And now for some brilliant/hilarious insights into the positives of life with with an ADHD husband, from the infuriatingly prolific Dr. Samantha Rodman:

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I was asked to write a guest post on ADHD, which I don’t have.  I have, instead, PTMAD, or Pay Too Much Attention Disorder.  Some weird people also call this OCD, or “being unbearable to live with.”  It manifests in being unable to concentrate if the coffee table is at a weird angle, and it’s going to be in DSM 6.  Or not.  Anyway, here are the top ten things to love about a husband with ADHD.  Note: They are all really cute and funny, which means that we never ever have conflict about these things.  Obviously.

  1. He is spontaneous.  Like I’ll ask him to do something and he’ll spontaneously ignore me.
  2. He isn’t bound by convention.  Like how having a neat house is really just a social construct. Also a way to actually find your stuff.  Whatever.
  3. He never worries.  I’m like, hey did you think of X long term consequence of Y?  And he’s like, yeah, hmmm.  Sometimes he’ll also say, “good point.”  But he doesn’t mean it.
  4. He lives in the present.  I’m like, what are you doing?  And he’s like, Just sitting.  If you understand why this is so amazing, you have the same OCD as me.
  5. He can watch kids TV.  He can actually watch any TV, and a subset of any TV is “kids TV.”  That’s good because honestly I haven’t watched a kids’ show to completion basically ever.  Or Frozen.  Someone call Child Protective Services on me.  Or don’t, because my husband watches Superwhy so I don’t have to.
  6. He is adventurous.  So someone can go on amusement park rides with my kids.  Or capture a mouse in our house.
  7. He likes novelty.  If something goes unexpectedly wrong, he seems to weirdly get into it.  Like a power outage, aka My Worst Thing Ever.
  8. He likes high pressure situations, like having multiple kids, or preschool dropoff.
  9. He thrives on noise and chaos, whereas I “don’t thrive” aka HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT BE QUIET BE QUIET MOMMY IS GETTING A HEADACHE!!

I love you, husband with ADHD!  And I love you, Kristen, for letting me guest blog.  For more, visit Dr. Psych Mom, or find me on Facebook or Twitter @DrPsychMom.

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  1. Oh! I want to play! Also adding, Sometimes he’s having three separate conversations with me at the same time and I can actually get the simulated experience of riding a roller coaster without actually riding one! And…sometimes I even have whiplash symptoms!