest of us people who know that it’s never the victim’s fault. His father should have taught HIM better to not rape women! You are also not God, and YOU are judging the victim!!!! HYPOCRITE!

      • She did not say anything happened.she was unconscious.the act was witnessed by two young men who saved her and caught her rapist.and it’s should have not should of.supposedly and not whatever it was you so poorly tried to spell.the only cause of rape is the rapist.not what someone is wearing.whether or not they’ve been drinking or whether they are walking with a friend or not.and if she was home or not….you do realize that people have been raped in their own homes don’t you? Read the story.get the facts.and learn how to spell ,use correct grammar and punctuation.

      • Spoken like a true uneducated idiot. Bottom like, he had a choice. Right? He got caught taking advantage of a female. Teens? Pahleeze… age doesn’t matter when it comes to rape. He was found guilty by a jury, you idiot. He was caught in the act, you idiot. He didn’t care. He isn’t remorseful. But, you are right, people need to make good choices. He just didn’t. He could have left her alone. Or better yet, helped her home. That is what decent people do. He is a spineless snake.

      • This is not english. And from what I can decipher, you are not informed about this case. There is no doubt he raped the victim- he was convicted. There is countless evidence and eye witnesses supporting that this girl was sexually assaulted. Read the articles and then respond. It’s people like you that are perpetuating disgusting misconceptions and simplifications of what is defined as rape.

      • debrs first off please write your comment legible I really had a hard time making out what you were saying. And now you need to go read the victims impact statement and you will find out she had already finished college and she was of age she had a job ahe had her own place and she took care of herself. Something this little privileged pervert didn’t do. His parents took care of him even to the point of buying off the judge!! No I don’t know this for a fact but you know I have lived for 52 years and most of the time if it looks like a duck walks like a duck its a bought off duck!!! Ok and now and who the heck are you to tell anyone not to judge this asshole pervert rapist when he was judged by a jury of his peers who said he was 100% unequivocally GUILTY OF RAPE!!! So you making this comment ” im not saying it makes what she says soposivly happened is ok is not but i can see a young teen scsaed to tell her parentds she had sex or embaressed thst she was drunk so chose to lie” is just pure Stupid and you are telling us not to judge the rapist yet you are judging the victim.. That makes you beyond sick and you need mental help.. I bet you are one of those like The Rapist who has never taken respobnsibility for your actions either. And if you had gone and read the victims impact statment SHE WASN”T the one who said he raped her SHE WAS PASSED OUT!!!!! HE was caught in the act of raping her for you information and according to the hero’s who caught him he was not as drunk as he has acted like he was, he was not slurring his words and he wasnt to drunk to jump up and run when he realized he was caught.. So debrs if you don’t know any more about this case than it seems in your comment it may be wise to keep your opinions to yourself because they just make you sound Stupid!!!


        Sadly, women are the first to run to the defense of the rapist in cases such as this. “She shouldn’t have been there, she shouldn’t have gotten drunk, she shouldn’t have been wearing those clothes, she was irresponsible, she should have gone home early, she she she. You, my dear are an imbecile and a simpleton.

      • You’re a damn moron. A 23 yo women doesn’t need to hide having sex from her parents. She’s not 15. I bet you’d be whistling a different tune, if this happened to your daughter.

      • Pissed off

        Debra that young lady should have been you your mother, grandmother, sister or even brother. Then you will see it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun

      • Huh??? Hahaha. Please turn your spell check on before trying to go after someone brave enough to speak some truth. This kind of victim blaming is so dangerous…especially because it always comes from someone so clearly uneducated! My five year old can write better. So until you master some basic spelling and grammer please do humanity a favor and stop adding your ignorant two cents to something that effects ALL OF US! You or your daughter could be next.

      • What language are you typing? I need a translator.

      • Shut your stupid piehole, bit@h! Way to victim shame and make his crimes her fault. Nothing like a dumbass enabler. May you bear the fruits of your own “wisdom”. Your attitude makes you even.more deplorable than this shitbag, sex offending rapist!

      • AHHHHH…..The old “blame the victim” excuse ???. U could just as easily say the “same thing” about the rapist !! WHY didn’t he stay home + not drink too ??OR……be with a friend who could STOP HIM from committing a crime ?? For every excuse/reason? you’ve given 2 “excuse/explain?” HIS behaviour, one could just as easily ask HIM to do the same. And since he’s the “one on trial”, HE should be the one answering !! NOT THE VICTIM !!
        And most definitely. ..GET RID OF THE JUDGE !! If there us no-one opposing him at the polls (election), then FIND SOME ONE !! DO IT YOURSELF !! Since you elect your judges, there obviously isn’t any PROPER EDUCATION OR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED TO BECOME A JUDGE (at this level at least). So no wonder you’ve got an idiot for a judge !! It couldn’t be any worse if you, yourself, got elected. Tho it might be better to change the system + STOP electing them. Have them properly appointed !! Canada”s system of appointing judges is a good one. And STILL, we have a few “bad apples” . Tho 2 of them recently were removed from the bench by a over-sight committee of other judges; after complaints were made about their behavior in court + overseeing cases.
        One of them spent the whole trial referring to the defendant as the “victim” + referring to the victim as the “alleged perpetrator+/ defendant”. He had to have dropped some LSD the nite B4 the trial ???. Otherwise how can you explain the judge”s behavior, if he was trained properly ? Mysogeny is the MOST obvious. Another judge within the same year did something as stupid + wrong as this guy. BOTH are gone now…..never to return !! They were judged by their OWN PEERS; a council of judges whose job it is to deal with complaints…ANY complaints. Sometimes the “bad behavior” is bad enough to remove them forever !! Tho, more commonly they are fined, have to take certain courses (sensitivity training for one), get suspended 4 a time + / demoted to a “lower” court (either 4 good, or for a time that is agreed upon by the council). Sometimes they end up in “traffic Court” ???. A big “come-down” !!
        It couldn’t hurt to try some different way of choosing your judges. Clearly electing them in this town DOESN’T WORK. At least NOT 4 victims of this kind of crime. I’d be very interested in how THIS judge adjudicated “white-collar” crimes ?? OR ANY of his verdicts that involved a “man” vs a “woman”; regardless of what the crime was ?? It’s worth checking out !! PEACE. …✌?

  2. Dayuuuuuum!!!!
    I love this way more than is reasonable!
    Seriously. Blood brilliant, friend.
    Now, I’m off to sharpen my metaphorical name-sharing-of-this-asshole pitchfork.

  3. Brock Allen Turner is a rapist
    Brock Allen Turner was found guilty of rape.
    Brock Allen Turner molested a woman while she was passed out
    Brock Allen Turner is a molester.
    Keep your daughters away from Brock Allen Turner.
    If you hear Brock Allen Turner, you know you are in Bad Company and not the band
    Brock Allen Turner, I hope you rot from the inside.

    Always happy to help the Goddess of Google lead people to the right path.

    • Just saying, he wasn’t convicted of rape, he was found guilty of sexual assault with the intent to rape.

      • Secular assault is rape…there is no crime called rape in the courts. Penetration without consent is called secular assault….Penetration without consent is also called rape…..ergo secular assault is rape.

        And you can put silk dress on a pig, but you still have a pig…sadly my analogy diminishes the poor pig which is undeserved.

      • Speaking as someone who has been sexually assaulted but not raped, I wish the Internet at large could learn the definitions of the two terms. It really bothers me to have them conflated. I had a hard time accepting my trauma and my response to what happened as valid precisely because it wasn’t rape, and it felt like a lesser thing in the eyes of society.

      • Kdc, sexual assault is a category of awful, violent, dehumanizing actions. Rape is one of them. Not all of them are rape. Sexual assault does not automatically mean rape.

      • Michelle

        Intent to commit….an interesting phrase. Intent to commit murder…intent to commit rape. They’re both created from an INTENT to do harm. After these intents happen, the victims are harmed…so, they are bad. Get it through your skull please.

      • He raped her. He raped her. Let’s just get this out of the way now. He raped her. He violated her. He sexually assaulted her. He raped her. The end.

      • William Yates

        What planet do you live on? Regardless of the wording of his conviction, rape is rape.
        This scumbag committed rape, pure and simple and it isn’t that simple when you look
        at it from a societal perspective. There is no excuse for the judge ‘s mental lapse of
        reasoning with his slap on the wrist pathetic sentencing. The little prick should have been
        given a mandatory sentence consistent with a rape conviction. He is a sexual deviant and should
        be labeled a sexual predator for the rest of his life, being forced to register as a sexual predator
        everywhere he lives for the rest of his life.
        There is NEVER an excuse for rape, of ANY KIND, PERIOD! And while I am at it, I feel that we
        as a society call this judge out and demand that he step down from his judgeship. He is clearly not
        worthy of the responsibility of making such decisions. It’s a slap in the face for the victim and her family.
        Truly shameful.

      • Just saying…

        Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person’s consent.

      • BigWhiteDog

        The ONLY reason is they couldn’t prove penetration with his Johnson. He was seen pumping away but they couldn’t find enough actual evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Sorry but he raped her. And even if he hadn’t, what was proven was just as bad.

      • There is no crime called “rape” its sexual assault….so yes he was convicted of what we call rape. Its only degrees 1st,2nd,3rd or 4th. What your thinking is ifbits not called rape he didn’t stick his di*k in her. Its rated this way… i might be wrong but my understanding is….

        4th is touching outside close …swatting you butt, grazing ect
        3rd is fondling, groping, ect
        2nd is ANY KIND of penetration in any part of her body in any sexual way so . this includes objects.
        1st is with a wepon.

      • Just saying, he drug an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, stripped off her clothes and put his fingers inside her vagina. He was dry jumping he leg until two passers by, noticed Brock thrusting himself against a lifeless woman, interrupted his little sexcapade. Who knows what he would have done had those two men not arrived. Her labia and vulva were cut, swollen and bruised from his actions. He is a rapist, pure and simple. The possible sentence was 14 years, and he got six months. It’s an abomination. He’s an abomination.

      • So apparently Annie believes it’s ok to shove pine needles in someone’s vagina when they are unconscious. Annie must be Brock’s mom.

      • Pip Smith

        Annie, it shock me that you, as a woman, would event CONSIDER

      • Pip Smith

        Annie, it astounds me that you, as a woman, would even CONSIDER defending this slimeball.

      • stylegal

        Are you his mother Annie? Really…that’s your comment?? Just saying…

      • JUST SAYIN’… HE RAPED HER… HE DIGITALY (that means fingers since it appears your a little slow) RAPED HER!!!!! HE INSERTED SOMETHING INTO HER VAGINA.YOU FUCKING MORON!!!! YOU A FRIEND OF BROCK’S?!?!?!?!?!

      • Annie, did you see her letter that was published? She was raped. Read that letter and see it from her eyes. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever read. If you aren’t sick to your stomach, you are probably heartless.

      • Katharine

        Right. He was getting to that, but he got caught red-handed in the act before two people came along and stopped him. What he did do was still just as bad. He stripped her and penetrated an unconscious woman with his hands. Who really cares if he didn’t manage to get to the part where he used his penis? He’s a predator.

      • Just saying it could happen to you someday too Annie. If someone publicly stripped you and shoved pine needles and dirt as well as their fingers in your vagina would you not consider that rape? Or is it all cool to do whatever as long as a penis is not part of the equation?

      • Annie, given that you’ve already been torn apart by people choosing to interpret your comment as a defense, I will select the other path and say thank you for your clarifying remark. I see nowhere where you say sexual assault is ok so I don’t see how your response is a defense.

        Just sayin.

      • Only in some states is a differentiation made between rape and sexual assault. And even then, in those states, the only difference is that rape is defined as sexual assault (sex with no consent) with the use of threat or force. Since she was unconscious, no threat or force was needed. No difference, though. Both are intercourse without consent. And while Brock wasn’t convicted of rape, the victim certainly sustained physical injury equivalent to force and of a callous disregard of a human body/being. This isn’t enough for you???

      • Ted Holland

        I dont care what you call it…..he RAPED an unconscience woman without her permission. I hope he gets raped in prison…..maybe that will teach him.

      • If someone sexually assaulted you with the intent to commit rape, would you go around telling people that he wasn’t convicted of rape, as if it’s supposed to make it better?

      • Everyone needs to calm down. No where did she say she was defending him or offering up an excuse. No where does she say it wasn’t rape. She is simply trying to clarify what he was convicted of, though the clarification was unnecessary. We all know what happened. There are grey areas because she doesn’t remember, but even if she had remembered her word would be disputed and challenged. I know because I’ve been there. I did remember. But he was found not guilty because all I had was my word, text messages stating to him and others about how I didn’t want to have sex with him and how he physically fought me and bruised me, and pictures of the bruises. And I was told that any reasonable person would have expected sex to occur that night given the situation. It didn’t matter that I fought as hard as I could and was yelling at him telling him no. It didn’t matter. So instead of attacking Annie and getting pissed off at a dumb comment, use your time more positively to change the image of rape and change the way victims are treated. Because apparently when a woman is raped, she wanted it. It’s bullshit.

      • What's the difference when you are unconscious? It was without her consent...period!

        What is the difference? It was without her consent & she was unconscious….period.

      • Maggie, I’m sorry that happened to you. Even if it were true that a “reasonable person would have expected sex” that doesn’t change that reasonable person’s right (or, for that matter, an unreasonable person’s right) to say “no” or “stop” and have that be respected. Regardless of setting or circumstances. Your reasons for saying “no” did not have to be reasonable. You didn’t have to give a reason at all. Even if you had walked into the situation planning to have sex (you clearly didn’t) and willingly started down that road, you still would have had every right to change your mind and have that change of heart respected. Anyone who told you differently is an amoral jackass.

        It is insulting to the real men (by that I mean the good, kind, decent ones) in the world when we pretend that having a penis means you are incapable of self-control and should be pardoned when you inflict it upon another human being because you “couldn’t help yourself” or “she wanted it; I could tell”. I call bullshit on that notion. Men are not the moral weaklings the inferior members of their gender want us to believe they are. Real men, without fail, treat women with respect and take no for an answer, without exception. If they don’t, they aren’t men; they are cowards, weaklings and abusers.

      • Annie is your last name Turner ..? Because who the Fuck cares if it was rape or sexual assault ..and it was. Not just found guilty he was convicted ! they are both words which represent horrible acts of violation committed against an innocent person . One is not worse or better than the other .. They are both equally horrible .

      • And after he didn’t “technically rape” her maybe he was going to “not technically kill” her before he was interrupted? Like that’s never happened before either.

      • Oh, well then. That makes it COMPLETELY different. I’m sure you’d be totally cool with just having fingers, a penis, dirt, and pinestraw shoved into the orifices of your body as long as it ISN’T CALLED RAPE. Just sayin’.

      • Danielle

        Annie, As a HUMAN you should be appalled at HIS actions. Not the symantics of it. Any one with normal functioning empathy and anger would not care how the COURTS word it. They would care that this woman was violated not once but many times by this BROCK ALLEN TURNER his family, his lawyer and even the judge. So, your comment leads me to believe that you are lacking in the areas that count and I hope you get help for that.

      • Well let’s hope to God you are never in that situation and have to worry about what a little damn difference that is. He VIOLATED her. Period! End of story!! I cannot believe this comment even came out of your mouth.

      • Annie, I hope that you will find yourself being sexually assaulted, beat, have your life stolen by the likes of Brock Turner. Maybe then you will realize the difference between sexual assault and rape. Just because he didn’t stick his nasty, filthy dick in her doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped. Just saying.

      • Debating terminology and definitions is ridiculous. He was convicted of penetration of an intoxicated person, penetration of an unconscious person, attempted rape & sexual assault. Penetrating a womans vagina with anything, while she is unconscious is horrifying, especially to the person that was violated. If people have to be told this is wrong, than there is a serious problem.

      • Jeezus people…she was just saying what he was actually convicted of…she didn’t high-five or give props to the judge, she didn’t say “well he was conficted of sexual assault with intent to rape…not rape…go Cardinals!!” Get a grip…now for that matter…Annie, what the hell were you thinking?

      • We call that OBJECT RAPE. Are you seriously arguing semantics?

      • Annie,

        I’m truly sorry for everyone bashing you. It feels like you were just making a statement and people ran with it as if you were defending the jerk that should be locked up for 14 years along with his father and the Judge. I did that before, made a simple comment and people took it the wrong way – all it takes is one person and then everyone feeds on it.

        We are all extremely upset about the same thing – this punk should be sitting in prison, it’s an assault on all women this stupid 6 month sentence. It seems to me that we will hear of his death, either self-inflicted or someone will take him out. Or maybe the Dad will pay for plastic surgery and false documents so that his son can become someone else. Some people really shouldn’t be parents.

      • So what’s the difference? They all fall into the same category. It’s a crime. A male’s prick entered into a female vagina. You don’t scream, “sexual assault” when you believe you are getting raped to get attention. She was violated in the worse way possible by a spineless snake known to man.


        The specific legal category of a sex crime shouldn’t dictate how seriously we take it
        All of this can get extremely technical, and may even feel dehumanizing. Whatever you choose to call it, rape and sexual assault can be intensely traumatizing experiences with lasting impacts on a victim. If you want to discriminate between sex assault and rape in this case, let’s put you or a woman you care about in place of the victim in this scenario–a guy drags you, your sister or your mother’s limp, defenseless body behind a dumpster, pull her dress up above her breasts, pull hell panties down to her ankles, forcibly rams his fingers up inside your vagina, while humping, getting leaves and dirt way up inside you. Is it rape? Then imbeciles online want to clarify it’s not rape, but rather sexual assault, as if it’s a lesser crime. It’s not a less crime–EVER. Actually, feminists from decades ago, wanted it the term changed from rape to sexual assault Because they thought it held more gravity. They thought sexual assault sounded more violent and clarified it as unwanted and aggressive. Clearly you aren’t getting it. It’s rape! Felony Sexual Assault is rape!

      • Annie would you date him then? If so then i can promise you he is ALL YOURS girl! If not, then think about why and what you just said/implied.

  4. jonathan hammond

    Shared on twitter. Thanks for helping dismantle the rape culture.

    • I ha e something to add.Remember the movie “a time to kill” and at the end Matthew gives his closing argument? Right at the end he pauses… then he says ” Now imagine she’s white”. That got his friend off of murder charges.

      So I flipped the script to this judge, take all this man or this little punk as done to this woman, imagine every detail of it, and then…. Imagine he was black.

      What would his sentence be then?

      • No, this is the flip, not that he was black,
        What if she was your daughter, sister, mother or relative.

      • that was my first thought Matt, you and I and a whole lot of other people know if he had been anything but white this would have been a whole different story..

    • If you really want to help, stop throwing around ridiculous terms like “rape culture.” There is no rape culture. There are individuals who do harm to other individuals.

