Have you ever put together 25 goody-bags for your kid’s birthday party? It totally sucks, right? What about thank-you cards? Have you ever had to sit with your seven-year-old while he painstakingly wrote out the same two sentences on 25 different cards? If you have, and you’re anything like me, it made you want to slam your head in a door.
These types of mindless social niceties get on my nerves and lend credibility to my suspicion that there’s a top-secret order of overachieving moms whose mission is to antagonize ordinary moms by creating asinine social expectations to which no normal human could conform without copious amounts of illegal narcotics. Click to keep reading my post at Bluntmoms…


  1. I am 35, and I am over changing my bags to accommodate every outfit that I wear, so my bags need to be able to grab and go on my way out of the door!