Since I feel like crap every year when 9/11 rolls around, I figure the day probably makes you guys feel a little crappy, too. Extremely high on my list of “Stuff That Makes Me Feel Less Crappy” is anthropomorphizing animals who are being adorable. With that in mind, here are some pictures of animals who totally look like they are being sympathic to make all of us feel marginally less crappy:

19 dog tilt head
This guy wants to know if you’re doin’ okay. Or he’s confused.
1 elephant
Oh look, something to add to my bucket list. Elephants really do need hugs, though. They do.
2 meerkats hugging
I’m pretty sure they’re telling secrets.
3 sloths hugging
Am googling “How to buy a baby sloth” and “baby sloth clothes.”
4 baboons
These two obviously just want to be alone.
17 dog and boy
My dog totally does this. He can’t stand to see the kids cry.
5 duck and goat
Even little duckies like a good snuggle.
6 kangaroo hug
And Kangaroos kiss.
7 dog hug
Dogs using their arms to hug: Assimilation complete.
15 - dog and boy
I don’t know what to say about this one because I’m overwhelmed by the adorableness.
8 bird hug
9 bear hug
THAT’S why they call them “bear hugs.” 😉
10 monkey and dove
It’s okay, bird. It’s okay.
11 ugly fish
Aw crap, how’d THAT get in there?
12 - sympathetic cat
“I’m so sorry the feather got lost behind the couch.”
13 bobo hug
Wait. This is real empathy. Don’t try to convince me otherwise.
14 rats
This one is for Kassie.
16 chimp and baby
I don’t think this is legal now but this is still really cute.
20 dog tilt
But seriously… you okay?
18 baby-elephants
Remember: if you need someone to lean on, that is what friends are for.

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  1. I am overwhelmed at the awesomeness of this post. Probably the BEST post I’ve seen or will see today. You’ve succeeded in cheering me up, so thank you my dear!!! Huge hugs to you (probably not nearly as cute as these hugs in the pics but huge hugs all the same).

  2. Great idea Kristen. Sharing some laughs and some love can only be a good thing. My fave is the monkey chillin’ affectionately with a bird.