      • Tom,
        Rape Culture is what they call it when people like this judge and this dick’s father honestly believe that he doesn’t deserve a proper 15-20 yr sentence because he has a ‘bright future’ or because ‘she was drunk’ or because ‘he was drunk’!
        Rape Culture is what you call it when people say, ‘she was dressed a certain way’ or ‘she was leading him on’ or ‘she was all over him’
        Rape Culture is what you call it when people (usually men sorry) believe that men can’t be raped or sexually assaulted.
        I can go on and on here, but in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Rape Culture is this sensibility many, many people have, that sexual activity is an entitlement…a right. Guess what?….it’s NOT

      • Typical male response. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

  5. This is magic. I stand by you. I stand for the victim.

  6. Brock has a future for real. He gets to be the face of “Fuck you and all who do the things you do and call it ok cos ” whatever. We must fight those who make excuses for rape. My rapists never came to justice.
    Brock Allen Turner gets to be somebody now. He doesn’t have to wait for ” his future”.

  7. Lacey Sanders

    I love this! It is so very much needed! I cannot even think straight about this. Being a survivor or sexual assault and rape…it never goes away, you just learn to move on….I don’t no how this judge can live with himself. What if this was his wife or his daughter or his granddaughter….what would he want then?

      • JR Strand

        I think the only thing missing in your great post was the name and picture of the judge who imposed this offensive sentence! The judge’s name and picture should also be broadcast as much as this little piece of shit’s name and picture! Until We the People stand up against this kind of bullshit sentencing for these heinous crimes, we will keep getting these weak insulting sentences handed out by judges who do not give a damn about the victim. Thanks again Kristen for your post!

      • You should read the letter his father penned. Completely excuses his sons actions. Blames the victim. Its nauseating. But its easy to see why the kid is a festering shit stain, he got it from his father.

      • betsy smith

        Brock’s dad isn’t such a sweetheart either. Where were the apologies? From any one of these three Stanford gents?

  8. don Roberto

    Reposted to FB & G+. Now to set an annual calendar reminder to repost at least annually. No end date.

    • Exactly. And I want to post the names and faces of all the other rapists, too. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

  9. Jennifer

    Thank you. You wrote this before I had a chance to sit down to do the exact same thing. Reposting!

    • You’re right. However, Brock does continue to deny any wrongdoing (other than getting too drunk) and he deserves to be held accountable. But I agree, the judge should be held accountable as well.

      • Generally, I am opposed to electing judges. I think an appointed judiciary is more likely to produce good results. In this instance, however, I have no objections to this judge being removed.

      • He has steadfastly held to the idea that the ONLY thing he did wrong was get too drunk. HUH? How about the parts where you stripped, RAPED, and changed the world of an innocent NON consenting person forever!!! Plus he was caught doing it!! Now he never said he didn’t deserve time for this, but he sure as hell implied it…and the judge agreed…. shame to ruin such a fine young mans life. This judge has on his re-election page that he is trying sexual assault cases…like it’s some badge of honor….well judge it is not…when you let him off with very few consequences!! I hope they get rid of the judge FAST!!!

  10. I have read a few different article regarding this incredibly tragic and severe lack there of justice for this poor girl, but this isn’t the answer. We, as decent human beings (something Brock Allen Turner was certainly not that night) cannot victimize crucify him and believe that this would change anything because I truly believe that it won’t. It just perpetuates hate and nobody wins even if we think we got a little bit of victory for this girl. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying and think I sympathize for Brock because I don’t. What he did was disgusting and beyond reprieve and he should have gotten a heavier sentencing, but he didn’t and putting him in this different kind of jail will not stop rape culture.

    • I see your point, but I have to respectfully disagree. Would-be rapists and abusers would be more likely to think twice before forcing themselves on someone if they knew that they would not get off with a weak slap on the wrist. I want to instill fear in the minds of anyone who has fantasies about victimizing another human being. (And believe me, they do fantasize about it.) I want them to know the public will NOT tolerate this behavior, even if the justice system will.

      BTW, I do, on some level, feel a bit of empathy for Brock. I understand that he is young and that a campaign like this could ruin his entire life. However, to me, and to many others who have suffered the horror and indignity of abuse, rape, or assault, the prevention of even one more instance like this poor woman endured justifies the wreckage of his life.

      • Amen.

        Add to that: While a campaign like this could ruin his life, what he ended up DOING should have ruined it in the first place. After all, it’s wrecked the victim’s.

      • I agree! If his name and face is well known then it might just save another innocent victim from suffering at his hands!

        Considering his father’s statements I don’t believe he’s ever been given the chance to feel the consequences of his actions and thereby I don’t believe he’s capable of ever feeling responsibility. the helicopter parents of this generation have stifled their children from developing empath and self regulation. I believe if he sinks into obscurity he will victimize another aS soon as he gets another opportunity! Most sexual deviants escalate their actions each time they escape punishment!

        He definitely is a sexual deviant. She was already in incidence when the two Swedish students found him in the act and he ran… Lesson to all men and boys. If a woman or any person is drunk…enough to have diminished thought, balance or speech…they cannot give consent! You are violating them! Period! We may never know whether he gave her something like Rohipnal which leaves your system quickly and is often undetectable ..and his choice of a dumpster to drag her to suggests to me that he quite possibly could have been planning to kill and dispose of her body! We will never know! But clearly he knew she was passed out as he was violating her because that is the state the rescuers found them in!

        I don’t believe in vigilante justice…would not condone anyone bringing physical harm to him, as that would jeapardize their own future and he’s not worth it, but making his face and name so common place that he won’t have an opportunity to repeat his actions sounds like a great idea to me!

        I would also suggest doing the same with the attorney who abusively degraded and attacked the Victim in this case…to defend this clearly , caught red handed, sexual predator,.

        Likewise the judge who not only imposed too light of a sentence but in his statements expressed concern for this man’s future while offering no concern to the victim. Clearly is does not represent lawful citizens!

      • caterpillarconnect

        Exactly. And we wouldn’t feel any need to do this if so-called judges such as Persky would do their damn jobs and treat sexual assault victims as human beings, or hell, treat us as any type of living entity with the capacity for pain and emotions. To say that we shouldn’t take action when no one else will is to say that the wreckage of my and other survivors’ lives doesn’t matter. We’ve been trying everything else. It hasn’t worked. This is all we have left.

      • I totally agree! He at least received some type of a shitty punishment, however my young son and other family member, in my opinion , did not get justice. This was partly because the sicko was a minor himself, but the acts were not childish! This so called pukes existence, received 14 days in juvenile, year and half probation, and supposedly had to take sexual therapy classes. …wah,wah, I say! I’m sorry, rapists, child molesters, baby killers need their throats slit immediately in my opinion! So glad you have stuck up for this young woman. I hope to you, my son, and any other victim , that each and everyone of you heal and have the best life!

      • Dismiss the empathy for him. HE chose to do these heinous acts. HE still denies personal responsibility. HE still blames the victim. HE ruined his life. HE is solely responsible.

      • Vigilante justice is never the answer, I don’t care what anyone did, vigilantism is reprehensible for ANY sort of crime, and that’s just what this is.
        As soon as it starts being acceptable to do it to people who HAVE committed crimes, it starts to be acceptable towards people who are ACCUSED of committing crimes, I don’t have to remind you how it works because it’s been all over history and has always been the most cruel part of several civilizations, you don’t know where to draw the line, the justice system does, you don’t know what punishment or rehabilitation is, the justice system does.
        What he did was horrible, and his sentence does not reflect his crime by any means whatsoever, but vigilantism is one of the greatest social evils you can commit, it is regressive and vile.

      • I quote from your comment:

        “Would-be rapists and abusers would be more likely to think twice before forcing themselves on someone if they knew that they would not get off with a weak slap on the wrist.”

        With all due respect, I believe you are incorrect. Having been raped at knifepoint in my own home – and I mean rape as in the guy tore off my clothes, and cut off my undergarments with my own butcher knife and then engaged in a violent attack on my body – I beg to differ with your rationale that people who are contemplating rape might back away if “they knew they would not get off with a weak slap on the wrist”.

        I feel certain that the man who raped me – whom I did not know and who was never caught for the crime against me – didn’t care whatsoever about the consequences of his actions. I could tell that from the things he said and did, the blinding force he used against me, the energy and focus he brought to this crime scene – my home. He was there to take care of some pathological need inside of him and he didn’t care about anything else.

        Is this Brock kid of the same ilk as the man who calculatedly stalked me, broke into my home and raped me, then tied me up and threatened to kill me if I told anyone? I don’t think so. I’m not here to give Brock a pass. I am here simply to draw a contrast between a pathological criminal – by the way, the authorities informed me that it’s likely that the man who raped me would go on to kill if not apprehended – and a college kid who acted on arrogance and bravado. Is he a sexual predator? Maybe he is, I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem likely.

        My comments are intended to be enlightening to those who think they know about rape. I don’t in any way condone this kid’s actions, and I feel complete pain and empathy for the victim – I get it, believe me, I get it. I had an evocative and emotional, as well as physical, reaction to her comments. I am deeply sad and sorry she has endured this painful experience.

        I do hope your efforts result in potential perpetrators re-thinking their actions; however, when it comes to criminal behavior, I feel confident that irrepressible urges and rage and anger – not thought processes – lead to outcomes we end up reading about.

      • I agree that is the case with many. But not for all. And I’ll be happy if this post gives even one would-be rapist long enough pause to not act on his impulses. And I am so very sorry that you had to go through that.

      • Michelle

        I have no empathy for him. He made his choices. How many rapists have gotten off because the victim was drunk so the prosecution wiggles the rapist out of responsibility? Why is being drunk and excuse for him? I do feel for the victim and i worry that by plastering his name and face everywherw she will be forced to see him everyone and it could affect her ability to beging the healing process.

      • Kristen, no matter how many times his pictures is shown on social medial, he will not he will not be deterred to abuse again. Public education on who he is, and what he is capable of so they recognize him is the only good that will come of posts like this. There used to be a website called Girl dont date him. LOL until the girl who started it was ordered to deactivate it. I truly believe there should be a website for scumbags like this guy as a warning to unsuspecting ladies, who may think he is a charmer.

      • @Cissy What a horrible, horrible thing you went through. And props to you for making your way in what I can only guess is an excruciatingly difficult journey.

        But with all due respect, these two cases – yours and Brock’s – are clearly at two very different ends of the spectrum. You’re absolutely right… I doubt very much that anything would’ve deterred your attacker, who was so clearly intent and single-minded in his actions and didn’t give one thought to consequences.

        But for those attackers like Brock, who likely aren’t as intent on doing harm, and just happen into circumstances where they might choose one of two paths, I have to imagine that the thought of consequences may, in some cases, deter them from that wrong choice.

        Brock didn’t have a knife, and likely didn’t go to the party thinking that he’d end the night by raping a girl… the way your attacker did when he broke into your house. In this way, as awful as it is to say, Brock is a much more “casual” rapist. And while that doesn’t affect the victim any less – rape is rape is rape – it does mean deterrents would have a greater effect on the perpetrator.

      • Kristen Mae: I’d be with you on this if that boy had had ONE ounce of remorse for what he did. Not remorse that he got caught. Not remorse that he had to pay a penalty. But actual understanding and remorse for the suffering he caused for another human being.

        The thing is: you have more empathy for him, than he had for his victim.

        He blames it on drinking, he says it ruined his life, that he wants to talk about how this could ruin a life — but not for one moment did he put any kind of thought to what he put someone else through.

        His father’s despicable defense: it was all about how BROCK TURNER was going to suffer if any kind of punishment were imposed. There was nothing of sympathy for his son’s victim. There was nothing to indicate his son had done wrong.

        There was nothing from Brock Turner to indicate that he understood that he was wrong to do what he did.

        I respect that you have empathy for him. Sadly, Brock Turner seems incapable of understanding how to have empathy for others.

      • I am amazed by this blog, comments and reposts. When you re-read this do you honestly believe it in your heart of hearts? Not arguing at all, not judging, honestly just intellectually curious. The “wreckage of his life” and assumingly other offenders is the solution your proposing to this clearly epidemic issue? Thanks you by the way for this important conversation, I may inquire a lot and perhaps not agree with some of it. My opinion matters no more than yours in the long run. It’s the dialogue however that just may spark the change we all want to see.

      • Amen to that!!!!! He absolutely deserves to be put on blast. No sympathy for him at all. Oh well. Thats why it’s illegal to sexually assault someone!!! Rapists don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. They don’t deserve to be trusted and all women deserve to know what someone is capable of.

    • Emily Marie

      Social consequences are not the same thing as perpetuating hate, though.
      She is saying his name, and connecting it with his actions, and inviting others to do the same via a massive communication channel.
      Don’t the women he’ll be around – in perhaps less than six months – deserve to know his penchant for violating drunk, incapacitated women?
      To name someone and link them to their own actions is not inciting hate; it is holding them accountable, and a sorely needed consequence for rape.

      Convicted rapists don’t deserve anonymity.

      #sayhisname #spreadtheword

    • I believe it’s helping women who could potentially be in proximity to him take the proper precautions.

    • Scrumtrelescent

      Yes I agree Elsa, he should be given the death sentence. We as a people can join together and stop him from raping again.

      • You cannot be serious

        Wow. Listen to yourself. I understand that you are upset, you don’t feel that justice has been served, and you want blood. But take a moment to actually think about what you said. Would you personally kill this man because of what he has done? Could you watch the life drain from his eyes and think to yourself “I have improved this world”?

        Think about the drunk drivers who run kids over. Of people who actually murder other people. How many of them get ‘the death sentence?’

        His name will be added to a sex offender registry. His picture will hang up in the town hall and public library of where he lives for the rest of his life. He will not have a family, he will not have a good job. These are the consequences of his actions, and perhaps they are fitting, maybe not.

        In my opinion, it is incredibly pigheaded and repulsive to clamor for anyone’s death.

      • I can’t tell who’s more insane…you or him. Actually listen before you say something. Yes he made a mistake, yes he got off quite easily but isn’t it more satisfying for you to know that his entire life is now ruined by that mistake than to give him the “easy way” by killing him? What good woild that really do? suggesting a death sentence for something like this makes him no worse than you.

      • No, not death. Calling for his head is IMO knee-jerk vengeance.

        What he deserves is as close as his community can get to the impact his choices had and are having on his victim. Never quite okay again; losing a part of himself that he will never get back; unable to live the life his privileged family promised him; permanently stained with the filth he put on her. The look in people’s eyes when they recognize him or his name; the way it feels when they turn away, again and again, for the rest of his life.

        Brock Turner is a rapist and a liar. That will ALWAYS be true, regardless of the judge and his father.

      • HMM

        Get one thing straight. He did NOT make a mistake! HE MADE A CHOICE!!!

      • Rapists deserve to die

        Therefore Brock Turner deserves to die.

    • Kathy Swarthout

      I tend to agree with you. Putting Brock into Purgatory as a social pariah probably will not change the rapist mentality because they think they have done no wrong or harm. Now he may think that he is the victim of angry women. I used to work in a prison and overheard one serial rapist (in prison for life, but mainly because he killed his victims) explain that he made his “ladies” very happy by making love to them and they were so happy that they didn’t need to live any more.
      Until men are taught, and accept, that women have feelings and need emotional love and committment BEFORE any physical attachment or physical sexual expression, there will be a culture that permits rape.

      To the rest ot the women who responded, using vulgar language to describe what Brock did lowers the value of your complaints. Using such language allows others, who think rape is not such a big thing because they can buy sex and taking it for free is fun, to think of you as one who might just sell, or give, sex for fun. Express your anger, but don’t demean yourself. Brock is a rapist who may have taken advantage of a girl who had been drinking, but he ravaged her and damaged her body and soul. That is not acceptable behavior. His jail sentence was probably not long enough for him to come to repentence.

      • My language is my choice, and the only possible way to assume from my words that I consent to sexual activity is when I say “Yes” – not shit, fuck, or any other “vulgar” language.

        Furthermore, it is not my language that demeans me, but the very assumption that I can be demeaned by my own vocabulary.

      • Brock and his family will paint him as a victim no matter what. They are behaving like a corporation or a political party, not human beings: “I’m resigning in order to spend time with my family” and never ever EVER let out a sound byte to the contrary. It seems to me that the main reason this case is so high-profile is because there is no contrition.

        Despite overwhelming physical evidence and two witnesses, the victim had to fight tooth and nail for a year to convince people (prosecutors? ) that something was wrong with that picture. THAT is the missing piece here. Criminals will be criminals, but we have to expect better of the people we appoint to protect us. Shaming the judge is not enough.

        The reason I’m replying to you, Kathy, is that I take exception to this: “Until men are taught, and accept, that women have feelings and need emotional love and committment BEFORE any physical attachment or physical sexual expression…” What if she just wants to have a fling? Does that make her an outlier/deviant, and will it be used against her if things get ugly? Can a woman say “yes” after having a drink or two? Can we treat her like a grownup, please?

        Consent has nothing to do with motive. Men get to say “yes” or “no” for any reason, or no reason, without being expected to sugar-coat it. I’d like to see us get that level of respect.

      • KnowledgeIsPowerful

        I was about to say that this article, however poignant and necessary, could have been written a bit more eloquently, concisely, with a little more focused passion
        I think, tho blunt(I prefer truth, myself), JoanK’s comment is more descriptive of the evil lurking in this waste of space of a young man.
        The ‘enemy'(the devil, for those of you mot familiar with the terminology) has him and apparently the judge, as well.
        A respectful and rightful boundary was crossed, something very precious, sacred and deeply intimate was stolen from a woman, and for that he should lose his rights forever!
        Kathy, I find you are very clear minded and well spoken and seem to have some modicum of old-fashioned values in tact. Thank God for that.
        The problem is society wants it’s cake and to eat it too and the line has become so thin and moves, depending on the preference of ppl involved
        God played down a directive. No sex until committed in marriage. Things were simple. Less ppl crossed the line for fear of God’s AND society’s wrath. With the Free Live movement, free sex, outside and inside marriage was ok. Now anything goes. That anything makes it hard to say who said yes, no, maybe, not now, I’m drunk, I’m gonna take you anyway.
        That, coupled with the breakdown of the family structure; when children were getting a balance of both parents, and an education while being raised of how to treat each other, generally, and how precious a relationship is, and how to preserve respect of the person with whom to you are COMMITTED; the lack of has created all these permissive for ppl to say what is right for them.
        Look at society to see how that doesn’t work. Broken relations, broken ppl, broken homes are called that for a reason. They are not functioning in a healthy productive way.
        Then ppl need drugs and drs, medical and psychological, bc they are upset and depressed; they need lawyers to sort out the mess. They lose jobs bc they struggle to deal with the distinction, so the work structure suffers; there’s no commitment, no loyalty and no benefits in the end. But ppl are stubbornly gonna do WHAT THEY WANT AND THINK IS RIGHT for them, tho the outcome of many is evidence enough that it really doesn’t work well.

