Childfree couples are happier than couples who have children.

This is the headline of torrents of articles that have surfaced on the heels of the publication of a recent study called “Enduring Love?” performed by Open University of the United Kingdom.
Golly, is that not an odious claim to make? But I would think that; I’m a happily-married mom. Clearly, I am biased.

However, I would like to believe that, even in the absence of my married-mom bias, I would still wonder about the reliability of such a survey. After all, these types of studies are trying to turn happiness into a science. Happiness… into a science.

I’m sorry, but I’m incredulous.

To their credit, publishers of the study do point out the difficulties inherent in attempting to quantify—or even describe—such abstract emotions as love and happiness. But that didn’t stop them from trying to do exactly that. They asked the questions, they compiled the data, they published their conclusion: If you and your partner want to be the happiest versions of yourselves, don’t have kids.


become a mom, they said


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