Beyond the Break

A story of unexpected love…

What AMAZON readers are saying about Beyond the Break:

“I don’t remember reading a book that made such an emotional impact on me. I literally cried when it was over.”

“Kristen Mae’s debut novel is a delicious, spell binding story of a woman conflicted by her sexuality. With masterful storytelling, she weaves a tale that is both insightful and haunting.”

“This book took my breath away.”

A haunting story of unexpected love in the aftermath of a brutal trauma, Beyond the Break will take you on a journey that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about friendship, sexuality, and love:

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What if the forbidden could heal you?

Hazel Duval craves an ordinary life free of the pitying looks from those who know about her traumatic past—about what he did to her. About what she had to do to survive. When she moves with her husband Oren to the ocean-side town of Conch Garden and secures her dream job playing violin with the local orchestra, Hazel thinks she may have finally left her ugly history behind her. She even makes a new friend — a friend who turns out to be a little more than she bargained for.

Beautiful, brilliant, and wild, Claire makes love to the sand with her toes, focuses intensely without wrinkling her forehead, and makes a cello sing like nothing Hazel has ever heard. She also listens to Hazel’s most painful secrets without judgment or expectation. It isn’t long before Hazel finds herself thinking about Claire in ways she has never thought of another woman. Fantasizing. Wanting. Longing.

But Hazel is married, and so is Claire. Indulging in this fantasy is not an option. Hazel must bury her lust despite her ever-growing infatuation with Claire and the mountain of shame that comes along with it. Still, there is no denying that her feelings for Claire have awakened something primal in her—for the first time in her life, Hazel feels alive. And now the two women are flying off to Italy to perform at a music festival, where they’ll be sharing an apartment.


As their friendship deepens, Hazel learns from Claire that there is more than one type of love and that salvation comes in many forms. But is Hazel’s relationship with Claire really saving her, or is it only leading to the inevitable destruction of the life she’s worked so hard to build?

Beyond the Break by Kristen Mae