        This POS is a result of this mentality. He’s playing the victim and in a way he is.
        Rather, I think that his parents should do time also for raising a degenerate. It’s mainly their lack of proper ethics and morals that allowed such a cowardly, unconscionable predator to exist!

      • First of all, knowing that you’re going to get away with it makes it easier to commit these ugly crimes. On the other hand, if the dominant paradigm shifts and sexual predators get major sentences, they will think of it differently. This is just one piece of the process of changing rape culture, but it’s a big one.

        Secondly, how dare you shame people for speaking their minds and telling their truths? Isn’t that a mirror of what happened to this victim in court? Silencing women is a big part of rape culture; why are you participating?

      • All I have to say is”probably not long enough?” Obviously you have never been sexual abused. I have! It started when I was 8 and continued for a little more than a year. I am now 56 years old and have never forgotten and my feelings for the piece of crap male human who did this to me have not changed despite professional help. So “probably not long enough?” No! Life for him is not long enough! He should be made miserable for as long as SHE LIVES! That should be his sentence because I can guarantee you that she will be suffering the entire time!

      • Everyone just needs to learn to consider the source of an opinion before being enraged by it. Kathy Swarthout is no one that needs be listened to. Moving on.

      • Carrie: You’re reversing the attorneys. The prosecutors/the DA were the victim’s attorneys – they had the paperwork filed inside of 10 days to arrest Turner and start the legal proceedings. They’re also on record as being as disgusted with the lenient sentencing as everyone else. The people appointed to protect us – including the DA – in this case did their jobs, and did them well. Unanimous verdict. This travesty of justice not being served is entirely on the judge. I agree that shaming him isn’t enough – he should be removed from the bench. But other appointed/elected people did their jobs.

        The attorneys who trashed on the victim and dragged this whole thing out for a year were the DEFENSE attorneys – the ones defending Turner. Not appointed. Hired guns by the kid’s dad.

    • Judy Pasqua

      It doesn’t matter if it is wrong.
      What he did is disgusting. Even saying it won’t change things!!
      He deserves to have castration. He deserves death. He deserves

    • I think it will help change things. Brock is part of our rape culture. The rape culture exists because too many people think it is ok to rape someone when they are drunk, are wearing revealing clothes, sexy underwear, are a 6 year old seductress, were walking down the street after dark. The only way we are going to change the rape culture is to stand up and say its wrong. Spousal abuse, stoning, child abuse were all perfectly ok until people started saying “no, that is wrong”

    • Yes. It will.

      In fact, this sort of public condemnation is the -only- reaction that can stand against rape culture.

      Even a -just- criminal system that imposed fair penalties (never mind how impossible it is to do that) does not have the potential to diffuse rape thinking.

      For that… You need torches, and light, as well as pitchforks.

      As a man, I stand with this article in condemning this act far more thoroughly and publicly than that pathetic judge could.

      He was wrong, and anything but a full confession of wrongdoing means that he deserves our ongoing condemnation.

      • KnowledgeIsPowerful

        Well spoken and relieving to hear a good man speaking against an ill-minded one!
        There should be a huge parting of men who point this type of trash out

    • I have to disagree. The justification for the light sentence is essentially that, though he was found guilty, he’s “young” and had a “bright future” and shouldn’t have to shoulder the full consequences. His father’s comments lament that he’ll be a registered sex offender– his son was found guilty of a crime and he’s upset he has to bear the consequences of his crime.

      This post isn’t asking people to show up at his door rioting. It’s spreading information and holding him accountable for the consequences of his crime. People are angry and upset because even with a guilty verdict, the focus is shifted in order to help a rapist avoid the consequences of rape. THAT is rape culture. Rape culture sympathizes with rapists and creates justifications (the dangers of binge drinking excuse he’s been using is a pretty classic one). It’s “he had such a bright future.” It’s a complete disregard for the fact that his so-called ruined future is the result of a bad decision he made. What this post is doing is calling out that culture, holding it accountable for the further pain it caused. Not staying silent when consequences are waved away and rapists are coddled is exactly how we stop rape culture.

    • Actually, social shunning is THE way of creating conformity to sociatial rules.

      It is society’s way of saying We do NOT accept this form of behavior and those that engage in this form of behavior are NOT part of our society.

      And yes, he then stands as an example of what will happen to others if they engage in this type of behavior.

      And we should be reminded of the quote

      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

      Or in this case that good women do nothing.

      • Actually, the quote should say “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good PEOPLE do nothing”…

    • There are men like this who go on to get married and have sons and daughters and never tell their wives of their offenses. EVER. Or that they ever had a trial of the sort. This is not fair to their future wives, their future daughters who face the same affliction, or their future sons who deserve better from a dad.

    • To ostracize an individual can be a powerful tool, Allow me to quote Shakespeare:
      “Ha, banishment! Be merciful, say “death,”
      For exile hath more terror in his look,
      Much more than death. Do not say “banishment.”

      Societies have been kept (relatively) in check for thousands of years without a judicial and legal system with this powerful tactic. It is only recently that we have stopped relying our communities to feed us, house us care of us in times of need, and now that we don’t need our communities, we can do awful things to the people in our communities with, sometimes, no repercussions. Silence will forever be the weapon and point of power for rapists. I agree that EVERYONE should know his name, and his face, and no measure of forgiveness should be given UNTIL he truly admits his wrong doing, and truly apologizes. I’m not calling for blood, but as a survivor of sexual assault, I can assure you every victims life is forever changed, in ways that may not be identified for years to come, and it is something that changes you forever. Brock does not deserve to put this behind him, because his victim will never be able to escape it. Maybe she will learn to live with it, like losing a limb, or your eye sight, but the damage is done, and will follow her and her children (if she decides to have any) for the rest of their lives.
      Not every rapist is a mentally deranged person, who needs medical help and should be permanently removed from society. Some rapists are just stupid boys and men who have been taught that womens bodies are theirs for the taking; that their wants trump all other wants, and that they are free to take whatever they desire. This foolish thinking CAN be changed by speaking out and identifying rapists. When taking whatever you want as a man becomes really uncool, LOTS of people will stop doing it. Don’t believe me? Smoking, drinking and driving, The KKK, all things that have, over time, become less and less cool to more and more people, because people started speaking out, and speaking up.
      We can affect change. When people tell you that this tactic does not work, they want you to believe the lie because they current system benefits them, and changes like this can be a dangerous thing for privileged people.

      • With respect, if we’re quoting Shakespeare, the same scene you’ve quoted also contains (and any decent reading would take as the moral):

        “The quality of mercy is not strain’d. / It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven / Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest. / It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.”

        I’m not saying what he did wasn’t horrible; quite the contrary, what he did was awful and he deserves punishment. As in Hamlet, “use every man after his desert, and who should ‘scape the whipping?”

    • I have a very different take on this as someone who worked with those who committed sexually violent crimes during my university studies internship for my psychology degree. Brock is a rapist, he will always be a rapist. That will never change. Can he receive counseling and treatment? Yes, of course. Can he be cured? No he can’t. There is no cure. The only thing that prevents him from raping again is locking him up in a jail cell for the rest of his life. Alone in isolation. But since our justice system failed to do that, the only thing that stands between him and his next victim is notoriety. That’s it, nothing more. Recognition is the ONLY thing that prevents another person being raped by him, being assaulted by him. Rape is not about sex. It is about power. It is about thievery. It is about taking something that does not belong to you in the most horrifying, violent way you ever can. It is about gaining satisfaction from that. Every rapist is violent, but it take more and more violence to appease their needs as a rapist so each rape is more violent than the next. It begins as subtle suggestion and grows into what he did. Brock got caught because he was careless as a rapist, because he could not control his need for power over the woman he raped. He is out of control with his needs as a rapist. The ONLY thing protecting anyone from this predator is the fact that is face is recognizable. We have to protect each other because society refuses to.

      • I just wanted to clarify my earlier comment. Even though rapists can’t be “cured” only treated, they are keenly aware of what they are doing. They know how to make choices and can control their choices. I just wanted to make that very clear.

      • I have read the responses above and agree with everything you said….love the fact you mentioned “Rape is not about sex. It is about power. It is about thievery. It is about taking something that does not belong to you in the most horrifying, violent way you ever can. It is about gaining satisfaction from that. Every rapist is violent, but it take more and more violence to appease their needs as a rapist so each rape is more violent than the next. It begins as subtle suggestion and grows into what he did.” because it is so true. and because the legal system fell way way short of a correct sentence society have to diminish his power by making women aware. I also think we need to be aware of the fact that people are not born rapists…They evolve ore are developed by experiences, the messages the are given, the type of modeling that is shown as well as the license/power/status society give to sex and the self absorbed mentality that individuals of entitlement and the that if I feel it I should of the right to do or be it….which like in cases like this VIOLATES another person rights and life. Secondly… I have to really question deeper reason for Brook’s father’s as well as the judge’s reactions or decisions in regards to sentencing . I might not think or question their mentality in regards to women or the level of respect they or show. That knowledge would by no means justifies Brooks actions but simply gives insight.

      • Just a girl

        I agree with you all. Years ago I Was Raped by not one but seven guys. What did they get 9 months!! How did it affect me, well I really don’t like sex, I would have to get drunk first, and no at the time this happened to me I was 13. Did not drink. I wonder everyday if they ever had daughters and what they would do if it happened to their daughter, or what would they do to their son. So yes I’m married, but our sex live is not great.

      • I fail to see how his action was horrifying OR violent. She was passed out behind a dumpster. Im not suggesting his action was right, but if he hadn’t been caught, she probably would have no idea it even happened when she woke up the next day. You people can harp ON AND ON about how there is “rape culture” or how there is “patriarchy” but until you learn to defend yourselves (ie. dont get blackout drunk or dress like sluts) nothing will change. Smarten/Grow up.

      • @Logic
        …and you, dear boy, are obviously another future rapist.
        1. Her injuries indicate that she was dragged behind the dumpster; he didn’t simply stumble upon her there and decide to have a poke at her. Even if he HAD stumbled upon her unconscious body in a remote place, he had ABSOLUTELY no right to do anything but summon help for her. Her body is HERS. Neither he, nor you, have any right to touch another human being without that human beings’ consent. Period. She IS a human being – you should start thinking of women that way. (It will improve your life, I promise. )
        By your logic, is it, then, also acceptable to sexually assault someone you come across having a seizure or a stroke? Unconscious from striking their head in a fall? Or a medication reaction? If your counter is that she put herself in that state… perhaps someone falling asleep on the train? Meditation? Deeply engrossed in a book? Nodding off at the beach?

        2. “but if he hadn’t been caught, she probably would have no idea it even happened when she woke up the next day.” OH, PLEASE!!!!
        Women do tend to notice pine needles is much less sensitive places, and even ‘gentle’ consensual sex frequently results in swelling and tenderness the following day – we DO notice when our vaginas have been assaulted. You obviously have either never had a female partner – or were a completely callous moron to anyone you did spend time with. Tell me, do you think that, if I grabbed your balls, dug my nail in and gave them a couple of spins while you were passed out dead drunk – you wouldn’t notice anything the following day when you woke up?

        3. “You people can harp ON AND ON about how there is “rape culture” or how there is “patriarchy” but until you learn to defend yourselves (ie. dont get blackout drunk or dress like sluts) nothing will change. Smarten/Grow up.”
        Thank you for a very clear demonstration of the mindset of Rape Culture AND Patriarchy. This is victim blaming. Would you give the same advice to men, if women suddenly decided it was fun & acceptable to beat the piss out of any incapacitated man they came across? Would it become THEIR responsibility to protect themselves from US, because, gosh, we’re just not able to control ourselves…
        Dress like SLUTS??? There is NOTHING I could wear, (and I have been in public – both stage and street level – in lingerie many, many times) that gives you, or any other person, the right to touch my body. My body is MINE. YOUR place is to keep your goddamn hands to yourself. Believing in that excuse IS rape culture – it IS what marks you as a future rapist. When you learn that, we’ll have begun to erode the rape culture. Patriarchy? That’s going to take a while.

    • Katherine

      I get it. I do. I want to be the good one, too. I want to take the high road. But all of the playing nicely, trying to understand, trying to explain… it has fucking gotten us NOWHERE. If Brock had gotten a reasonable sentence, we wouldn’t have to be doing this. But we are in a war, where “nice” guys can get away with this. No more. It is time to point out the “nice” guys, the ones who get away with hurting women… and because they do, they’ll do it again. Enough. No, this single action will not stop rape culture. But all the actions taken together? They make a difference.

      • The judge should have his penis surgically removed and given to the rapist. Just as well give him the balls too. This judge has no need of them! Get him out!

    • It stops him. HE will be recognized from now on. One is better than none.
      Woman raped three times before age 13.
      Yes this is RIGHT.

    • No, this public action will not stop rape culture. But it will shame a man who should be shamed for his actions. This very public condemnation of his actions will follow him all his life. He will never escape his despicable actions and dehumanization of another. And the longer the shaming goes on, the more other cretins who think assaulting another’s dignity and body will indeed think twice. He will be on view as a heartless human– and maybe, just maybe he will take responsibility.

    • david walton wright

      I don’t think trial and punishment by social media is a good idea. I don’t say this out of any sympathy for the judge or Brock. None at all. And, given these tactics, I feel anxious myself even making this point–it could be misconstrued and I could get the same treatment. But I think it sets an awful precedent. Who might be next? It’s a tired old line by now but “what goes around comes around.” If I’m wrong about this, enlighten me as to where I’m wrong. There must be better ways to work for justice.

      • Savannah

        Shunning has been used effectively by multiple societies including the Amish and Jehovah’s Witnesses for millennia to alter behavior of socially irresponsible/condemnable individuals. In pacifist societies it is generally the practice of choice, in fact–because it does no physical harm to a person but DOES serve as a consequence for unacceptable behavior.

        The criminal justice system has failed Brock Turner’s victim. What are women supposed to do? Just roll over and pretend like we’re okay with being raped? Accept it as our fate?

        Where the mechanisms of the legal system fail the population they’re supposed to protect, society at large has to step in. No one is advocating for lynching Brock Turner. People are advocating for him to be held accountable through what means are still available to us for such an end.

      • There is no “working for justice” in this situation. That moment has passed. Given that Brock was found unanimously guilty by a jury of his peers, and thus convicted in a court of law, it’s not like anyone is asking you to railroad a potentially innocent person. What this author is suggesting, and it’s a suggestion that has my full support, is that every woman that has the misfortune to have Brock Allen Turner: Convicted Sex Offender cross her path in the future be made aware of exactly who and what he is. If five years down the road, he’s back home in Dayton and swipes right, that girl deserves to know what he is. If he’s in a bar with his buddies, every woman in that building deserves to know what he is. Every woman at his place of work, at his gym, or at his fucking grocery store deserves to be made aware of what he is. Why is it we’re only concerned about keeping women safe when it pertains to who can pee where, but when it comes to pointing out actual, dangerous predators “it sets an awful precedent”?

    • Pam Myers

      Having been the victim of rape myself after having been drugged, I can’t disagree more. My rapist walked away with nothing more than the knowledge of what he did, without remorse. I, on the other hand, have been held in the prison of my own mind for 21 years with no date of release. The memories invade at anytime without warning, and the constant questioning myself of what did I do wrong go unanswered. I don’t trust anyone as this person was as close as a brother to me. The only justice this poor girl will ever get is the public destruction that needs to happen to this sub-human being. His destruction needs to be as complete and permanent as hers is, and given the same mercy he showed her.

    • “It just perpetuates hate and nobody wins…”
      This isn’t a thing where we’re trying to figure out how to get along with rapists. Seriously, what is the point of your comment? Are you envisioning a world where rapists and non-rapists respect each other’s points of view? I think hatred is not out-of-bounds when the goal is extermination. See the rest of us *don’t* want rapists. We really don’t. And we don’t much care how rapists feel about it.

    • Seriously? I think showing men that rape has consequences will absolutely put a dent in rape culture. Nobody is “victimizing” Brock. He’s refusing to take even the least amount of responsibility for his actions, and people are putting his name out there to warn women to stay away from a rapist.

    • OMG. This absolutely makes sense!. This isn’t about hate. It is about consequences, teaching that people have rights, teaching that one can not do whatever he/she wants without consideration of others, it is about being human and acting like one and not an animal,and most importantly it is about warning his NEXT victim. Hug him on your own time but please not at the expense of the safety of society.

    • Mob justice… Even used the pitchfork analogy, this is kind of sick.

    • No. There is so little justice for rape victims. Our shame and society’s fear and discomfort perepetuate the silence that enable these creeps to get away with unspeakable crimes. Holding rapists accountable is the ONLY way to stop rape culture.

    • I agree with you, Elsa — I don’t believe this kind of virtual vigilante behavior is the answer. I completely understand the outrage generated by this young man’s actions and the lenient sentence handed down by the judge. I am outraged as well and certainly don’t feel that the sentence was appropriate. I in no way support or condone what was done and my heart aches for the victim. But fighting hate with more hate and actually encouraging people to “pick up their pitchforks” quite frankly appalls me. I’m not aware of any evidence that suggests this kind of public shaming serves as a deterrent to others who might perpetrate a similar crime — if there is, perhaps the author of this article could cite it and refer to it. What I worry about is the “slippery slope” concept. What starts out as people expressing anger or indignation can quickly slide into calls for violence and death threats, not only against the perpetrator but against those also associated with him. I’ve seen that in these comments and I’ve seen the same kind of hatred and vitriol spewed out just because someone expressed an opinion that was different than the majority. I’ll never understand the mentality that condemns a heinous violent crime like rape while simultaneously calling for more violence to be doled out in return. Does that really advance our society and our vision for who we want to be???? Additionally, as this social media shaming process takes hold, it becomes all too easy to target people who may actually not be guilty of any wrong-doing and/or be publicly shamed for something fairly inconsequential. In the case of Brock Turner, he has been tried in an actual court of law — in so many similar situations, however, it is all too easy to jump to conclusions and mete out “justice” based only on Internet gossip and hearsay.

  11. In the meantime- the charging document gives his ohio address.

    I think we should all start sending postcards to

    “Convicted sex offender Brock Turner.”
    230 Volusia Avenue, Dayton, Ohio, 45409

    • Thank you for your comment, Deen, you will probably notice I deleted a small portion of your comment. I cannot condone attacking his mother as, despite Brock’s obvious depravity, a grown man’s actions are not always necessarily an outgrowth of poor parenting. I don’t know how his mother raised him, so I can’t judge her. I hope you understand my position as a comment moderator, but I also understand if you prefer to delete the rest of your comment. Thanks again!

    • Yes, thank you, that family will receive a politely-worded letter conveying my utter disgust in them.

  12. The story and the injustice in this case are unreal. It makes me sick that a woman would go through such a thing and still be victimized by the justice system. It also makes me sick that this piece of $h*t is getting away with it. Social justice is a thing and I hope it happens in his case!

