Facebook Coaching

Do you run a Facebook page? Are you ever confounded by how few followers you reach with your posts?

I’m a social media manager, with special expertise in Facebook, and I can help you grow your page like a pro.

For the past few years, I’ve managed several large Facebook pages (over 2.5 million followers) and coached many individual Facebook page owners in growing their pages like a pro.

The images below are screenshots from two of my clients who followed my system — these results are after one week of implementing my suggested changes:

Facebook Coaching

Facebook Coaching

The following are a couple of humorous posts I’ve written about being a Facebook admin. Admittedly, the algorithm has changed since I wrote these posts, however, my recommendation of providing your followers with quality content has remained the same.

1. How to be a kick-ass Facebook Page admin (or, How I use voo-doo magic to make you like me)

2. Why the Facebook Algorithm Doesn’t Suck

If you’d like to know more about what I do, including rates, email me at kristenmaesocialmedia@gmail.com!