Objects in Motion

Conch Garden, Book 2

The much-anticipated sequel to Beyond the Break…

Available March 2018

Sometimes, the only possible outcome is chaos…

As a successful cellist residing in the idyllic seaside town of Conch Garden with her heart-surgeon husband, twenty-eight-year-old Claire Pyles has every reason to be happy—even if her plans for a family haven’t come to fruition yet. She learned long ago not to let grief dictate her life, and her charity work confirms her mother’s mantra: Someone always has it worse.

Right now, that someone is Hazel Duval, a traumatized musician who recently stumbled into Claire’s life. The two become fast friends, and Hazel, shy, anxious, and prone to panic attacks, offers the perfect distraction from Claire’s own problems.

But when the two women travel to Italy for a music festival, Hazel’s panic intensifies, and Claire fears her attempts to help have only worsened her friend’s mental state. Then one morning, Hazel stuns Claire by kissing her.

And Hazel wants a lot more than a kiss.

With her husband’s consent, Claire enters into an affair with Hazel, believing her gentle touch can heal Hazel’s broken spirit. But Claire is about to learn that Hazel is not the only one who is broken, and Claire is not the only one with the power to heal.

Provocative, revelatory, and tragically realistic, Objects in Motion tells the other side of the story from Beyond the Break, where readers saw Claire only through Hazel’s eyes. Whatever readers of Beyond the Break thought they knew about Claire…they were wrong.

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