    What gets me too is the fact that they make it seem like it was consensual because she can’t remember. Put a roofie in someones drink and THEY probably wouldn’t remember either. FFS! Sickening. Absolutely sickening!

  13. Emily Marie

    This is amazing. This deserves to be a movement. #sayhisname

  14. Consensual? He was raping her while she was passed out behind a trash bin and it was disturbing enough that two bystander stopped him and he ran. Too drunk to know better? Those aren’t the actions of an innocent drunk.

  15. Thank you from a woman who hasn’t been able to get justice for herself. Thank you from a survivor who knows all to well the story of an attacker who would only admit to being drunk. Thank you from a woman who is still too scared to tell her story!

    • KnowledgeIsPowerful

      I’m so sorry that you have been through this, I’m sure every day, over and over since it occurred.
      I would encourage you in something I was taught.
      We are witnesses to actions for a reason; to conquer, learn, grow and teach others.
      It strengthens us, heals us, joins us so we realize that we are not alone.
      I pray that you, one day soon, are ready to kick that who episode in the @$$, open up and release it ALL, and reach out to someone who can walk you through the healing process, and in return you can help someone else, if not to be aware to prevent such things(maybe speaking to teens at schools of preventative measures -phone ‘dating’ in groups(?), or having a posse back up when going out(?).)
      You have an experience, you are credible, to help others.
      God bless you.

      • KnowledgeIsPowerful

        Typos. Was not phone dating.
        “Perhaps, dating in groups”

    • Thank you, Cee-Cee, from someone who needed reminding that there are still people out there like me. I could have written every word of your comment. One day, we’ll each be able to share our story without fear.

    • Don’t be scared. I’ll tell you mine. I was raped at age 6 by my brothers friend. My mother did not not believe me, so he came back again a few weeks later. I told again and she called my dad, who came withmale family and friends. The boy and his family quickly vacated the state.
      I was raped again at age 12, two days after my birthday, it was arranged by a female family member. She even told them to bring scissors to quickly get beyond my shorts that I always wore under my uniform skirt. The last was supposed to be a gang rape with about 20 participants, only two were able before I was rescued by a most wonderful man who was not afraid of his own friends, the threw some swift punches and carried me out of the fray.
      Faces it, and it willNEVER control you.
      I am now a proud mother, who can not be held down by the emotionl, spiritual, mental, and physical bonds of rape.
      Keep you head up sug.

  16. Given the letter penned by his father we can see why he still refuses to see or admit to his true crimes. His father is still advocating that he would be better off speaking to college students about the dangers of drinking too much.

    WTF I can see it now, students Brock is here to talk about how you shouldn’t drink so much because you may be blamed for lots of other things. But really it’s the drinking that’s the problem.

    • Michelle

      His dad disgusts me as much as Brock does. No wonder the kid thug doesn’t accept responsibility. Had Brock’s dad advocated that Brock lecture male students on being stand up guys and not taking advantage of women, then maybe there’d be hope. But this is just one bi explosion after the next.

      • Cathleen

        There are so many “stand up” people in the world. People who have never made the choice to commit sexual violence under any circumstance. People who have consumed alcohol without behaving inappropriately. Why would we want Brock to lecture to ANYONE about ANYTHING? Now, the two men who stopped the crime as it occurred…. I would love to hear more from them.

      • You know what terrifies and infuriates me? This man has a daughter. Brock has a sister. What kind of message does her father’s letter send to HER? Not a good one. I just want to continously slap him while repeating “What if your daughter was the victim?”

  17. Here is something we can do to keep “Judge” Aaron Persky from ever doing this again.
    Print out this form, fill it out & mail it in:


  18. “A man may smile and smile and be a villain still.” A charming, smart, and smiling villain still needs to be listed as a “sexual predator” for the rest of his life. The impact on his life should be a dozen years in prison; they might make him respect other people for a change instead of smug superiority gained by being born into a wealthy family.

  19. What we have here, folks, is yet another case of Affluenza. The world is going to hell by way of entitlement.

  20. I watched The Hunting Grounds on Netflix recently and was sickened. So many people who are responsible for keeping everyone safe seem to relate to male athletes more so than victimized women. One question that continuously went through my head while watching it was why couldn’t any of them imagine if the victim had been their daughter? I am sure that would color their responses differently. Last summer I read Missoula by Jon Krakauer. Some of what happened was so outrageous! One important point Krakauer made was that almost 90% of rapes are committed by the same men – the vast majority of men who rape are serial rapists. It is statistically unlikely that this is Brock Allen Turner’s first attempt. The judge’s worry that jail will damage him is obviously not well versed in the mindset of men who rape.

    • The judge is probably just like Brock! Why else would he give such a light sentence? I think the judge has the very same mindset!

  21. Celeste Campos

    Thank you so much!!,how I wish someone would have done this kind act for me .Maybe them my abuser wouldn’t have had the opportunity to then Rape his own daughter, nieces (3) and Myself!!! I hope and pray they get what they dished out!!!

  22. Thank you for doing this for this woman and for all of us who have been victimized and never seen any justice. His father seems to think that 6 months is too much to pay for “20 minutes of action”. Maybe you could make his father famous as well. The rotten apple did not fall far from the tree there.

  23. So I read through most of the replies but not all, so sorry if I may repeat someone else’s thought, but the thing that strikes me is they seem to stress this is his first offence so blah blah. But I wonder if it really is his first offence or just the first time he was caught.

      • Seeing as he had just left high school and may not have had access to a colossal amount of alcohol and parties before then (what do I know, I didn’t party in high school), I feel it’s possible it was his first offense. But as his victim said in her letter, he was a freshman who had just been granted access to 4 years of drunk college girls at parties. He ran upon being caught and has still not admitted to any crime. If it was his first offense, I absolutely don’t believe it would have been his last.

  24. There is a petition on Change.org to have the judge recalled, though I don’t know how effective it is going to be since it was not started by Santa Clara County residents.

    Another option might be to submit a complaint of misconduct with the judicial commission. As a Stanford University graduate himself, you might be able to argue under misconduct – bias against a particular race or social position.


    • Also, should you wish to give your opinion directly to the judge..

      His office:
      Department 89: Honorable Aaron Persky
      Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3880
      Court Reporter: (650) 462-3885

      • Damn, sometimes I love the Internet! I’ve felt so outraged and helpless reading all of this, including the victim’s astonishingly brave and eloquent (though seemingly unheard and therefore unanswered) statement, not to mention hopeless. I was raped by someone I’d barely met at an off-campus event 33 YEARS AGO, but I didn’t tell, because there was no term for “date rape” then, certainly not for “rape culture,” and as sordid and painful and scary as it was, I thought I was really stupid to have been drinking and hanging around someone whose predatory vibe I (now) could’ve spotted a mile away. I eventually got lots of great support and therapy but this has triggered a healthy rage I couldn’t let myself feel then, and I needed a way to take action – however small – on her behalf and my own.

        So thank you so much for this, KP – and thank you, Kristin Mae for the post that started it all (and said what I’d been wishing I had the forum to say).

  25. Pingback: All American Stanford boy rapes coed--behind a dumpster, yada, yada--gets 6 mos.

  26. Michelle

    Kristen, can anyone photoshop this CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER in an orange jumpsuit, or get his mug shot? I hate that his smiling face in all its glory dressed to the nines is being featured. He’s a convict, he should look like one in the photo.

    Thank you for doing this. BTW, I think we need to set aside at least 3 days a year to give this convict the attention he deserves: the date of his release from jail (and every anniversary of it thereafter), the date of the lame punishment given by the judge (and every anniversary thereafter), and the date of the Kappa Alpha fraternity party where this incident stemmed. I think it is important that his fraternity brothers are reminded on a yearly basis the shame that this convict brought upon their house. Perhaps on _______(date) , a social media anniversary could commemorate the date that Brock Allen Turner brought shame upon the Kappa Alpha fraternity. I think it is very important that the fraternity be named as well. The frat bros need to step up and hold each other accountable to be civilized men, so this never happens to another woman who attends one of their parties. When bystanders no longer tolerate injustices, those injustices often fade away.

    • Fantastic point… Men will tell you they
      Are joining a fraternity as a way to solidify their future.

      These are the connected men… The one’s who will be holding all the important positions in the future.

      If we truly want to change the socialization of men… Let’s also put a fire under the fraternity.

      Let’s change ‘acceptable’ behavior .

  27. Thank you – great article.

    Brock Allen Turner – you weren’t that drunk, you PoS.

  28. SecretsHaveMe

    There is a story I think you should hear that happened two years ago at the Hartt School in Hartford, CT.

  29. Lynda Richardson

    What I found disgusting and frightening was a post from swim team – that the good guy (Brock) had won – and that “defiantly” Freudian slip for definitely? – this sort of thing – rape? – happens all the time at campuses?

  30. I am appalled that this young man is planning to give talks on binge drinking and sexual promiscuity. This is the last person I would want my daughters to listen to on the subject. What on earth possessed him or anyone to think this was a good idea? Maybe he might contemplate *attending* a few sessions on binge drinking and how he should stop. Oh, and by the way don’t rape people. Christ.

    Never mind the fact that, hello, alcohol and sexual promiscuity didn’t rape this woman: Brock did.

    I am not at all surprised by the reactions “kill him” and “rape him.” It is incredibly hard to be compassionate when you are stripped of power by this judge, who might as well have held the victim down while Brock raped her.

    • Claire – I think if we ever met we would be friends. I love your candor!

  31. The judge handed out that sentence and is in a powerful position to hand out more sentences like this. He is the one that should be outed more for his insanity. He needs to be stopped. Yes, both parties here were awful, but the judge has the power to let more people walk away.

  32. Now please take out the swearing and taking Gods name in vain so that I can and will repost this. There’s no need to be crude. I’d love to post this but I don’t allow those on my page. Really not needed- those swearing words. Not in a good piece of writing.

    • Why don’t you post something yourself, then? And share that? Rather than telling a person how to write on their own website?

    • Savannah

      Those swearing words clearly *were* needed, or the author wouldn’t have used them. If you want a version of this without the swearing, write it yourself.

    • What utter complete Dross, Darlene!!
      If some coarse language keeps you from supporting and protecting other women who may fall victim to this douchebag, you really are missing the point. I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t approve of your prudish, immature and selfish demands that the author CENSOR her writing to suit YOU!!

    • I’ve reported that page twice now. Facebook keeps saying that it doesn’t violate community standards. I’m going to keep reporting it, and I hope that other people do, too. Maybe if they get enough complaints about it they’ll finally shut it down.

      • The facebook page has been shut down – yay!!!

  33. After reading the fathers words, one cannot help but wonder…do you really think it’s helpful to promoting his “innocence” to tell us how he used to eat steaks and now cannot eat? Guilt does things to people.

    I also read the victims statement and am blown away by her raw honesty. If only I had been as brave. Bravo young lady.

  34. First off, thank you for writing this.
    Secondly; I was just telling a friend that if it were my daughter…I wouldn’t let Brock Turner have one more peaceful day for the rest of his natural born life.
    He would have “RAPIST” emblazoned across every window, door, car, social media site and it would follow him everywhere.
    Brock’s father wrote to the judge, worried that his son would end up as a registered sex offender. Uh….he is a sex offender. A rapist. A violent man with little respect for the life, privacy and dignity of women. Of course he should be registered…fuck a duck already!!!
    Then I would send a letter to that judge, asking him if he would be comfortable allowing his 17 year old daughter to get a ride home with Brock Turner after a latenight party.

    • KnowledgeIsPowerful

      SO SIMPLE!

  35. Tired of this shit

    Thank you Kristen! I changed my Facebook pic to his smarmy pic w/his name: Brock Turner. Hoping it somehow goes viral. Wish you would make a suggestion we all do this in solidarity for the victim – let him, his family, his buddies, the judge, and his family – see the outrage…
    It’s time we stop teaching our daughters not to drink too much at college parties so they don’t get raped and start teaching our sons NOT TO BE RAPISTS!!!!!

  36. Shared on Facebook in honor of my daughters and in the memory of my own rapist who got away with it because the police said since I had previously dated him it was ok.

    • KnowledgeIsPowerful

      It’s NEVER ok to take anything from someone
      Most ppl are taught that when they are two yrs old!
      Oh, that’s right, those are who have healthy, disciplined, Godly parents.

      His parents and he should all be jailed for 30 yrs concurrent in separate facilities!

  37. I’m not condoning his actions. What happened is terrible, however, Kristen really needs to hone back on the language. I do not doubt the seriousness of the crime or the intensity of the her feelings. The content itself is more than serious enough. The language gets offensive and I got to the point where I couldn’t even read it anymore. If she truly want people to get on board to support this she needs to consider the audience. I do respect the fact that she saw something wrong and took the initiative to do something about it when so many people don’t.

    • KnowledgeIsPowerful

      Hey Aaron. I’m all for diplomacy, truly I am. You certainly don’t want to lose your audience by degrading yourself and your presented point by lowering your standards.
      That said, you seem to be fixated on the language she used,(of which I’m not sure to what you are referring, bc you failed to quote what disturbs you so), when the point IS THAT the(pos) man RAPED A YOUNG LADY WHO WAS TOO DRUNK TO GIVE CONSENT!
      Frankly, there is no language ugly enough, vile enough, descriptive enough to explain thoroughly his actions so unconscionable, criminal, evil, volatile, inhuman, unacceptable, intolerable, that he gets the Go straight to Hell and don’t collect $200 card!
      As a thinking and compassionate person, it is mind-twisting to attempt to conceptualize his mindset, his actions that lead to it, his actions during, and his actions and mindset since!
      He is not humbled, not contrite, has no sense of guilt, remorse, or conviction.

      So I wouldn’t be so concerned about language or words, when no matter how ugly, deep or otherwise evil a ‘word’ can be, it doesn’t come close to describing him, and his family, or anywhere near what he did!

    • You’re on the internet… You’re going to see some “language.” Welcome to 2016. But that is definitely the lesser of concerns here.

    • Okay, I can very easily sympathize with and respect finding certain language offensive. That’s fair. But here’s the thing: she’s angry. I’m angry. A lot of people are very understandably angry. And that anger? Isn’t going to always be pretty or polite or expressed in way meant to please people. When you tell someone that no one is going to listen to what they have to say if they’re angry, you’re making them the reason society can’t change. When you focus on the language rather than the content, as if that’s more disturbing than the acts committed, that’s derailing. I’m sure this comment was left with good intentions! But this sort of thing can be frustrating, because it’s an ingrained societal cousin of “if you want to be treated well, you need to act x way.” It’s respectability politics, and its unfair.

    • Aww!! Did the DUDE get offended by such a frank description and condemnation of RAPE?!?!
      This sentiment- that women oughtn’t to be coarse or vulgar is part and parcel of the rape culture!!!
      How do you not know this? Why don’t you care more for the safety of your sisters, friends, mothers& daughters than your own delicate sensibilities!?!

    • You’re more offended by swearing than by rape. Good to know.

    • Dismissing a woman’s argument or her anger because of her language is called tone policing. The idea that you can’t get through an article about a rape because the woman who wrote it swore and not because of the horrificness of the crime is quite ridiculous. You’re presumably a grown man, and given what women go through in situations like these, skipping the article because your delicate constitution can’t handle a few swear words — and then complaining about it — is so childish.

  38. I wonder just how much money Brock Turner’s father donated to Judge Persky’s reelection campaign. Look at the history, cases against Trump University were dropped by Attorneys General who were given campaign cash from Trump, why wouldn’t the same thing be happening here, because all legal scholars agree the sentence was very ridiculously light.

    Either that or Judge Persky identifies with rapists and doesn’t see anything wrong with what Brock Turner did.

  39. Young men and women who commit crimes need to be held accountable for their actions, but in my opinion this is more than a problem of a lenient judicial system or “white privilege”.

    This is just my opinion, but a long career in early childhood education has shown me that we are changing the way we raise our children and maybe the changes we are making are not all for the best. We have a generation of children who have been told all their lives how great they are, in everything they do. They are not corrected when they do wrong or told “No”, parents just don’t want to hurt their feelings or damage their fragile psyche. This generation of children is running households, making the rules, and not experiencing consequences.

    There are rules in our homes, rules in schools, and rules in life. These rules need to be followed or there will be a consequence for that action. Maybe you aren’t allowed to eat in the living room, run in the classroom, or have sex with unwilling women. Consequences need to
    be taught at a very early age and followed through with. The judge in this case is just another in a long line of people who have allowed this boy to get away with bad behavior.

    I don’t know anything about this young man’s parents, so I can’t say this is the cause in his case. I’m just saying we may have a deeper generational problem on our hands that starts in each of our own homes.

    • I disagree, this has been happening FOREVER. Read Myth of the Spoiled Child by Alfie Kohn. They say this about EVERY generation- how lousy the kids are. Read the book. Same articles written today were written 50 years ago.

      There ave always been people who are not so good parents. And if you are well-connected (and typically white) you will get away with alot more then other people. Rape is not new. Raping unconscious people is not new. The stat of most rapes are committed by the same people is the same. There have been and always be for lack of a better term- rotten people.

  40. When the justice system fails, as it so often does, the court of public opinion takes over. In this case, a social media-based shaming of Brock is not only appropriate, it is necessary. How can we send a message that rape and sexual assault is wrong when offenders are getting mere slaps on the wrist? This is how. This is how we punish rapists and discourage would-be rapists, through the shame of public embarrassment. This is not eye for an eye; This is simple civil reprimand using freedom of speech and the media to pick up the legal system’s slack, and it should be opened up to the world.

    • Suzanne Holder

      I agree Benji. In many instances Social Media can do more harm to egotistical criminals than jail time. The key is for us to keep his face, name, and crime circulating.

  41. White privilege is a wonderful thing, eh? A black person would have been in jail for the rest of his life. This white kid gets a sentence less than what a black person would get for carrying a bag of weed.

    Note: I’m white, but I am aware.

    I’ve done what I can at this point by publicly posting his photo and your article on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. You can see each posting here:

    Good work, Kristin Mae.

    • It’s privilege period. Athletes have privileges others down have.

  42. Rapists need to be hanged!! It will serve as a lesson to others!!

    • You cannot be serious

      I don’t think you realize that instituting the death penalty for rape would incentivize rapists to kill their victims. If you are a rapist and get caught, you would be killed. If you were found guilty of murder, you will be killed. Therefore a rapist has nothing to lose by killing his or her victim, and further prevents the victim from speaking out.

      People have given this quite a bit of thought. It’s not like we don’t kill rapists because it hasn’t occurred to anyone. There’s also the issue of whether you find capital punishment to be OK in even more extreme cases, which I personally don’t.

      You are probably a reasonably intelligent person, but your comment doesn’t suggest it, in my opinion.

