*He’s brushing my hair* Mom, how did life begin?

Wow, babe – that’s a really big question. What do you think?

*thinks for a while* I’m not really sure… but I think it has something to do with the God particle.

Maybe so. A lot of people believe life began kind of by accident, like it was just the exact combination of chemicals and life suddenly… came to be. A little tiny cluster of cells, not even capable of thought… and somehow, over millions of years, that little blob evolved into what we are today.

But… even if that happened, where did the chemicals come from? Something had to make them, right? They can’t just appear out of nowhere, can they?

Good point. I believe God made life.

The God particle! 

I guess you could call it that. That’s a good way to combine science and religion. It’s pretty hard for me to believe everything in our universe has happened by accident.

Yeah… well I think God made the Big Bang happen. Did you know that the universe is still expanding, mom? It’s still going like, 360 miles, like, every millisecond. That’s like, the speed of light. *eyes wide*

So, do you think the universe has an end, then? Do you think there’s a border somewhere?

Hmm… I don’t know. We don’t even know what shape it is!

Yeah, I guess we don’t! And come to think of it, even if there was an end – what’s on the other side of the boundary? Is there nothing? Is it even possible for there to be nothing? I mean, even “nothing” is something, right? How is it possible for there to be absolutely nothing? If there is space, that is something. Right?

Yeah. It’s like… infinity.

Yeah. Humans aren’t even capable of understanding what “infinity” means. We can’t comprehend that time has no beginning and no end. It means that the universe is infinitely large and-

And infinitely small! Mom, did you know that there’s no limit to how small things can be? Like, take this brush, for example. *holds up my hairbrush* It’s made of molecules. And the molecules are made of atoms. And the atoms are made of quarks. But… what are quarks made of?

You’re blowing my mind, dude.

I know. I think quarks are made of the God particle.

Maybe they are. But what are God particles made of?



You’re the best mom.


(He’s the best son.)

What has your kid said that totally blew your mind?

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    • I thought every kid talked like this; my sister just informed me that I was wrong. :-/ Thanks for the compliment – he’s in trouble so much with his ADHD that it is very heartwarming to have such a big positive to work with. 😉

    • Have him watch documentaries on the science channel and give him books about science and space. He will. 😉

  1. That is DEEP! My brain seriously can’t handle thinking about things so abstract and unknown. This is going to sound weird, but I used to wonder, What if we are just tiny little micro-organisms who THINK they’re a big deal living in a big old universe, but that universe is really just somebody’s stomach and we’re all, like, stomach bacteria? What if that? Definitely not as deep as this conversation here.

    • I think stuff like that too! Everything is infinite, including intelligence (although I suppose *lack of* intelligence would not be infinite. LOL)

  2. I get it. I’ve had a few meltdowns from stress and anxiety….and the guilt….oooooh the guilt. It’s funny, because I was such an amazing parent before I had this baby. I was gonna get him on a schedule, go to play dates every day, easily breast feed for a year, do baby sign language…….I even bought a special blender ’cause I was gonna prepare all his food (organic of course)….hahahaha …annnnnnd HA 🙂

    • Haha….This was supposed to be on you’re undeserving/ anxiety in august post….wtf?….sorry lol….This is my life

    • I guess my writing was so awesome it blew up your device? haha (and btw meeee too – I do shit like that all the freakin time.) =)

    • Lol…yeah, thats exactly what happened! …And it’s your not you’re …damn …..lol