Have you ever felt like your thoughts are on hyperdrive? I’ll tell you a secret: a lot of people do.
So today, we are going to do something a little bit different. Instead of quoting research, I am employing the help of Kristen Mae, fellow writer extraordinaire, to tell you about her personal experiences with anxiety, racing thoughts and the physical process she experiences. She has also shared some tricks that she uses to calm down.
This anxiety process is not the same for everyone, and everyone has a different level of tolerance for the symptoms themselves. But most with anxiety struggle with some physical symptoms such as rapid heart rate, and trouble breathing along with scary or intrusive thoughts of some type, from losing their minds, to fear of embarrassment, to suddenly blurting out something inappropriate.
Even though it can feel horrible when it’s happening, those around you are usually blissfully unaware that it’s occurring at all. Everyone around you is going through something, their own struggles, their own “weirdness” regardless of what outside appearances may lead us to believe.
It doesn’t feel normal to most people. But it is. It’s those little pieces of “weirdness” that makes us all normal.
Here is Kristen’s story. See if you can relate:
Oh, this soccer mom I’m talking to seems super-nice. She has shiny hair, the kind that was probably washed and blow dried within the last 24 hours. I haven’t taken a shower since yesterday morning and I didn’t even bother to brush my hair before scraping it back in my weird half ponytail that looks like a nut sack. She’s probably thinking only teenagers wear their hair like this. And she’s right, of course she is right, but I’ve got better damn things to do than blow dry my hair. Not that I have a problem with people who blow dry their hair. I mean, that would be awesome if I could make myself give a crap about how I looked. I would probably be more confident about myself and not have weird thoughts like the ones I’m having right now. Click here to keep reading…
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