  43. Nietzsche66

    So much anger and retribution (eg “pitchforks” etc). Totally disagree with this angle. And if they were both voluntarily intoxicated, why is it only him that was charged and prosecuted? I’m so tired of blaming the drunk guy instead of both drunk parties. Or the drunk girl if the guy was drunk and the girl was not. I love this judge. Sentence sounds perfect. Why ruin two lives? What purpose does that serve?

    • HE DRAGGED HER BEHIND A DUMPSTER AND PULLED OFF HER CLOTHES AND SHOVED LEAVES INTO HER VAGINA WHILE SHE WAS UNCONSCIOUS. Holy shit, you should be embarrassed by your ignorance. You look so painfully stupid. Go educate yourself. My god.

    • Dude, she was PASSED OUT! Did you miss that part? I don’t care if you’re drunk, high, whatever, if you are UNCONCISOUS, you cannot consent to sex. I’m pretty sure that’s not an opinion, it’s a damn fact! Use your brain, man.

    • SHE WAS LITERALLY UNCONSCIOUS. She couldn’t take part in making the decision to do anything sexual because she was PASSED OUT. He wasn’t charged for drinking excessively, he was charged for sexually assaulting her. They were both voluntarily intoxicated. Only one of them voluntarily participated in sexual acts. He dragged an unconscious girl behind a dumpster, stripped her, and shoved leaves up her vagina. Like. Sure, they were both drinking. Only one of them made the decision to assault someone. She couldn’t make any decisions. You don’t really get more clear cut than that.

      This is exactly why it’s not okay that the angle keeps turning toward the dangers of drinking. It handwaves his actions and it makes someone who not only did not make that decision, but was physically incapable of doing so, also complicit. That’s bullshit, sorry. If he murdered someone while drunk, it’d still be murder. This is so ridiculous.

    • Nietzche66, it’s because of people like you that rape culture is even a thing. Get a life.

    • Nietzsche67, 68, 69 and 70...

      Nietzsche66 is a classic shitstain troll. Don’t give him what he came for. He’s probably Brock or one of his kindergarten buddies. If he weren’t so miserable with his own pathetic life, he’d be spending his time doing something more productive than trying to goad strangers who are emotionally charged by a legitimate injustice. Ignore him – there are a lot of great ideas here for us consider in working together toward positive change.

      I suggest, for 1, change your SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE PICTURES to BROCK’S or JUDGE PERSKY’S!!!

    • “Yes! I drank too much and passed out…totally thinking that I would be digitally violated!”, said no one ever.

    • i can only assume that your real name is “Brock” since even Nietzshe would never make such an absurd point.

      Take off your Kappa Shmegma sweatshirt and stop hiding behind fake names like a disturbed child. Because only a immature, disturbed and demented individual would make such a comment. Say hello to your parents in hell Brock.

    • The biggest problem the world has with fixing stupid is well stupid itself and your picture is in the dictionary under stupid as well as under idiot and asshole-we don’t put beer in jail we put people in jail for doing horrible things to other people drunk or sober getting drunk in a bar is I guess not a crime – WHY IN HELL IS IT EVER A DEFENSE – oh yeah rich kids and STUPID PROBABLY GREEDY PROSECUTORS AND JUDGES

  44. I think your post was great. If the “systems” that are supposed to help us were better, there would be no need to write this. I think there will always be some percentage of people who lack basic decency. All the education in the world won’t change this part. But it can change how we deal with it as a society. Imagine if the judge , had sentenced Brock to some really long prison time. No one would be angry, Yes angry there are people like Brock, but not so angry that the systems meant to protect us are failing us.

    And the thing is Brock showed no remorse. The guy could not even fake it. He is a sick human bring. And yes, this probably was not the first time he assaulted someone, and if he gets out, won’t be the last. He is deeply disturbed.

  45. This breaks my heart, especially the fact that the rapist’s father is not ashamed of him! My dad would have beaten the daylights out of my brother, had he EVER laid a hand on a woman like that. My parents would never bail me out of jail nor would they condone this sort of behavior. I have gotten belligerently drunk before but never felt it necessary to harm another human being. I just don’t get it/

  46. Wonderful article!

    I posted, and I also encourage anyone who is willing to submit changes to the term “Brock” on urban Dictionary.

    It is wonderful indeed if we can get the world to understand on a communicative basis that “Friends don’t let Friends act a Brock”

    We aren’t preventing rape, we are preventing rapists.

    It is time to make the person a shaming in of himself. Take his name from him, if he thinks it okay to take your whole person from someone else.


    • My son’s name is also Brock Turner. He isn’t a rapist, yet people are making comments on his twitter feed about this situation and insinuating that he is the guilty party. I understand your disgust with Brock Allen Turner, but he is not the only ‘Brock” in the world. I certainly don’t think that if I looked my son’s name up in Urban Dictionary that the name Brock should be associated with a rapist. The name did not rape anyone, the person did. I do appreciate that the author included the rapist’s full name and a photograph so that there is no question who the rapist is and what he looks like.

  47. Kristen Mae…Thank you. This was not the first time I have read a story like this young woman’s, and, unfortunately, it won’t be the last. I believe that all women-no matter what age, race, political affiliation, no matter what God, need to take a stand with this young man. I shared this on Facebook and my comment was Enough already!!! It’s enough. It’s enough blaming the victim who is drunk; it’s enough blaming the attacker because he’s drunk; it’s enough worrying about the attackers future and not the victim’s; it’s enough with it was consensual when the victim is unconscious; it’s enough with parents who enable their rapist son’s behavior; it’s enough with women who are raped and assaulted feeling alone, re-victimized, like a whore, like she did the wrong thing, like she is the bad person; enough already!! This is our stand against them all. It has to be or this will never stop.

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  49. TAKE ACTION! Fill out this form and mail it in to file a judicial complaint against Aaron Persky for showing bias in according such a light sentence to a fellow Stanford athlete.
    Judge – Aaron Persky
    Court – Superior
    County – Santa Clara
    Name of case & case number – The People of the State of California v. Brock Allen Turner, Case No. B1577162
    Action of judge (feel free to write in your own words, this is just an example): Appearance of bias toward a particular class: Judge Persky sentenced fellow Stanford athlete to an unusually light sentence of just 6 months, in spite of a unanimous jury verdict on three counts of sexual assault. There were two eyewitnesses to the act. Turner being a swimmer has nothing to do with the severity of his crimes and should not have had any influence on Persky’s sentence.
    Others present: District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Defense Attorney Mike Armstrong, Brock Allen Turner, Jane Doe.
    Commission on Judicial Performance
    455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
    San Francisco, CA 94102

    • Lucia Olson

      The form link says it is a 404 error, or may be temporarily unavailable.

  50. My gut tells me that Brock has a history of this behavior – these crimes – and his parents have covered it up before. I pray other victims come forward and OUT this scum and his parents. Talk about violation. Where did he go to high school? There has got to be a trail to follow in his past – How does one become a rapist overnight brutalizing someone in the night behind a dumpster? If he hadn’t been caught, he would have just left her there. No words.

    • It is extremely statistically unlikely that this is Brock Allen’s Turner’s first rape. It is also extremely statistically unlikely that it will be his last. Unfortunately.

  51. I guess Howdy Doody couldn’t get laid the legitimate, legal way, so he resorted to this at this poor girl’s expense. F this guy, his family, and the POS judge who served this joke of a sentence.

  52. Sharon Jones

    I’m sharing this on Facebook. And every year on this date, when Facebook shows it to me in my memories, I’m going to share it again. That way, no one will ever forget this asshole and what he got away with.

  53. Another rape victim here just saying thank you. I didn’t report my rape. He was another “upstanding citizen” and he was my “friend” and I’d invited him into my home and even had the audacity to let him kiss me. I was not as brave as this man’s victim – I knew he’d never be prosecuted and even if by some chance he would – he’d never come to justice, so I chose (with guilt) to save myself further shame.
    I wish I could shake the hand of his victim. She has gone through so much – not just being assaulted, but everything that came after – and for her to stand tall is the move profound thing I’ve witnessed in a very, very long time.

    I think posting this has many benefits. Should Brock have the consequences of his actions follow him for the rest of his life? Yes. I assure you, the consequences of his actions will follow his victim for the rest of hers. But also for other people – men and women alike – to see what a rapist looks like. Not a big, scary, tattooed guy at the bar, but this seemingly nice, respectable, well-dressed boy is just as dangerous.
    People need to look beyond a well-pressed suit and judge someone on their actions. Brock’s actions were violent & predatory. He is a danger to society. The more people know it, the safer they are.

  54. He was a drunk…should be punished
    She was a drunk

    = impaired decisions from both


    • SHE did not rape HIM. While I do not condone death threats or the death sentence (partially because I do not believe in the death sentence it does not deter crime) I can without a doubt say that every single person who in on this thread is justified in feeling the way they do about the crime committed and the miscarriage of justice that has played out. This is not a case of “impaired judgement” and you know this. Once again, SHE did not rape HIM.

    • Savannah

      She. Was. Passed. Out.

      If I stabbed you while you were passed out, would that be okay? If I stole from you while you were passed out, would that be okay? Why is it okay to you that someone RAPED SOMEBODY while she was passed out? This isn’t “impaired decisions from both”. This is a young man (Brock Turner) who decided that he was entitled to use another person’s body as he saw fit simply because she was unconscious.

    • Drinking isn’t a crime. Raping an unconscious woman is a crime.

  55. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This case is a disgusting example of how the rape culture is alive and well.
    There’s so much wrong with the whole thing, I don’t even know where to begin.

  56. Judge Persky is running uncontested and is not on the ballot. Please stop asking SAnta Clara County residents to vote against him. Instead, please refer to the “TAKE ACTION!!” comment elsewhere in this thread.


  57. I think we’re missing a few fundamental pieces here. First of all regardless of how much punishment he receives 6 months or 12 years or Life, it’s not going to undo the horrible thing that he’s done. The length of the term is unlikely to correct his way of thinking either. That’s the real problem with our “justice” system. We keep equating punishment with deterrence. That somehow if a person gets a harsher sentence they’ll come out the other side having reflected on their deeds and not be a further danger to society. We do little to actually correct the original bad behavior or do anything to turn human shit-stains into compassionate and reasoned human beings. As good as it feels to publically shame the guy or attempt to ruin his life, it isn’t likely to have a profound effect on his attitude and will likely increase his sense of being the real victim. So it would be better to spend all of this shaming effort on lobbying your representatives for A) More resources for victims B) counseling programs that work toward getting people like this to correct their abhorrent behavior and C) get those corrected individuals to then pay back into victims resources.

    The other problem I have with this public shaming is the potential for misidentification. Already you’ve had people in the comments turn toward the very dark thought that the man should have died for his crime. While the intent of the article is just to shame and warn, there will be people who get very angry at the man and in their frustration suggest violence. That will spread. The man’s name and face will go out and more violent comments will be made. Then there’s the possibility that some other drunk person (or even a sober one) sees some guy at a mall or walking down the street who sorta looks like this guy. Or maybe they hear his name and it’s Brock Turner but they can’t quite remember the face, but just to be safe they start harassing the guy in public or maybe the follow him until they can find a nice place to give him a good beating. Or maybe people just start sending e-mails to a Brock Turner but not THE Brock Turner and phone calls and a few death threats, maybe they call his job or his family, maybe one of his kids picks up the phone and hears hate from some person who’s picked a matching name out of a phone book.

    Again while I understand the intent of this article is just to publically shame – there are side-effects to what you are doing and none of them good. Just take a quick google search of “mistaken identity death threats” and you’ll see a laundry list of people who are unduly harassed simply because they have the same name.

    • Savannah

      So all those men who rape women for the first time, and have nothing at all happen to them–you really think that women are safe around them?

      Public shaming is the only recourse left when the mechanisms of justice have failed. Serial rapists prosper in this country because they are allowed to remain anonymous.

      • Actually – aren’t they required to be on public sex offender registries? I can view the photos, physical addresses of the offenders, age of victims, etc online for the state of Texas. Is it not so in other states?

    • Agreed. Jail will teach him some lessons, but the ones he needs to learn to really change his mentality need to be learned elsewhere.

    • They posted a full name and a picture, thus diminishing the possibility of mistaken identity. The guy already thinks he’s the real victim, as is very obvious from his father’s letter and his appeal. Women deserve to know that this guy should be avoided, he deserves to lose out on opportunities and job offers based on this information. Men should understand that their actions have consequences.

    • @Ross – I do agree somewhat with what you said. But your example “somehow if a person gets a harsher sentence they’ll come out the other side having reflected on their deeds and not be a further danger to society” is not deterrence. Deterrence is the NEXT guy thinking “wow, I heard the last person who did what I’m about to do got xx years in prison… do I really want to do this if that’s a possibility”. There are, of course, no statistics on if/how that really works. But if it does make even one potential criminal take pause and think harder about the consequences… that’s the point.

      Your points about misidentification are valid. Though, at this point, Brock’s name and face are already plastered all over the media anyway. So misidentification is probably happening already. All this post does is take what’s already publicly available and add some commentary… which is it’s real value.

    • Thanks for your comments. My son’s name is Brock Turner and I do worry about a case of mistaken identity. He is a 17 year old kid who is about to go off to college. How many people are going to hear the name Brock Turner and assume that he is the rapist? While I understand the reasoning behind the article and the “movement,” I fear that it will hurt other innocent people in the process.

      • That’s an unfortunate coincidence, but I think many people know the face of the rapist by now. Perhaps your son could include his middle initial in written communication to help clear up any confusion. I hope his days at college are more successful than the last Brock Turner’s.

    • I can sign under every word you said. Also, I think that our justice system is very old and ineffective. We are educating prisoners to be worse that they got there. We are feeding them and providing leisure time to do what they do. The prisons system is grossly corrupted. It’s got to be the other way of punishment without having wasted taxpayer money on people who deserve mush worse that just sit there. Why not to sentence them to hard jobs? Why not to put them through experience of their victims? I think it is human and very justified. This boy didn’t need jail what he needs is to do through that he put this girls through and lose what she lost. Eye for the eye. I don’t believe anymore that we went farther Mideval ages. We are still savages and more so every day because we allow that to happen.

    • I hope he appeals. Let him dare.

      That means a new shot at sentencing. Under an appeal, he’s not going to get six months in jail, he’ll likely get sixty years of hard time in San Quentin, where he will meet people who think nothing of victimizing others, including himself. Perhaps that might take him down a peg.

      But I say: Go on, Brock. Appeal. See what happens, hot shot!

    • Turner’s crime was reprehensible in every way. The judge’s sentence administered to Turner was unjust and inadequate. However, every person has a right to an attorney when on trial (that’s why we have public defenders for those who can’t afford high-powered attorneys like Turner could). That’s part of our justice system–everyone has a right to a fair trial, which includes having an attorney. Turner’s previous attorney did what he would do for any client–defend that client. His attorney in his appeal, Mr. Riordan, will also do his job and defend his client. It says on his website he’s tried criminal cases before. I’m sure there have been many cases he’s taken where we would find his client’s actions abhorrent. But he’s still doing his job. If we choose to ostracize attorneys for accepting clients who have committed crimes (or suggest that criminals shouldn’t be fairly represented in court), we’ve gone down a dangerous path. This doesn’t mean Turner didn’t commit a horrible crime.

  58. My little granddaughters were molested by their other grandfather and the wonderful courts needed physical evidence! 2 and 4……and their other grandmother stuck by his side! The great jury were too afraid to say guilty because they only had 4 out of 5 proof! Spineless bunch of pigs…..hung jury! I would love to blast his and her pictures and names on here but I would probably get arrested and jailed…..that is how our judicial system works! Lawyers are pigs also $$$$

  59. Let’s not forget his father. His community, his co-workers, his friends…they all need to know that he thinks the abhorrent violation of this young woman was just “20 minutes of action.” His community needs to know that this man has no respect for women (which is why is son has none). His co-workers need to know the kind of person they’re working with. His friends should reconsider letting their daughters or nieces anywhere near him or his son.

  60. Judge Persky decision in this case is disgusting. Brock Turner and his father’s attitude are beyond contempt. There is not a hot enough place in hell for Brock. As for daddy, I wonder if it was your daughter that was the victim rather than your son being the suspect how you would feel about this. His life is ruined? His life is going to be effected forever, well it was his choice as to what he did. I was a survivor of a violent three hour rape, and it effects me every damn day and will for the rest of my life. If this POS Judge is up for re-election, vote him out and maybe the next victim of a violent crime will get some justice.

    • Unfortunately, by the language of Dad’s letter, I suspect if it was his daughter he probably would have been “diddling” her in the dark himself. It is clear from the letter that this is a man who does not respect women, why would his son? We are being given a beautifully clear picture of the attitudes of rich white men. This is not new, it it not rare, and it will continue until women and the men who love them do something about it. This is a wonderful way to start!!

  61. This vigilante type justice makes you no better than him. I completely agree that his sentence is too lenient, but we as a society think that prison is the only way to punish people. He will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life – his ability to get a job, to date, to do practically anything will be significantly inhibited, which is worse than a lengthy prison sentence. I work in the justice system and don’t agree with the sentence, but have seen convicted murderers walk out from a lengthy sentence and regain a completely normal life – with a 290 designation this will follow him forever. Rightfully so.

    • Savannah

      do me a favor. Look up how many children have been molested by registered sex offenders. Look up how many women have been raped by registered sex offenders. Registering as a sex offender means that he can’t live in certain areas, sure; and he won’t be able to get certain jobs. But they can’t force him to never interact with a woman ever again. Considering that he has not shown even a DROP of remorse for what he’s done, this is a person who in likely less than six months will take his first opportunity to rape another woman. Women deserve to know who he is so that THEY can avoid HIM.

  62. I want to applaud you for having the gumption to put this idiot’s face & name out there on the Internet for all to see. Bravo!

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  64. Dean Fuller

    ” I don’t have any right to know it. ” (Her name). You most certainly do. We all do, but especially the accused (or in this case convicted). Every person has the right to face their accuser in open court (that’s where the accuser’s name comes in – in open court, every detail of the case is subject to review by anyone – it’s part and parcel of our system of checks and balances.)

    When you claim to have no need for your rights, you make everyone else’s just a little harder to fight for.

    • That’s my opinion. I’m respecting her privacy. I didn’t mean it in a legal sense.

    • No, we don’t. We’re not in court and we’re not the accused. It won’t change our understanding of the situation at all. We do not need to know the names of those who were violated. Their privacy should be respected. So much has been taken from them, at least give them protection from the world at large.

  65. I am in no way defending this idiot, nor making excuses for his despicable behavior. Neither is it my intent to blame the victim for what happened to her. I don’t know the specifics of this particular incident other than what I read here, but a valid question in such cases is this: Why is a drunken female considered unable to give consent due to inebriation, but a drunken male is considered still able to make the proper decision while also inebriated?

    • It’s a question of whom is being violated. The point is to protect the victim, not the attacker. (Or should be.)

