She was an ordinary mother
Living life day by day, doing her best like everyone
She breastfed me for months
So I would be a healthy child
She bottle-fed my sister when she had to go back to work
And we both turned out great (SUCK IT, TIME)       
She read to me about popcorn popping out of control
And fish as large as swimming pools
She sang to me, You Are My Sunshine
Until I told her she didn’t sing in tune
She listened to me talk for hours
When I was rambling and insensible
She let me wear mismatched clothes
So I could figure out fashion on my own
She listened to me play my music
When it was ear-stabbing garble
She watched me do my cheers
When she was exhausted from working nine to five
She grounded me for four months (from everything!)
When she caught me sneaking out
She listened to me talk about love
When I had no idea what it was
She put me on birth control
When I was too stupid to make good choices
She slammed cabinets in silent frustration
So I learned to voice my grievances
She listened without judgment to crazy stories about college life
Only telling me later how worried she was for me
She asked the hardest questions
When I told her I was getting married (suddenly)
She shouted at me “yes, you can!!!”
When in the delivery room, I didn’t think I could
She tells me “you’re doing great”
When I doubt my skills as a mother
She tells me “believe in yourself”
When I doubt myself as a person
She is always there for me
Saying the most perfectly reassuring thing
I tell her she’d better live forever
My beautiful ‘ordinary’ mother
Love you, mom.


  1. Just scrolling through some of your posts. I love this. It reminds me that my child will not remember a perfectly clean house, or if I dressed well or how many crafts come from pinterest. She will remember, appreciate, and cherish. Me. My time. My effort. Our memories. Beautiful. One day I hope my children feel as you do.