The first thing I did when I received an email from The Bouqs Company offering me free flowers in exchange for a product review was google “flower scam.” I’d never heard of Bouqs and I had no idea my blog was awesome enough to do sponsored posts, so naturally I assumed someone was trying to rip me off.

Not only was I totally wrong, but I also should probably seek counseling for my insane paranoia.

And so, after Google-confirming the veracity of The Bouqs Company, I promptly placed the order for my congratulatory flowers and began preparing a bunch of weird flower-love phrases in my head to try to convince you guys to buy flowers from me:

  • OMG! These flowers totally changed my life!
  • The fragrance is so scintillating that it caused all the cynicism in my heart to melt away!
  • They brightened up my house so much that I was inspired to clean!

(Actually that last one is kind of true; I had to take pictures and I didn’t want you guys to see how messy our kitchen table normally is.)

Table with flowers:


Table without flowers (WHY am I showing you this???):  



The flowers arrived a few days ago. I was so giddy with excitement as I cut the gorgeous blooms out of the box that my husband got his feathers ruffled with jealousy: “Jeez, that’s a lot of flowers. Wait, what’s this all about? Who sent those to you?”

I was like, “Um, ya know, The Bouqs Company has this thing called ‘ConciergeService’ where you can set automatic flower deliveries for people you give a crap about, babe. Maybe if you did that for me you wouldn’t have to be jealous of corporations that send me free stuff because I’m such an awesome blogger.”

They arrived like this, exactly when they said they would:



 They were wrapped in damp cardboard and protective plastic:



This is half of them, fresh out of the box:


Okay, so the flowers didn’t change my life. Because hellothey’re flowers. But they did make our home a little brighter! They were beautiful and fresh and made me finally notice that ugly marker smear on my kitchen table so I was able to clean it off in time before the stain set. All kinds of win happening here, you guys.




Here are the important things you’ll want to know about Bouqs that make it a different kind of flower company:

  • The website is minimalist and stunning (I think flower websites are usually totally overwhelming) and provides a limited selection of elegant, unique bouquets.
  • The flowers are cut when you order them and are shipped immediately so that they arrive a few days after they’ve been cut. They’re not sitting in a refrigerator somewhere for who knows how long (the average is 17 days) waiting for someone to order them. This “cut on demand” system is great for reducing waste, as well.
  • Bouqs flowers are grown on an eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible farm at the base of an active volcano in Ecuador. (For real.)

ecuador flower farm

  • Supposedly the equatorial sun makes the colors brighter, and although I have no idea if that’s true or not, I will say these are the orangest dang roses I have ever seen in my life.
  • The bouquets have a flat rate of $40. For someone like me who can literally spend hours hemming and hawing over which bouquet would provide the most flowers for the least cost (another thing I need counseling for), this is amazing and so effing smart. HALLELUJAH THEY ALL COST THE FREAKIN SAME: Forty bucks, pick your bouquet. It could not get any simpler.

If you’re the generous type (of course you are), Bouqs also offers $50 and $70 options for larger bouquets. I personally think it’s worth coughing up the extra 10 bucks to double the bouquet. YES, the extra $10 DOUBLES IT. Kind of a no-brainer, right? I was supposed to receive a free standard $40 bouquet to do my review, but I forked over a few bucks to see what the $50 deluxe bouquet would look like and HOLY CRAP I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to fit all the flowers into the vase! It seemed like way more flowers than I had ordered, and sure enough, after counting I realized that indeed they had sent me an extra four flowers. So, 28 flowers total. One of the flowers was slightly damaged (thankfully, because it wasn’t going to fit in the vase anyway), so I let my kids rip it up and play with the petals. It is ridiculous how much fun kids can have with a pile of rose petals.




Lastly, when you order with Bouqs, you get coupons. After I ordered my bouquet, I received a couple of emails offering 25% off or get $20 for ordering two bouquets. They even have a referral system available that gets you a FREE bouquet for every two friends you refer (and your friend gets a $10 coupon). I thought the prices were really reasonable already, so it’s pretty awesome that you can get rewarded for customer loyalty on top of great pricing.

Check out Bouqs by clicking any of the links in this post, and be sure to share this post with friends and loved ones who need a great flower company. Thank you so much for being a part of my first step towards making writing and blogging a career!


The Bouqs Company sent me a complimentary Bouquet to review for this post. My opinion that the flowers are stupendously gorgeous is my own. This post contains affiliate links to support this blog, because if I’m gonna ignore my kids for five hours per day to write, I think I should probably get paid for it. So support Abandoning Pretense and her starving children (just kidding; they’re not starving) by buying a loved one some flowers! (OMG! Two good deeds at once! Score!)

The same bouquet, three days later: 



  1. What a genius idea – I’m overwhelmed on flower sites too, and I usually end up spending more like $80 without even realizing I’ve done it. At that point I’m so frazzled and pressed for time (last-minute-orderer) that I go ahead click Purchase. So sneaky! I just signed up for my first coupon from Bouqs and I’ll definitely be using it.

    • The website was one of the best parts – so modern and chic-looking. And not an ugly choice in the bunch.

    • I was pleasantly surprised by how well they delivered (so to speak, haha) on all their promises. =)

  2. Wow- they’re beautiful. Someone quick, tell my husband to buy me some!

    • I can’t believe I didn’t mention the smell, actually. You can smell them from like 8 feet away. I guess roses are like that in general, though. These are some fancy kind of roses though, I don’t remember the name. I think the bouquet is called Sunrise or something. So pretty. =)

  3. WOW! Those are some gorgeous flowers! And now I am insanely jealous. Probably even more so than your husband. I want flowers. For free. Shoot! I just want somebody to send me SOMETHING (for free)! 😛

    • It took me TWO YEARS before anyone offered me anything for free! lol (on the bright side, these flowers are only $40!) =)

  4. April McCormick

    That is a great price for nice flowers! Thanks for sharing!