    • Savannah

      If a woman has sex with a drunken man without his consent, then that is rape too–and most of the laws actually reflect this, even if (tragically) rapes committed against males are drastically under-reported.

      If you are drunk, and you decide to get behind the wheel of a car, then you are responsible for killing someone that you run into as a result.

      If you are drunk, and you decide to murder someone with a gun or a knife or whatever else, then you are responsible for killing someone in that manner.

      The person who is *engaging in an act* while drunk is responsible for their behavior. The person who is *victimized* is not.

      Is that clear?

    • Well the main difference is she was unconscious. If you can tell what someone is thinking while they’re unconscious you have some kind of superpower. And his argument was he couldn’t make a very good decision because he was intoxicated and it affected his judgment.

  66. Please, PLEASE, do the same with the disgraceful judge. In my mind he is even more culpable given his disregard of his civic duty and his failure to dispense justice.

  67. Silly… if you think this’ll have any lasting impact, that is.

    If it makes you feel better, great, but bashing on this scum and bitching about the sentences (appropriate or not) will not do a damn thing. The media covered this case on national TV, I believe (or at least on regional), so whether a few folks read what you post and forward it or not is completely irrelevant given that many many more people already learned about this case on TV.

    That said – again – if it makes you feel better to blow off some steam on the internet, go for it. Not like I care what folks say or do to this guy anyway – he earned your “kind” words.

    • Leaving a comment that I will forget the second I publish this reply to tell me about how having written this article won’t change anything… oh boy. That is some GOOD irony.

      And by the way, millions of people have read it and shared it. Not “a few.” 🙂

    • Savannah

      lol obviously you have no idea how search engines work, dude.

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  69. I’m going to start sharing a meme about “Scumbag rapist” and “Scumbag judge”.

    Any suggestions?

    Scumbag rapist.. swims well
    Scumbag judge.. nice to rapists

    • Or..

      Scumbag rapist.. sorry for drinking
      Scumbag judge.. considerate to rapists “feelings”

    • Good idea. How about these:

      Convicted rapist … good swimmer tho
      Judge insists on being fair… to rapists

  70. His father Dan Turner should also be remembered! After all he thinks 6 months is too long for the 20 minute mistake he made.

  71. I wish every article that used this picture would out the word “RAPIST” right across that smiling face so whenever anyone Googles have, they see it.

    • Richard Rivera

      Ohhh. I like that. Anonymous? What do you think?

  72. This ass face certainly deserves far more than this post. But this is most certainly AWESOME! !!
    But really, we need to focud more on empoweri g those who have been sexuality violated. Stop callibg us VICTIMS. stop callung us poor souls. Stop talking to us like scared kitten. Dont be sympathetically supportive. Show a person who has been hurt the way back to strength, help them get back to self.
    My support was nearly nonexistent at age 12 in a family that dud not talk about such things. I traveled that road on my own, but found that it could be done. This is what we need. A copilot- to travel the road to strength and self with us, not sympathy.

  73. Make a meme; urban dictionary; Wikipedia? Lol

  74. Lisa Downing

    Hey, can we put Dad in the prison of notoriety, too? We should all be able to gaze upon the face of a man who believes that penetration, dry humping and cramming leaves into the vagina of an unconscious woman (and leaving her injured) is nothing more than “20 minutes of action.” Too bad we can’t have him register as a sex offender, if this is his idea of action. Just sayin’

    • Looks like that’s already happening. That rotten apple didn’t fall far from the rotten tree.

    • Richard Rivera

      I wholeheartedly agree. ‘Dad’ needs his own trial by the people. Won’t make it to court but at least the public will know.

  75. Lori Bean

    You know what really gets me? Wth kind of mother does this kid have? What kind of woman raises a boy to think that raping an unconscious woman is a good idea? What kind of woman marries and has the children of a man who defended his son’s rape of that unconscious woman by saying any jail time was a “pretty steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action[!]”?? Which totally points out where the boy got his cavalier and user mentality toward women, but still, mom could not ever try to counterbalance that by telling her son that even if his dad was an a$$hole, it didn’t give HIM the right to be one? Where is his mom now? Why doesn’t she make some public comment about how she’s not ashamed of her son now? Could it be because she is? If so, why doesn’t she tell him? And why, WHY doesn’t she come out on the steps of the courthouse and apologize to the women of America for unleashing this kind of monster on us???

    • I really do get your anger because this POS should be disowned by everyone who’s ever known him. Unfortunately, mothers can have less power than we realise. What the father wants and thinks will generally win out. And if the father finds out she’s trying to teach her kids differently, well, it’s not looking good for her.

      On top of that, mothers can also be exhausted just from running a household and holding down a paid job. If they don’t have help or support, that’s even less time and energy they have to teach their boys how to behave.

      And even if they try, boys also tend to model their behaviour on the men around them. There was a post making the rounds not long ago about women who’d contacted the mothers of boys/men who had been disrespectful and verbally abusive. The mothers were horrified that these were the sons they’d raised. (And if a boy does sympathise with his mother and listens to her, then could be labelled as a mummy’s boy and/or gay, which could make him a target, which could lead to him taking on the mantle of toxic masculinity just to survive.)

      In this particular case, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the mother has been abused by the father as well. If the father doesn’t consider what his son did to be rape, how does he treat his own wife? I place the blame mostly on the father since he wrote that disgusting letter. We don’t know what the mother thinks. She could still be in shock that the son she carried did this. Her husband might not want her to speak out (or has maybe forbidden her). She might not even know what to say. Could you imagine raising such a monster? What words could she speak that would ameliorate what her son has done? She could be blaming herself for being a mad mother. Or she could be like her husband. But until we know more about her stance, I’m all for putting the majority of the blame on the father.

      I don’t mean that all women are wilting snowdrops who have zero power and are ineffectual. I only mean that we’re too quick to blame mothers when, generally speaking, men have more power and that no matter what a mother does, it sometimes just isn’t enough.

  76. Richard Rivera

    Children are often reflections of their parents. Obviously Brock’s father, as evidenced by his open letter defending his son, is a complete ass. But what else is he? We’ve learned who Brock is and what he is but how about his father who doesn’t believe that ’20 minutes of action’ in Brock’s case should be criminal. Maybe he deserves his very own 15 minutes of fame as well for raising such a little bastard. Who is he? What is he? What does he look like? What is his hometown. Anyone know?

    • This is the address that was posted above: 230 Volusia Avenue, Dayton, Ohio, 45409. Hope it helps!

  77. Papa Bear

    The father of this boy and the Judge believe they have supported and protected him from their perceived “injustice”, but in fact, they have given him a death sentence. Being oblivious of modern consequences, they have condemned this boy to be hounded by haters and trolls for the rest of his life — however long that may be. They have ensured that his pain will be relentless until his end.

    In some ways, I feel sorry for the kid. Not for what he did. Not for his sentence. …But for the extremely bad luck of having parents who almost literally trained him for his disastrous decisions. Not that he deserves any credit for this. I’ll just consider his eventual premature”figurative” death as another “Darwin Award” — For his father.

  78. Susie Smith

    This would have been so much more powerful without the profanity. Just saying……

  79. J Douglas

    I guess I’m confused… Standford, both parties are white. I’m shocked this is even a story in today’s media. I thought no one cared about privileged, white people problems anymore…

    • What tells you the anonymous victim is white?

    • Well I’m sure a Muslim immigrant taught him everything he knows? Lol

  80. Nearly 3 decades ago, I lost my virginity to a drunk, callous college kid who overlooked a few compelling facts during the encounter, and insulted me for getting blood on his sheets.

    Fact: I went to a small party, hit it off very well with the attractive young man, and decided that night (while I was still sober) that I would rid myself of my pesky virginity and would have sex with him. I followed him back to his form room for just that purpose.

    Fact: I got very intoxicated along the way, intentionally so, to lend myself the courage to go through with it.

    Fact: we fell upon each other, kissing and caressing and stripping off our clothes. During this time, while laying in a probe position, I began to drift in and out of consciousness.

    Fact: I lost consciousness altogether before he penentrated me, and didn’t wake up until he shook me violently awake, complaining about the blood all over him, me, and his sheets. He also wanted me gone. I was so out of it That I could not dress myself, or walk. He assisted me with both … Just down the hall to the room my friend was staying in, where he knocked on the door then retreated back to his own room.

    Fact: At the look of shocked horror on my friend’s face, I sobered up a bit. She asked me, was I ok, did he rape me, why was I covered in blood.

    Fact: My dominant emotion at the time was shame. And numb horror. I forced myself to laugh, and to lie to her, over and over, until the skepticism melted from her face. I told her, I was fine, the sex was great, how humiliating that I got my period.

    Fact: I never changed that narrative, not to myself, or to anyone else, for more than 20 years. The only person who knows the truth is my husband, and I only told him 2 years ago (twenty years into our marriage).

    But in fact, I always knew the truth. It was too painful for me to contemplate that I was a rape victim, and I could reassure myself over and over again with the convenient facts that I MEANT to have sex with him, that I got drunk specifically for the liquid resolve to do so, and that we were involved in the consensual acts that lead to sex. Except for the pesky reality that I didn’t consent, because prior to the act itself, I was unable to. There is no way he could not have known that I was deeply unconscious. He had to yell and shake me awake, after the deed was done, of course. I felt used, violated, unclean, at fault, profoundly demeaned. Ashamed.

    Fact: I saw him once again, in the cafeteria, surrounded by male friends. We made eye contact, he shifted away, then I heard explosive laughter and looked over to see the entire table of men laughing at me and making lewd gestures. I spent the next few months eating ramen noodles in my room, foregoing my meal plan and a social life, so I could avoid that possibility. I transferred to a different dormitory, far across campus and away from the building where most of my classes were, at the end of the semester. My parents, who did not know why I did this, were furious that I engineered it without their consent and at additional cost to them. I withdrew from my friends, and spent hours upon hours sleeping in my room, not going to class or to my campus job (which I lost). I gained a lot of weight … At least 100 pounds, from a formerly fit and trim body that I’d been very proud of. I do not know how I managed to get through that year, and go on to graduate. I don’t even remember what my grades were, or how many classes I withdrew from. I don’t remember much of anything, except hiding in my room and numbing myself with cheap comfort food, and because I was so fearful at first of accidently running into him, there was a brief period of time in which I would urinate into a cup in my room and dump the contents out the window, rather than walk down the hall to use the restroom (which stopped when I was confronted by the people in the room below mine). I bathed only late at night when male visitors were not allowed on the floor.

    Fact: Reading the bravely articulated and heartfelt impact statement from the young woman involved in this incident resonated deeply within me. That my rape occured in a private dorm room, and there was no doubt in my mind that I MEANT to consent, are details apart from the public, behind a dumpster, naked body displayed with her (probably roofied) memory not at all intact. It resonated in how alone she felt, demeaned, damaged, the loss of control or autonomy, the inability to get over it and move on despite a fervent desire to do so, to change the narrative (which she courageously never gave into). I wish I’d had her courage, but then, in the 80’s, had it been occured to me to press charges, I would have been laughed right out of the police station. Rape culture was very much alive back then, but we didn’t name it as such. What happened to me would not have remotely been considered rape.

    • I’m really sorry that happened and hope that pos rots in hell. You have been very brave all your life and are still brave now. To write this out took courage. Thank you for sharing your story.

  81. Hey peach of shit! Rape is Rape! However, why is this girl wasted passed out drunk?!? WHERE are her friends? Is there a bartender that should be looked at?!? WTF!

  82. Hi! I’m not a lady, nothing on your blog said I need to be. I am in 100% agreement with you. I believe in equal rights, an on the other side of that coins should be equal punishment. This twisted fuck was not treated even close to others in this situation, and deserves much more. I did maybe the least I could by sharing this post, please let me know if there is more I can do.

    • There is nothing better than getting dudes to stand up for the ladies!! Thanks for commenting! =)

    • If want to do more, speak up whenever you can. If a boy or man makes a comment making light of assault and abuse, let him know it’s wrong and you don’t want to hear it. If a TV show makes light of rape, don’t watch it and let others know why. If you see a creep making a girl/woman uncomfortable on public transport, intervene. You don’t have to be aggressive. A good way is to pretend you know her: “Oh my God, Jenny, is that you? I haven’t seen you in ages! Let me call Elizabeth, she’s dying to catch up and tell how you about her new job. You have to come over for dinner, how about Thursday?”

      If you have a son, raise him right. If you have any influence over any male children, teach them that girls and women are not playthings, that they are human beings.

      If there’s harassment at your workplace, take the side of the person being victimised. If someone tells you that someone else makes them uncomfortable, believe them.

      We need men like you to stand up and speak out. Keep reading and keep yourself informed and educated. We need men like you on our side. Thanks for doing what you can. Every little bit helps.

  83. Thank you for this. This puke deserves his name and face to be made known. I wish social media existed when I was a victim, I would have done this same thing to the creep who got away with it.

  84. Deana Anderson

    Ive signed the petition to remove the judge and just shared this piece with all 1000+ of my friends and family worldwide. This little bottom feeder is going to wish he had just admitted his wrong and been sentenced to prison. Whats happening to him now will be much worse. Maybe, just maybe, anyone else that tries to do this will think twice. His parents need a jail sentence too, they have created this monster and see no problem with his behavior. Smh.

  85. I’ll go a step further:

    In less than six months time he’ll be out of jail. And that has to be when the public censure needs to kick in and continue for the rest of his life.

    So, take a good look at this smirking little shitfucker. Commit his face to memory. Remember what he looks like.

    And then, if you see him on the street, assuming you are physically able, punch him in the face. Hard.

    jab, hook, uppercut or haymaker, your choice. Just hit him hard. If you give him a bloody nose, fat lip, black eye, even better. If you break his nose or knock out a tooth, better yet.

    Don’t do it if you are not physically able or are worried about reprisal. But if you can, do.

    That’s assault. In California the maximum sentence of this is $1,000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.

    But don’t worry…

    According to the sentencing guidelines that were used on him you won’t do anywhere near that. Let me explain:

    By rights, this POS should have been sentenced to 60 years of hard time in San Quentin. He got 6 months in the county jail. He’ll be out in 3 months.

    Doing the math, he was sentenced to 1/240th the sentence he actually should have gotten and rightly deserved.

    6 months and divide it by 240. That works out to 18 hours in the slammer. Would you take a poke at this little bastard if, worst case scenario it would get you 18 hours in jail? By God, I would!

    $1,000 divided by 240 works out to about $4 and change. Let’s make it an even $5. Would you punch him in the face for 5 max? Come on, his face is begging to be punched!

    $5 and 18 hours in the county jail to show this little fucker his place. Sounds like a deal to me. I hope people are lined up around the block for this so he gets beat up every day of the rest of his miserable life.

    Just remember his face, so if the opportunity presents itself, you have your fists out and ready.

    Ok, seriously, much as I would like to see this little fucker get beaten within an inch of his life, I don’t want to incite violence, or see anybody else serve time in jail for it because I know that no court will be as lenient on you as it was on him. You’d probably serve more time than he will.

    But, all is not lost. Let public censure take its course.

    Remember what he looks like, and remember his name.

    If you work at a restaurant, store or bar, and he comes in, refuse to serve him and ask him to leave. (If you can do so without putting your job livelihood in jeopardy)

    If you work in real estate, refuse to sell a house to him. If you are a landlord, refuse to rent to him.

    If he applies to your company for work, refuse to hire him. If he gets hired and you are his manager, keep your eyes open and if he so much as blinks the wrong way, fire him. If you are his coworker, refuse to work with him.

    If he applies to a university and you are part of the admissions committee, reject his application. If he makes it in, and you are his professor, refuse to have him in your class. If you are his classmate, refuse to take a class with him. If everybody does that, they’ll have to get rid of him.

    If you are a hotellier and he tries to book a room, refuse.

    If you are on a train, bus or other public transportation, refuse to sit with him. Stand if necessary, being very clear as to why. If you are on a flight, ask for a seat change. If enough people do that, he’ll be kicked off the plane.

    If you are a member of the medical community, treat him, but make it clear to him that you are only doing so because of your respect for medical ethics and not for any interest in him.

    If you want public censure to work, he must be made a pariah everywhere he goes, and by everyone he interacts with.

    So you have to remember his name and face. And if you want to take a poke swing at him, be my guest. I won’t think any less of you. Hell, I might buy you a drink!

    • Hell, I’ll contribute to that person’s legal fund.

      As for the rest, yes, exactly. Remember his name and face so this follows him to the grave.

  86. Can someone clarify if she got drugged or not because I read somewhere else that both were drunk, another article said he was fine and took advantage of the drunk girl, and another website said he drugged the victim.

  87. Abby Griswold

    Please add Brock’s MUGSHOT to this article as opposed to the nice high school graduation photo the media provided. His gross mugshot was finally released after much badgering Let’s show him as the disgusting animal he really is!

  88. This site disgusts me. I really don’t care who disagrees with me. I’ve been taught to pray for my enemies. That also includes those who everyone wants dead, or to suffer for life. I pray for BOTH the victim AND this man; that he will come to repentance and that the woman affected will be able to work through how this affected her. I pray that BOTH will get the help they need, so that this never repeats on either end.
    I will NEVER be revisiting this site, since I know how most people think, and that my prayers will stir up unnecessary debate, which I choose to walk away from. If you choose to cast stones. I choose NOT to be a part of that.

    • Savannah

      Faith can be a wonderful thing. I appreciate the fact that you will be praying for the victim’s healing. Faith is what motivated my grandmother to forgive her father for raping her.

      But while you are praying, I hope you will meditate on the fact that Christ was not only the Son of God who told those waiting to punish an adulterer that the one without sin could cast the first stone; he was also the Son of God who scourged the moneychangers in the temple. He was also the Son of God who said that it was easier for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than for a wealthy man to enter heaven. He was also the Son of God who chastised his followers for sleeping while he was undergoing spiritual torment.

      Consider that while prayers are a good and needful thing, Christ himself advocated for just punishment.

    • You don’t care , you really, really don’t care, and yet you took the time to tell us what you think? Prayers don’t do a thing – taking action does. If you’re too cowardly to take action, then please keep your prayers to yourself.

    • Make no mistake, though, because you wish him suffering too, just in a different way.

      What else does true repentance mean, other than suffering for the suffering that you have caused another?

    • Cathie, You are apparently NOT a rape survivor as am I. This site DOES NOT disgust me. I, too, pray for the 5 thugs who gang raped me at knife point while I was walking home from my job at a hospital in my ‘oh so sexy white uniform, white hose and white nurse’s shoes’. I pray that they continually live with guilt and remorse. I pray that they never, ever abuse another woman. I even, on occasion, pray that their ‘man parts’ fall off. I’m sorry that you feel as you do but you are entitled to those feelings and thoughts. I just pray that you or those you love never find yourself in a position of having to forgive someone who has hurt you as this perp has done to this woman.

  89. This sentence is an absolute mockery of justice and only serves to tell the assailant (and other to be assailants) to be more careful about getting caught. The sentence certainly does not communicate that this behavior is intolerable. Brock Turner is a sociopath as he doesn’t even acknowledge or have any remorse for his crime and his arousal was over the act of the assault rather than actual penile penetration. As with other sociopaths given a chance to perfect their craft, I predict that Brock Turner will do this again except next time he will be more cunning in location and will likely kill the victim (no witnesses). This judge is an absolute idiot without an ounce of comprehension as to the type of creature that was before his court. One name – Ted Bundy!

    • The “creature” before him was a 20 year old just staring out his life, who you know nothing about, despite declaring him a sociopath. The judge heard a lot more testimony and read a lot more about him than you did, and came to his decision. We can’t keep jamming people into the prison system for life just because we assume they are all Ted Bundy. You think people don’t know rape is intolerable, but if he got 30 years in prison then they would know? What kind of logic is this? This is why we have more prisoners per capita than any other nation on Earth, the anger and punishing mentality of the average American burgher is sickening.

  90. He was twice the limit and she was three times the limit of alcohol. She even says she doesn’t remember a thing. So what if it was consensual but she was just so drunk she doesn’t remember? I mean that happens a lot too. It’s one person’s word against another. He said she was okay with it, she said she wasn’t. Focus on the facts. She was passed out, he was having sex with her, two people found them and yelled, he ran, they tackled him and he was arrested. Those are literally the only relevant facts that I know of. He should definitely get punished, the sentence might be a little light, but you are all pretty bias if you ask me

    • I’ve passed out during sex before, especially when drunk.

    • Savannah

      She had leaves and pine needles inside of her vagina. That is not a thing that someone consents to. Her labia were cut and bleeding from his actions. That is not a thing that someone consents to.

      The fact that she was UNCONSCIOUS means that she was no longer capable of consent. For example: if you tell me that it’s okay to punch you while you are drunk, and I wait until you are unconscious and punch you multiple times, are you going to be okay with that? As soon as a person is unconscious, their ability to consent to ANYTHING is gone.

    • Tracey Valko

      Typical stupid male response….wonder how you’d feel if it was your sister or daughter?! Why the hell if he was not doing anything wrong, did he run !!!! Think about !

    • @Tyler – Generally, when having consensual sex with a woman, she doesn’t end up with leaves and pine needles in her vagina and her labia doesn’t end up scraped and abraded. Just saying.

    • Consent no longer exists when someone is unconscious. That is not only the law, but it is common sense.

      • Yes he definitely broke the law and should be punished accordingly.

        But as scary as it sounds, try to view this from his perspective. Just try to imagine this guy is telling the truth….. just to humor me. This would be the best possible turn of events for him, I think a lot of people here imagine the worst possible turn of events are really what happened. In reality its probably somewhere in the middle.

        Here he is, really drunk and he thinks he is getting signals from her (not saying he was and not saying being drunk is a defense) How were they walking home together alone in the first place? I’m fairly sure he didn’t carry her there. If I were walking a girl home to my place from a party, I might take it as a hint something could happen later. Lets say they find a dark spot on the path and both decide this is the spot to hook up. That’s understandable, maybe not right, but it happens. Then they get to it and she passes out being so drunk. Maybe he didn’t notice because he was wasted too. What if it just happened a few seconds before the bystanders showed up? If some guys are yelling at me in the middle of the night and I was in an embarrassing situation, I might run too. If they are both drunk and she gives consent and doesn’t remember it, is the guy wrong to consider it consent? If so, where is the cutoff where consent is actually consent? .08bac. How can anyone prove she didn’t give consent before she passed out? Not that it matters because she was unconsious but it would definitely change the severity of the crime in my opinion.

        Yes the guy should be punished but it’s not black and white. To be honest, think the punishment is about right. I know jail is rough, and 6mo probably is a lot worse that you guys imagine.

        All I know is that if I were ever in court for anything, I would hope people would focus on the facts and not that I played sports, my race, or my families wealth. It seems people are going after him because of those facts instead of the true facts in the case.

  91. Reasonable

    This guy’s a giant piece of feces, but so are most of you with your “pitchforks.” I sincerely hope one of you tries something and gets shot in justifiable self defense.

    • Savannah

      Right, because being able to avoid a rapist because you know that they’re a rapist is just SO TERRIBLE.

    • Articulated with such intelligence, it’s over-whelming. You should try to refrain from existing in the future.

    • Thank you. I’m disgusted by what this guy did, and by his father’s excuse making, but this isn’t justice, and it won’t solve anything. All it does is indulge the baser instincts of those who are itching to participate.

    • Well, he should have been shot or jailed for what he did, as what he did was far more damaging and assaulting than a punch in the face. There is a dichotomy in your comment in that you are holding a pitchfork for the people holding pitchforks. Also most of the people here did not mention shooting Brock–but I think it’s safe to say that women would feel more protected by society if he was put in jail. His light punishment signifies that other men may rape women because they feel the consequences are so small. It is a bigger deal than just one rape case. It sets the bar for thousands of other cases. There should never be question that a man should rape a woman under ANY circumstance, whether it be his title, what she was wearing, etc, she has the right to her body as he does his. The anger that has risen is rightfully dignified–if a ruckus were not made about this I would be worried.

    • **Put in jail for longer than 3-6 months. I think as a consensus a reputable sentence would be at least 6 years. The punishment should be long. It should frighten other people from committing the same crime. His small punishment does nothing to protect women from rapists and only advocates it moreso.

  92. I believe in Good and Evil.

    I believe that Brock committed an Evil act.

    I believe that Evil is too often punished less than it deserves, and that Good garners less rewards than it ought to.

    I believe not that people are Good or Evil, but that we commit Good or Evil acts throughout our lives.

    I believe in consequences for actions. I believe that the punishment for an act should be measured against the act itself.

    I do not believe in hate or wanton violence. I believe that hate stains intent, inhibits understanding, and diminishes humanity. I believe that wanton violence damages the world.

    I do not believe in pitchforks or public shaming. Their performative nature distorts the truth and discourages individual thought.

    I believe that redemption is impossible, that acts cannot be exchanged like goods and services.

    I believe that, through agonizing work by the individual, that restoration is possible. Not assured, and not easy – but a possibility that rests solely on future action. I believe that restoration always requires the recognition of truth.

    I believe that some things ought never be forgiven.

  93. HEY, you should make a YOUTUBE video of this … then there will be more evidence of VIEWs… and more ability to share it … ?

  94. Oh, how can we live, the American justice system let one go through the net! We could have sentenced him to life in prison and stuck him into our magical rubber expanding prison system that the fairies pay for from our sense of internet outrage, but no, he will not spend the rest of his life in prison along with millions of other Americans who transgressed and aroused our pitchfork anger! Boo this judge, for having clemency, that ain’t in the Bible, to be merciful and stuff, that ain’t right!

  95. Sad as this story is, I hope young Brock is counting his good fortune for being a white Stanford student. Had he been an African-American who wasn’t a student and crashed the party, or even an African-American student at the school, does anyone think he would have received the same absurd sentence?

  96. I hope that both the judge and this man sue you , for slander! You need to not be allowed on Social media if this is how you choose to use it, you are just as bad of a person as he may be for trying to be some sort of vigilante. I hope someone takes your freedom away and SOON.

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  98. Anne Marchington

    I came across this article, which was posted on Face Book. I know absolutely nothing about this case and I’m sure that there are arguments from both sides but, as an outsider reading this for the first time, and not even reading all the responses from others, I am compelled to say that there is just one sentence in this post that bothers me greatly – the sentence reads ” So that women know that they’d better not get drunk in your presence…or even…be in your presence at all”. In my humble opinion – any single person that gets drunk in public, whether it be male or female, automatically gives up all rights they have.

    As soon as a person willingly places themselves under the influence of any substance, be it drugs, alcohol or anything that impairs their judgement and renders them incapable of defending themselves or making sane decisions cannot possibly claim that they are the innocent party.

    And please don’t think that I am defending anyone. I am going to presume that there was physical evidence of abuse of some sort? which is inexcusable of course, but, we as mothers and fathers of these “children” (no matter what their age – they are always our children) would be reneiging on our responsibility as parents if we were not doing everything in our power to teach our children that partaking in substances that impair their judgement is what is killing decent society today.

  99. Given the statement from his victim, I am also curious as to who his lawyer, private investigators and expert witnesses were. They abetted his attempts to get away with rape. What are their names?

  100. Unbelievable, this person needs to be punished and if you ask me so does this judge….

  101. Do you trust US courts to deliver justice? What evidence is there that he raped her? Just because he ran when the two Swedes challenged both of them? How could either of them consent if they were both excessively intoxicated?

  102. I’m 54 years old now. At the age of twenty 23 , I was drugged (abducted) brutally raped and held hostage for days. The man that did this had money, connections and walked free from this crime. It changed my life forever! I’m not the same person, and this wasn’t an isolated incident! Why does our system point the finger at the women as having fault and brush it off like a skinned knee? I’m not the first and wish I was the last! Our system is broke and driven by money can buy you out of anything( sadness). Desperately seeking JUSTICE for the crime committed !!!! I really wish I could have given this reply without giving my email- trust issues due to the crime of rape, brutally raped and beaten, and no justice served!

  103. Er, I meant ‘bad mother’ – don’t ask me how or why I made that error!

  104. His name shall be burned. Hope he enjoys the fires of hell.

  105. The daughter comments always bug me. Half the population are daughters. One shouldn’t have to have a daughter to understand why rape is a horrendous crime. Every victim is somebody’s daughter or son. The fact that some don’t truly understand how terrible these crimes are until they have a daughter is so sad. This weird disconnect reminds me of “players” who brag about hooking up with many girls in one sentence and say “when I have a daughter, nobody is dating her.”

  106. Hopefully somebody in jail will teach him what it feels like to be violated.

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  108. thank you for this! the only thing I would add/request is that like Laura posted, I’d like to see this douche bag’s mugshot at least split screened with his yearbook photo.

  109. We should be sharing his mug shot not this cute & bright future photo

  110. Thank you for this. Here are two for your rapist list: Benjamin Yorke and Adam ‘Dean’ Maufort. The former was my friend when he was 16 and I was 11; he put his hand down my pants while lying on top of me (we’d been play-wrestling … which I haven’t done since) and whispered in my ear, ‘Do you wanna?’ I don’t know what happened after that – my brain blocked it out, and years of therapy were unable to retrieve it.

    The latter was a volunteer mentor who invited me over to teach me guitar when I was 19. It was 1 in the morning, but I was 19, and I’d always wanted to learn guitar. He insisted I drink a ‘vodka powerade’ (‘house rules’) and kept pouring vodka in my cup. I blacked out within forty minutes. Woke up in his bed at noon with three broken teeth, a lacerated lip, finger-shaped bruises on my arms, and genitals so raw I cried when I peed.

    I reported it. I endured the investigation and the preliminary hearing. The defense questioned my sexual history and my mental health, and he insisted that I must’ve known what was going to happen – I went to a guy’s house at 1 in the morning! And then the crown attorney decided the case wasn’t worth taking to trial. Adam had admitted that he’d fucked me and that I’d been so wasted I’d puked in his guitar, but, because I blacked out, there was no proof I hadn’t consented. For some reason I thought consciousness was a prerequisite for consent.

    Thank you for writing this. We need more effective ways to deal with this rape epidemic than our broken (in)justice system.

    • I am so sorry you went through this terrible and horrendous crime. Sadly so many have endured these private agonies, having to hide a pregnncy to save a marriage (rather than explaining rape), people have committed suicide, or lived in shame or silence, or if you’ve been one of the close supports to someone dealing with this horrific crime you see the cruelty and injustice. A six month sentence is a joke. Especially when Brock’s case was open and shut with witnesses and ample evidence. And I heard he is appealing that sentence, he feels he should be able to get away with it. Because ya know it might interfere with his life being convicted for what he did and apparently who he is. My thoughts go to the rape victim, her family and all the brave heros that brought this closer to justice. At least Brock Turner is a known entity when he tried to rape some women again. Possibly while she is in orthopedic surgery? It is so important Brock serves reasonable time for his crime, and is reduced as a public danger. If he gets off he will just be another frat boy selling roofies and bragging. There needs to be a crackdown of these extreme dangers to society.

  111. The only, I repeat ONLY punishment that is acceptable for a rapist is death. That’s it. This judge is sick in the head. It is impossible for him not to be or else he would have given this thing what it deserves.

    I’m not talking about statutory rape bergen a 17 and 18 year old that was actually consensual but sometime got pissy over. I’m talking forced rape. At the bare minimum, life in prison without parole. You can’t let these things have contact with people.. its just stupid.

  112. Eugene Shults

    Not saying this guy is right for what he did, but holy crap, if I were still in college I wouldn’t have sex with anyone even if the woman was not drunk and consenting.

    I was only in college 6 years ago and honestly if my blood alcohol content was that high my dick wouldn’t even work. It just seems too easy for a female who may have a gripe about any male student after the fact to simply say that he raped her. Even if there was truly no wrongdoing, the pitchfork mobs would be quick to hang the male.

    Abstinence in college seems more realistic.

  113. Eugene Shults

    Not saying this guy is right for what he did, but wow, if I were still in college I wouldn’t have sex with anyone even if the woman was not drunk and consenting.
    I was only in college 6 years ago and honestly if my blood alcohol content was that high my member wouldn’t even work. It just seems too easy for a female who may have a gripe about any male student after the fact to simply say that he raped her. Even if there was truly no wrongdoing, the pitchfork mobs would be quick to hang the male.
    Abstinence in college seems more realistic.

  114. As much as I abhor what this young man did. I cannot support the tone of this blog. The good news is he got 6 months in jail. I work with trauma rape victims and their rapists are rarely caught or sentenced. Social media shaming is not going to fix this problem. Young men need to be taught to respect women and young women need to learn to respect themselves and know how to keep themselves safe. Sadly, alcohol and rape are a common combination for both sexes. I am grateful for this young woman that she was able to get a sentence for her rapist. Our whole system needs to change regarding our attitudes of gender respect.

  115. Glad to see this post, and well done for standing up. I suggest people revisit this on a yearly basis with a new post with updates (general location, jobs, girlfriends, nicknames or new legal name [since he’ll likely attempt to change it at some point] if those details present themselves without breaking any stalking laws), and make sure the business world as well as women everywhere know what kind of a slimeball Brock Turner is?

    Good job, Brock Turner – you’ve certainly made a name for yourself. Several, in fact: Pervert. Rapist. Deviant. Scumbag. Asshole. The list can only grow.

  116. Wow! Verdict handed down Friday, and by Monday Brock Turner is already appealing his expensive lenient trial? Omg, read the LA Times Article please! This is unreal, his family claims he was a victim!!!! For ya know committing a crime. The dad said it was only twenty minutes. And the grandparents couldn’t visit Brock before trial because they might develop a medical condition if he flew to visit. Furthermore instead of prison the family wants him to act as a counselor to other prospective rapists. What?!!! If he doesn’t do ten years of hard time, he would just be bragging about how he got away with it. This Turner family believe they are above the law, just because they are high powered and have retired judges for family friends, who pressured the decision. Great so Brock the rapist wants to be an orthopedic surgeon to put women under and violate them? Please stand up for women and their right not to be assaulted. LA Times article 6/7/16 is titled: “Stanford rapist’s friends and relatives wrote to persuade judge to keep him out of prison”

    • I did read in a few places that he wants to be a surgeon and was quite frightened by that. The fact that he was capable of doing what he did for any length of time, sober or intoxicated deems him unsuitable for a job with such high judgement calls.

  117. I’ve tried to read all comments to ensure I’m not duplicating statements, but there are a lot and may have missed it…the judge, who should be held accountable for his decision, claimed that he just took the advice of the parole or probation board (not sure which). if this is true, then the board members need to also be held accountable for their actions and recommendations.

  118. Tracey Valko

    I think both father and son are absolutely disgusting ! Rape is rape ….don’t care who or what you are ! He should have gotten the harshest sentence but of course, you have another piece of crap Judge who thninks what he did was ok ! I hope and will do my best to make sure this dirt bag does not go to the Olympics by posting this EVERYWHERE ! Only the best of the best should get that privilege NOT SOME RAPIST !

  119. No, no, no , no, and no.

    I apologize for being the group downer, I know all of you are very convinced that by doing this you are doing the righteous thing but there are several problems with this approach. Also, just a side note, it was not a “little piece” that he stole. Not by a long shot.

    1) As the media and Hollywood have known for years, there is no such thing as bad publicity. All you do is teach people who might have similar inclinations, that they can get attention for doing so, AND that if they get enough of the right attention, have the right racial and SES background, that they can commit this horrible crime, AND get a minimal sentence/ minimal repercussions for it.


    2) Every time his face is bandied about on the web, on facebook, on the t.v., and in the newspaper, it is highly likely that it re-traumatizes his victim, who already had to endure a terrible court case which was doing quite the job of that, already.

    3) Media “activism” takes very little time to engage in, and has limited effectiveness. Yeah, maybe it is possible that it could make his life difficult for a few weeks, or at least until everyone forgets again, and that will happen. You know it, I know it, my cat knows it.

    Instead of campaigns to give him negative publicity, which still is publicity fundamentally, how about working to detoxify our culture’s current understanding of masculinity, working with young men to show them how to respect women, why it is vital to do so. How about working with young women to continue teaching them that it is more than okay to revel in their intelligence, their skills, their mathematical, musical, scientific, creative or whatever endeavors they find themselves with flow and talent for, and working to change society so that women do not find themselves so completely defined by their bodies and their looks and their sexuality.

    These things could make a lasting difference, that might help prevent this from happening to as many women.

    What should also happen, is that other than his name being on that offender registry til the day he dies, and at this point, his face is commonly known enough that he will be known and recognizable as dangerous for quite some time, so at this point his name and image should disappear completely. No infamy, no triumphant comebacks, chances at success later, no book deals from jail, no talk shows or news interviews, just a complete disappearance from history or memory altogether. Just a descent into the few sorts of jobs he’ll ever be able to get and lonely obscurity. Which is, because of the judge’s catastrophically bad decision, probably the worst punishment for him that we could hope for.

    But this, I don’t think plastering his face everywhere is going to wind up being nearly the punishment that you think it will, or that you hope for, and I think we all should be very cautious in doing anything that could further trigger/traumatize the victim in this case, and I fear that campaigns like this will further dilute the energy and desire for longer term action that could make far more difference than just posting a pic on facebook.

    Last point to leave everyone with, be careful with anger as a response past the initial. Natural and completely justified yes, but past the initial response, all it does, anger at him, is put him in control again. This time, in control of you. Anger also limits your cognitive capacity and makes it more difficult to see the full depth and breadth of the situation, and limits our ability to act in ways that could truly make a difference.

    • You make an excellent point. I agree with it almost 100%.
      The one problem with what you posted though is that part of the reason to keep him identified is to protect women (or boys and men if he also likes to violate them) and help prevent from him doing this again.

      Having a Hall of Shame to keep the light shining on these types would help achieve that purpose. It is actually a long term action. These types of perps and their supporters don’t like to have the light shone on them and what they’re doing. They can only continue successfully when it is hidden and condoned.

  120. This article is disturbing. It’s a poorly written effort to capitalize on an extremely unfortunate situation. The “pitchfork” mentality that you are promoting is scary.

  121. Now do his POS father…. “20 minutes of action” Fucker..he’s just as bad as his POS son.

  122. I’d feel safer in a room with a reformed Brock Turner than with this lynch mob ready to hang him the second he walks out of prison. If you could push a button and wipe the kid off the face of this Earth, would you? I bet most of you would and that’s scary.

    • Christina

      Problem being how will 6 months reform Brock Turner? He’ll be out in 3 and back to a normal life. On the other hand put yourself in the victim’s shoes. She will be getting a lot more than that. If I could push a button I would like him to live what she went through and gain some insight into how it felt and feels for her now. If what I read is correct he has had little remorse and lets the blame lie not on himself but drinking.

      • Three months is enough to entirely change a person. It is a long time.

    • I agree. People here seem way too involved for not being in this particular situation. Seems like people don’t care about any other facts other than the one. Let’s use that same analogy that’s used for the opposite side. If he was your son/brother/dad would you want him dead?

      I understand he did a very bad thing, but the majority of people here definitely have misguided anger. I feel disgusted to see people’s true faces show.

      Sounds like internet bullying to me. Big and bad behind the keyboard.

  123. Victoria Mills

    You all are surprised of the fathers response but truth be said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!! Oh and call it what you may but we don’t know this but he may have murdered her internally but I pray for you sweet girl that the LORD will pick your broken heart up and carry you high above all in this life!! You will do good things in the name of Jesus love you sweet girl.

  124. Anne O'Nymous

    I wonder how KnowledgeIsPower and others of that type would use their theory of a degraded society — fancy victim-blaming, in other words — to account for the fact that my husband of 14 years (and yes, we were married by a Christian pastor and everything, and the alleged “man” I was married to claimed to be a Methodist) raped me in my own bed. That morning I had had a broken wrist (from cycling) freshly put in a cast. My husband filled the prescription for Percocet. I took 2 pills, as it said to do on the label. I could not stand up or, therefore, consent to a haircut, much less sexual activity. I was lying in bed waiting for the room to stop spinning so I could get some sleep. My husband walked into the room and said, “Maybe this will take your mind off the pain.”

    He was, at the time, a severe alcoholic — blackouts and vomiting — but denied he had any such problem. I had therefore become afraid of him, and denied him the sex to which he believed he was entitled for about 2, maybe 3, weeks beforehand. When he saw me helpless, he saw his chance to teach me a lesson that indeed, my body was his property, and remarked after he finished that it would be really easy to drown me in the tub and it would totally look like an accident and nobody could tell the difference.

    But you know, maybe my cast was just really, really sexy, or it gave off “free love” vibes, or something.

    • I’m sorry for all that you suffered. My ex husband was abusive as well. He was addicted to adderal and pain killers. I don’t know why they had to do something like that when all I think that we as women ever try to do is trust and love them. I blamed myself in the beginning but I realized that he was just messed up.

  125. The light sentence was wrong and infuriating. But I cannot agree with viciously targeting the individual rapist because I believe our focus should be on exposing, attacking and changing the rape culture that produced him, as vividly illustrated by his father in his letter to the court and by the light sentence.

  126. Reasonette

    Ya’ll need Jesus, and a job. The kid is scum, but get over yourselves. Also anyone who quotes that out of context media quote of ’20 minutes of action’ is an ignorant sheep and should learn to read quotes in context. He wasn’t referring to the sex as ‘action’ as in ‘getting some action’. He’s saying his son fucked up for 20 mins of his life, the rest of it was not so bad. Whatever, this kid is a shithead, but the father is just trying to protect his son, can’t blame him for that. Lot’s of people’s fathers don’t even stick around to see their kids grow up to become fuckups. Koodos to this guy for at least having some balls to try to protect his kin. Shame on all of you for ‘eye for an eye’ mentality.

    • I hope for your sake and others commenting that this anger is “overblown” or “misguided” that you only have to talk your talk and never have to walk the walk. No woman should have to walk this walk.

  127. Most of the comments are about the father’s attitude about his child’s actions. Because from what I understand, the boy, is not only feeling remorseful but it is affecting his life too. Had his father not gone out of his way to make a statement that was really crass, would the pitchforks be out and in flames?

    The woman should have watched her liquor intake, she said herself she drank too much too fast, for being the oldest at the party it is pretty irresponsible. It doesn’t absolve the boy but it does say that this woman should have had some self-control herself. This boy, saw an opportunity he should have let pass, because it was the wrong thing to do. Yes he was impaired by the same binge drinking that the woman did, for all we know they hit it off earlier either before the witnesses saw it or whatever. No, it didn’t give him permission to do what he did but there is much more to this story than what the media is telling everyone. Which is what is creating this lynch mob mentality.

    The parents of both of these children, to me, are the most to blame here. They didn’t teach the survival skills necessary to live in the world without adult supervision. Neither showed any restraint when drinking or partying. If you don’t over drink you won’t pass out to the point where you can’t be woken up. If you don’t’ over drink you won’t see opportunities and not think about the consequences before taking those opportunities. So if were going to call for a lynch mob, call it for the parents that let these children down by not preparing them for the world. Let the people rake them over the coals for their inability to raise a responsible human being. The children have been dealt their hands and are dealing with the consequences of the choices they have made, it is time to lay blame squarely where it belongs, those that raised them to be this irresponsible.

  128. Addieturbo

    Can we find out more about the parents? They should be ashamed for raising a horrible son, not to mention their own insensitivity in their statements. They made their money somehow – can we boycott whoever hired the dad? Their money bought that farce of a lawyer and I’m sure influenced the judge. Make no mistake – were this a poor family the sentence would have been much harsher and appropriate to the crime.

  129. To Stop! and Scared: the pitchfork mentality is in just cause. An appointed judge issued a slap on the wrist sentence to a rapist. You should be scared, as is the victim… Maybe if the sentence was enough to deter others the amount of rapists would be decreasing in society. Maybe an eye for an eye is appropriate. Maybe the rapist or the judge receiving a few fingers and pine needles to the ass would be an eye opener.

  130. Progrockaddict

    Completely agree with the above written article. Note, people, this is not lynching, this is public censure. This has been around for long time in situations where law authorities failed to do their job right. This subhuman needs to be reminded every minute what a worthless shit he is.

    • Exactly. People keep saying I’m inciting violence. Where did I EVER say anyone should hurt him? In fact I’ve deleted comments that said we should hurt or kill him. That would NOT be ok, I do NOT recommend violence. Public censure? Absolutely.

      • Even the title of your article incites violence. The pitchfork historically symbolizes “mob justice” which usually ended in hanging or burning at the stake. You are spewing sensational crap to bring attention to your blog. Maybe you should abandon your false pretenses.

    • do the same thing to him and call it day…cause otherwise we’ll all be hearing people bitch and complain and thereby reminding not just him, but every person on earth…

  131. The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
    begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
    Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
    Through violence you may murder the liar,
    but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.
    Through violence you may murder the hater,
    but you do not murder hate.
    In fact, violence merely increases hate.
    So it goes.
    Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,
    adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
    Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
    only light can do that.
    Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • I was not previously familiar with this quote but it so eloquently summarizes my objections to the kind of pitchfork mentality that is being espoused by so many on this page. Dr. King was a wise and compassionate man and his words should be read and reread by anyone who thinks public shaming is the answer to our society’s problems. Thank you for sharing this here.

  132. He shouldnt be hung… He should be castrated in public

  133. The Watchful Eye

    Just going to say that this type of Internet lynch mobing would not be so aggiated if the genders were reversed. If a man violates a woman the entire Internet Flys off the handle, if a woman violates a man he us just seen as a puss for not taking her up on it in the first place… gotta love the double standards. Also, I’m not saying Brock does not deserve to burn in hell, far from it. If I could I would hang him myself. Just pointing out the double standards. Bet at least the next 3 post will be saying that I’m wrong or do not know what I am talking about. 😀

  134. I know this will sound extreme…and it is. But I have wondered this for many years. What if a gang of women were wandering the streets late at night. Looking for an unsuspecting male victim…a man they would hold down and violently assault, perhaps inserting an object into his anus repeatedly. Listening to him moan, beg, plead for mercy. And after they were done, leave him behind a dumpster in a crumpled, bloody, humiliated mess.
    Even better…when man reports act to police he is degraded, judged, made to feel filthy and disgusting. Nothing is done because let’s face it, he was acting irresponsibly…drinking too much alcohol, staying out late, walking alone! What makes him think it’s o.k. to walk alone after a certain hour.
    And of course, how can we believe him and his account of the assault. He was drunk wasn’t he? ….u get the picture.
    Perhaps someone should write a play. And show how truly horrific it is for the victim. Putting a male in the “lead role.”
    *My favorite daydream

  135. Young girls should REALLY take this to heart; You should NEVER put yourself in a situation where there is a possibility for this to happen. It’s foolish and just asking for trouble. Protect yourself and take proper precautions.

  136. Momma’s comment way above has merit. The lawyers for the defence who (legally) added to this young woman’s abuse should also be named & shamed. In my eyes their behaviour equally reprehensible. And there is a Change.org petition asking that the judge not be reappointed in a few days time – please sign it asap?

  137. Just make sure you repost this every six months so people don’t forget his face and what he did. We can only hope he gets the same when he does his six months.

  138. You keyboard warriors are no better than the bullies who push people to kill themselves and then get up in arms about it. Take a step back and look at yourselves for a minute. Blasting this guys name across the Internet isn’t going to serve justice, it’s going to create an environment where people might think that dragging someone through the streets and tarring and feathering them is getting justice when the outcome isn’t what you wanted to hear. Yes, he sexually assulted this girl. What he did was wrong. He will go to jail for it. you bullying him after the fact won’t change a goddam thing other than the fact that it might set an example for others to think bullying is a means to seek inner peace or make you feel better about something, and that’s just not right.

    • Yeah, the people calling the guy who raped someone a rapist are the bullies. That’s rich.

  139. Becky Barry

    This was a great write! I shared and ranted on my fb page.

    This woman was sexually assaulted,raped, whatever term you attach to it, not once but millions of times. The first two by Turner and the bought judge and then by the worthless Hollywood type crimebeat blotter reporting that this country loves, every time they talk about she has to re-live it. The media and surviving newspapers should be leading the fight to have this sentence over turned or something and this worthless piece of a judge disbarred! It’s despicable!!

  140. Carole Resnick

    Perhaps the judge and Brock could be cell mates.

  141. I was ready to share this, then it lost credibility with the swearing. Is this guy a rapist? Yes he is. Does that girl have to live the rest of her life with the damage he did to her? Yes she does. He should be ordered to pay for her therapy and the Judge should have given him years because she has to live with this for years. But we as a nation can keep her in our prayers. He will get his in the 6 months in prison. They always look for pretty boys.

  142. Thank you for standing up for the victim and standing against the man who violated her. Maybe knowing that people everywhere are holding her up, will give her needed strength when she remembers that Brock Allen Turner raped her and his father called it “20 minutes of action” and tried to blame the victim, and maybe it will dilute the lies his high-priced lawyers told the court and the pain caused by a judge who thought the price of rape should be reduced because it would get in the way of a criminal’s future. I hope so.

  143. I doubt there are many people that would condone this young mans behavior. This was put to a jury/judge and he was found guilty. The judge determined the extent of the punishment. Whether we agree with it or not is really a moot point because we don’t get a say. What happened was terrible there’s no denying that. But instead of casting your stones maybe we should instead be praying for all of the parties involved. If you choose to repay evil for evil by plastering this young mans image and information all over the interwebs, well then your actions are no better than his. He made a terrible mistake and may or may not be sorry for it, but it isn’t for us to judge nor condemn. That’s up to God.

    • There is no God. If there was, such things wouldn’t happen to innocent people, so take your religious crap and show it up your arse.

      Thing is, since the Judge clearly broke the law by defending the culprit, it’s up to the people to do what the Judge could not, show the world what a fucked up little twat Brock is. Make sure he will only be remembered as nothing but a pathetic rapist who has never seen a vagina unless a woman is unconscious.

    • 1. He didn’t make a mistake–he treated another human being like a thing–as a means to his ends. That’s not an error–it’s a contemptible and anti-social choice.

      2. The people here who are filled with self-righteous anger, and cultivating hatred at him may be ugly in their conduct, but there is no way you can compare the two. The blog author and most of the people here are engaged in a small anti-social act. This man raped a fellow human being–that is a monstrous anti-social act. It’s ludicrous to compare the two.

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  145. Bravo! Hit the nail right on the fucking head!!! I believe there are ALWAYS good things that come from every situation but had to share and let everyone know what a huge piece of shit this “guy” is!!! I would even go so far to say it is our ethical responsibility to share the fuck out this post!!

  146. Hazel Rightfield

    Is it just me, or does this guy look like a woman? He has a VERY feminine face! If I had to guess, I would say he’s very confused and angry about his sexuality/sexual identity and instead of coming out of the closet about it, this is how he keeps himself in his little man cage and “copes”. I’m NOT suggesting that transgender people are sexual offenders. Quite the opposite. I’m saying that when people try to go against their own sexuality and identity, no good can come of it. We all know plenty of lawmakers who have taken radical stances against gay people, transgender people and women, and oh, so often it turns out they have skeletons in the closet! This is not just another entitled misogynist dickhead. When this guy raped that woman, he was also raping a woman that lives in his HEAD, and he HATES her. I hope he and the judge both get dick cancer and die very slow painful deaths from it.

  147. Tim Willetts

    A few words of advice for Brock Turner after he gets out of prison. Plastic surgery, name change, passport, sunglasses, Bhutan.

    • Soon he will be free – he will get his new name and identity. He will even get protection and financial support .. and government might even help him out.. that’s how great this country is..

  148. Veronica

    Unbelievable! 6 months! Men can not be the judges any more! They dont understand! Its so unfair and unfortunate!

  149. You can actually get sued for defamation. It is a civil wrong, I am sure you’ll be seeing a law suit soon.

    • Jason you are making a public threat. That could be worse, than speaking about a convicted felon crime.

    • Yes, you can get sued for defamation of character, however, when you’re simply telling the truth, then it’s not defamation of character.

      Face it. This punk kid messed up royally, and now he’s gonna feel for it for the rest of his life. Scum like him don’t even deserve to live.

  150. The more I read, the more I think that for “20 minutes of action ” there will be 90 sleepless nights and chances that he will get to experience victimization.

  151. Friends-don’t let your friends get Brocked!

  152. Have faith in something , otherwise we are all doomed. “Judge not less ye be judged” does not apply only to what YOU are comfortable with. Horrible examples of humanity from the act of the young man to the glorification of this article hidden as a “movement”. How many hits and likes until the evil is undone, and the young lady healed? Sad, sad, sad. We must all be better then this, all of this. Hatred is not defeated by hatred, whether against sex, race, gender ID. Ignorance knows no details, it breeds in hatred, and runs rampant in the evil doers and well intended alike. Ruin this offenders life, he deserves it…and then what, wait for the next and do it again? It’s easy to stir people’s emotions with words(just look at the comments) it’s much harder to start a conversation about real solutions(and much less popular)…Just read a little on our history and the people who really made
    a difference, one clue most of them met untimely fates by people filled with hatred and righteousness like the ones praising this article; refocus energy to positive or we all lose to the negative.

    • Actually for condemning others posts, your post does not adhere to your rule of conversation. It is exceedingly negative and only passes judgement and negativity.

      Are you a troll working for the Turner family? Kidding! (Sort of) How about you conversing? It’s clear your mind is made up.

    • Captain Obvious

      Enough with your rape denial and shame for having legitimate feelings against Rape!

      Feelings of anger are natural. Venting on this website, isn’t as bad as most tube comments. Maybe live and let live. Do not come to a thread with this title and attempt to shame people for their feelings.

      When you have someone close to you shattered by such entitlement and hatred as the crime committed to them. How will they continue on in life now?

      You are welcome to visit back if you need to vent and process.

      Otherwise don’t attack people for feeling extreme anger after a rape.

      Studies say 1 in three 3 US women report being are raped or sexually molested in their lifetime. But the truth is probably more than that amount do not report such a highly personal crime.

  153. Meghan go

    AMAZINGLY well said, thank for posting what we’re all thinking…

  154. What a vile post! I can only hope that you don’t piss somebody off and wake up to find YOUR name, address and postal code all over the intent. Ugh. Public lynchings are a truly repugnant part of human history – let’s NOT bring them back.

    • Public lynching is bad, but the crime he committed isn’t? Sure thing mate. You shouldn’t speak publicly if you think what he did is ok.
      Since the sentence is fucked up, and the fact that the judge was more concerned about Brocks life than that of the victim, then it’s up to people to show the world what kinda piece of shit this guy is. Make sure that everyone knows exactly who he is and no one wants to be around him.

    • AlexBach

      He’s a registered sex offender. His name and address will be available courtesy of the California Department of Corrections. Don’t rape people if you don’t want to be labeled a rapist.

  155. Emma Boyd

    Kristen – any ideas how to alter Persky’s prospects of re-election? SHARE that when you have it, we’ll all sign that petition!!

  156. There were male witnesses to the crime who physically caught the guy in the act. Physical evidence, and more. For you to mistakenly believe (and argue your ignorance publically) you lose rights and responsibilities due to any substance.. What are you ten years old? Morman? I mean that is fine if you are ten years old or Morman. But you are gravely ignorant and misinformed about the law and how individuals are responsible for all of their behavior no matter what. Unless they are ruled to be criminally insane and then are essentially locked up forever because it is presumed that they have no self-regulating ability to not cause others harm.

  157. Hmmm, no. What you are proposing is not okay. I understand your anger; I feel it too, I understand frustration; I feel it too, I understand your desire for this man to be appropriately punished; I feel it too. But vigilante justice serves no purpose in a civilized society. The judge should be removed. In a perfect world this man would have received a stricter sentence or better yet, never committed the crime. But the methods for justice you’ve proposed are sick and wrong. Sorry. I understand emotion. But,,,, your essay is irresponsible and uncivilized. It reduces those of us who feel contempt for his crime to the same level as the abuser.

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  159. Actually I think tough punishments have a FAR GREATER deterrant effect on Frat boy type Rapists, than knife to your throat b & e Rapists. For exactly the reason Brock Turner & family are whining.. They are perceived crimes of opportunity, he would think twice and so would his featuring T if he was facing ten years of hard time.